RECON G6 Silver Springs Treasure Hunt

RECON G6 Silver Springs Treasure Hunt

Ocala, Florida

April 27-28, 2013

Photos by Brian Parker and Anthony Rivas

The RECON G6 started its first cross country tour in true G6 fashion.  That is A.D.V.E.N.T.U.R.E.  What was supposed to be a tropical vacation quickly turned into a blizzardy reality of unpreparedness.  Who would have thought to pack thermal underwear and jackets on a trip to Florida?

Old Man Winter used his frozen teeth in an attempt to slow down the G Train.

Luckily, the G Train rolls on Pit Bull Rockers, the official tire of the RECON G6.  Old Man Winter was no match for these meaty rollers.  They cut through the elements and kept the G Train chugging along.

Visibility decreased, but the driving confidence increased as the engineer of the G Train engaged the Rigid Industries LEDs.

As the G Train rolled through Wyoming, they spotted the Lincoln Monument.

After cutting south on I25, the G Crew rolled into the Crawl Space in Denver, Colorado.  There will be a RECON G6 and RT-X here on May 18-19.  For more information, check out their Facebook page:

After being postponed with a road closure, the G Train fired up it’s Lipos and headed to St. Louis.

Choo. Choo.

Passing through K.C., the G Crew waved to the Royals.

When the crew reached Missouri, their first stop was White Castle for sliders and Steak & Shake for an Orange Freeze to celebrate their missing crew member’s birthday.  Rosa Parker turned 18 just after this picture was taken.

After refueling their bodies with sliders and shakes, Parker made a B line to his mom’s house. He tried to get her out of those Craps, oops Crocs, and into Vibram Five Fingers.  She is currently waiting for her complimentary pair.

After some home cooked meals which knocked out 2/3 of the G Crew, they blazed a trail to the coast.

Finally, this what they were looking for.

This is what they woke up to.

Leave it to Parker to use his Axial SCX10 JK ‘Edna’ to meet basking mermaids.

Finally, after multiple days on the road, the day came to get serious.  It was G6 day.

The hunt was on for the pirate booty.

I don’t know.  Looks like a Swamp Buggy to me.  I spy an AX10 chassis under there.

Trucks lined up at the Fast Eddie starting gate.

The RECON G6 Silver Springs Treasure Hunt started here in this underground spring.

These guys were not afraid of the water.  They had read the Axial blogs and knew that Parker would be bringing some clear dirt to the RECON G6.

Look out for that alligator.

You know what they say.  When in doubt, gas it out.

I don’t what it is, but driving through culverts is fun, kinda like being a tunnel rat.

Florida families getting their adventure on.

These Florida guys know the G Code well.  They could not wait to get or give help.

Pirate Hop Scotch.  This is easier than walking the plank.

Oops, repair time.

That guy likely fell victim to this stuff.  It was called, among other things, Monkey Fur.  This was some of the nastiest moss on the planet. It literally ate bearing.  Drivers had to replace bearings in the MIDDLE of their stage.  It ate the dust shields in the bearings and consumed plastic wheels like Parker consumes frog legs.

Is this Pit Bulls newest team driver?

Whoo Hoo.  Bashing through the Florida mud.  Floridians love the mud. That’s why Parker loves the Floridians.

The Bautista Terror made the transcontinental voyage.

A little known fact about every RECON G6 is the trail clean up that every driver participates in.  Keeping the trail beautiful and the park rangers happy.

Parker broke out the night stage for the Sunshine Staters.  Darkness adds a different level of fun to G6ing.


The night stage featured some water, but this guy took things a little too seriously.  Luckily only his pride (and cellphone) was hurt. He almost looks like GCRad1 in that hat.

Neither of these guys wanted to have to use the Hand of God which would have led to a DQ.  They floated around waiting for someone to throw them a tow strap.  Good thing they waterproofed before Parker showed up.

This is the world’s youngest G6er.  Can you believe he is only 3 years old?  He drove the whole stage by himself.

Here sits Sean waiting for he RECON Terra-X, now known as the RT-X, action to begin.

The minions came out to watch.

The RT-X featured some fast, high flying action.  These Florida guys are not afraid of the vertical pedal.

RT-X brought the carnage to Florida. Nothing tests durability like high speeds and jumps.

Captain New Red was on deck to quell any mutinies and divvy the booty up.


The first Floridians to take home some RECON Driver of the Day Awards.  Look at the smiles on their faces.  They can’t wait for next year.

After two days of RECON G6 and RT-X in the chest, the G Crew hit the Waffle House before hitting the road.

This looks like the Blanco Breakfast.  All that’s missing is white milk.

Crossing the Mississippi and looking forward to the Arkansas RECON G6. Details coming soon.  Keep your eyes peeled here for an update.

More sleeping while Parker defines his screen name.  He’s a Drivn MoFo.

The last Stake & Shake stop of the trip.

Thanks mom for the hospitality.

The trip ends where it began, with Old Man Winter rearing his head.

Sad Brad says, “We all couldn’t G6 in Florida.” Next year we can.  The RECON G6 will return to the Sunshine State in 2014.

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