Text & photos: Rodney Wills

What to carry on a hike and what do you need to carry to keep your rig running in the field? Axial has been enthusiastic about RC hiking for quite some time  and hopefully you’ve seen us talk about it before. If your just getting into hiking, give this a read too: Proper RC Adventure Hike Prep – GCRad1′s Basic 101: 10 Essentials

Hopefully you read the blog post “Planning a SCX10 Hike over Redonda Ridge OHV Trail 1W17.” Upon recently riding over the Redonda Ridge, I was inspired to come back and SCX10 hike this trail! I just wanted to do something in the namesake of the vehicle; on a “honcho” of a trail! This was no walk in the park and I wanted to have my pack properly sorted for this trip.

Redonda Ridge Planning-2
Pack of choice for this trip is my London Bridge Trading LBT-1476A Standard Three Day Assualt Pack. As previously stated, just choosing the pack is my hardest decision almost every time! It’s shouldn’t be.. But I’m a bit of a “gear junkie” and “bag lust” is at the top of the pile! For this trip I am not just hiking into a remote location, I have to carry R/C batteries, tools and spares for the rig. Plus, I will most likely be carrying camera gear. Even though I am not shooting the video for this trip, it’s my nature to document the trip on a personal level, but at the same time, I have yet to find a specific camera pack that suits the other carry needs.

Redonda Ridge Planning-9
The basic theory in packing is the systems approach in that everything going into the pack needs it’s own storage-pack or bag. I’m getting better at the systems approach to packing, but it’s been a long hard battle as I would typically just throw everything in the bag and go. But, I jump from pack to pack often and some things would get packed and some things were getting accidentally left behind, depleted or accidentally ON!

Redonda Ridge Planning-3
The simplest thing to stock every pack in your house with, is toilet paper. You don’t need it until you need it and if you didn’t prepare, you have to cut your trip short or you going to be minus some shorts or one sock. Don’t waste your efforts to get outdoors. Thank you zip lock bags! In this pack I have my TP, emergency shelter (orange item), flashlight and spare batteries. The map is the “floating item” that will get changed out depending on the mission.

Also going in this trip:
Redonda Ridge Planning-4
Two USB battery packs because my cellphone is dying the slow death and the what if we have to stay out longer than intended… The Giant Loop pack will carrying my R/C tools for this trip. The Bedrock Bags is carrying nutrition.
Redonda Ridge Planning-5
Bedrock Bags that is a bag manufacturer out of Durango, Colorado for the bike packing scene. Check them out if you are looking for bike packing equipment:
Redonda Ridge Planning-6
Inside the Bedrock Bags is Nutrition! Food is IMPORTANT and I like to eat! For a day long trip I have 6-nutirion bars, a bag of mixed nuts (something natural) and the small zip lock has my “old man” Hammer Nutrition vitamins. Just as we were about to leave I grabbed two more bars… Just in case!

Redonda Ridge Planning-7
The Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar Bag is a new bag for my moto that just came in right before this trip and due to his heavy construction it carrying my R/C tools for this trip. Because the SCX10 requires massive amounts of tools, I have a long laundry list of tools required to carry on-trail, hence the heavy-duty bag! HAHAHAHA! This is my minimalist R/C tool kit that only consist of 7mm nut driver, 1.5mm hex driver, 2.0mm hex driver and a pair of bent needle nose pliers. MASSIVE!

Redonda Ridge Planning-8
Here at Axial, we’ve been fans of BRAVEN! I’ve had this Braven BRV-BANK Ultra-Rugged Portable Backup Battery for a couple of years now and it has been great! The BRV-BANK revolutionized power on-the-go as the world’s first Bluetooth®-enabled, USB-controlled power bank. The ANKER Astro E3 Ultra Compact 10000mAh Portable Charger was my first power bank, but was more for my business trips as it is not as rugged, nor waterproof. I carry it in a neoprene coozie sleeve and inside a sunglasses case.

Redonda Ridge Planning-10
I found a great use for my Oakley sunglass Soft Vaults! I can put two Petzl headlamps in here! Why do you want to put your headlamp into a protective case? I’ve reached into my pack and pulled out a head lamp that was on or already with dead batteries due to the button getting pressed. Too many times this has happened at a time when it would have been nice to have a head lamp! You may notice I’m a little bit over zealous in the light department has I have a backup flashlight and a pocket light as well.

Redonda Ridge Planning-11
First Aid & supplies are carried in the TOPO Designs Accessory Bag.
Redonda Ridge Planning-12
Contents of the First Aid bag are: Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight & Watertight .3 and a Adventure Medical Kits Survival Kit 1.9. Little box on the top left is magnifying-tweezers and I’ve used it a ton! Much better tweezers that most medical kits. Second little bag is self explanatory with the Tylenol & Peppermint. Silver roll is duct-tape to use for blisters BEFORE they become blisters. Backup lighter as I usually with have a lighter in my camp stove kit bag. But because the camp stove is not on this trip, it’s good to have one in this bag. Additional AAA batteries. Axial Chap stick, para-cord and waterproof matches. All this is ready to jump from this bag to my moto bag in one grab!

Redonda Ridge Planning-13
Layers, layers, layers.The season is changing and in the mountains, weather can change on a moments notice! I pack a thermal top, long-johns and a pair of socks. All this packs into a lightweight pouch made by Aerostich. Aerostich is another one of my favorite companies who is a supplier to motorcycle riders especially in the adventure-travel market. They have these affordable Ultralight Stuff Bags from $7 to $12 in five sizes. In the top photo (not this photo) you may have noticed the 5.11 bag as it is the 5.11 Tactical Packable Jacket. This thing is AWESOME! It’s quickly deployed wind resistant protection against unpredictable climates, the Packable Jacket folds easily into its own carry pouch and easily packed!
Redonda Ridge Planning-14
I think through London Bridge Trading I discovered Source. This is the Source WXP 3L Storm Valve Hydration System with their exclusive 3 layer co-extruded Polyethylene construction with Taste-Free™, low maintenance, Glass-Like™ liner. Integrated Grunge-Guard™ antimicrobial. What I like about this hydration pack is its tough construction as it feels a lot tougher than a standard mountain bike unit.

Redonda Ridge Planning-1
The SCX10 Survival Pack (vintage Crosman 760 pellet gun not included):
AX31380 SCX10 Shock Hoops
AX31312 35T Electric Motor
AX31148 WB8-HD Driveshaft Coupler Set
AX31381 AR44 Steering Knuckles
AX31585 Metal AX10 Transmission Gear Set
• 1 Completely built SCX10 Shock
• AR44 HD Axle Housings (front and rear)
Tactic TSX45 Metal Gear Servo
Fast Eddy Bearings
Max Amps AA Batteries

Total Pack Weight: Approx 24-lbs