RECON G6 Presents Cantina For the Con G6


RECON G6 Presents the


Loon Lake, California

Entrance to the World Famous Rubicon Trail

By: Matthew “Skeeno” Soileau

Every year the Rubicon Trail Foundation holds its fundraiser to support its efforts To Enhance the Future Health and Use of the Rubicon Trail while Ensuring Responsible Motorized Year-round Trail Access. Last year RECON G6 attended and it was such a hit that it was asked to return to provide another RECON G6 for the event. The G Train packed up and made the trip. The Skeenos tagged along to see what the Cantina For The Con was all about.

DSCF0002We got charged up the night before.  You gotta be prepared for a RECON G6.  Don’t show up with one battery, because you will need more than one.


We got an early start. The drive was about three hours from Skeeno Central.


When we finally arrived, we were a little surprised at the size of Loon Lake. This was my first trip to the Rubicon in about 20 years.


The water looked pretty inviting. I kinda wanted to jump in.

DSCF0332Just when I thought we might be lost, I looked over the edge of the road and spotted this. It looked like we had found the right spot.

DSCF0324Yup, that’s the sign we were looking for.

DSCF0329See that little guy down there? That’s Parker getting ready. He’s setting up the trail markers.

DSCF0305EZ-UPs, this had to be the place. I think I see the RECON G6/ Axial tent.

DSCF0316The parking lot was filled with tons of cool 1:1s. Parker made me include this picture. He loves Yotas.

DSCF0323I personally preferred the 1:1s that had a little more personality.  This old Jeep caught my eye.

DSCF0321Lots of the rigs were loaded for camping.

DSCF0317Speaking of camping, this sweet overland trailer was a raffle prize.  I wonder which lucky duck got to take this bad boy home.

DSCF0322This GM product had a bit of rock rash. I could see its owner wasn’t afraid to use it properly.

DSCF0319Here’s a map of the Rubicon Trail. It included all the major features of the trail.


1:10 emulates 1:1, just like in RC, in the 1:1 world, you can build or you can buy.

DSCF0313Once I turned into the Spillway area, I saw what everyone came for, the Cantina. You could get tacos and nachos. All proceeds went to the Rubicon Trail Foundation. It’s a tasty way to support the World Famous Rubicon Trail and ensure it stays open for many more generations of off-roaders to enjoy.

DSCF0235The beautiful and charming RC Chick was manning the RECON G6 tent when I showed up.

DSCF0236I also saw an old friend, Werty. He runs WertyMade Products. He wanted to make sure I put his picture in this blog to prove he’s a big deal in the RC world.

DSCF0230After checking in, all the drivers posed for this group shot. Thanks to Elio and Rivas for arranging them so neatly.

DSCF0232DSCF0240Of course, Parker had to explain the special rules and features of this RECON G6 to the drivers.

DSCF0245No H.O.G. (Hand Of God) is the most important rule. Keep it scale.


The first part of the RECON G6 was a few laps in the spillway to show off how cool RC is.

DSCF0251The crowd was a little surprised to see so many RC trucks cruising by.


DSCF0252It’s always fun to see the little ones driving. Here Skeeno Jr drives with some of her contemporaries.


After a few laps around, we made our way up and out of the spillway.

DSCF0261I was trying out my new Deadbolt body.  This thing is cool.

DSCF0262This bridge led to the fun stuff.

DSCF0264This guy takes his Falken G6 Jeep to the top of the spillway.

DSCF0266There were some boulders to drive under.

DSCF0268This guy tried to copy my style by jumping off a ledge. It’s not quite scale but was effective for me. He didn’t fare as well. He needed to do some trail repairs after his ill-fated jump. I don’t recommend this technique unless you carry lots of parts at a RECON G6.

DSCF0269These little rocks proved challenging for Skeeno Jr.

DSCF0270Strike a pose.


RC Chick drove with us all day.  Here she used the Pull Pal RW60, the official land anchor of the RECON G6, to get up a nasty steep crack.

DSCF0274RECON G6′s can be long walks. Be prepared with water and snacks and don’t be afraid to take a pit stop to rest along the way.

DSCF0278You have to dip your tires if there is water nearby, it’s a RECON G6 rule.

DSCF0282This was the scariest part of the RECON G6. I saw a couple kits take a tumble into the water down there. Skeeno Jr and RC Chick took it slow.

DSCF0286Once away from the lake, the terrain greened up a bit.

DSCF0288It was definitely a scenic walk/drive.

DSCF0295Elio and Dan W showed up and loaned me a battery. Thanks guys for helping me finish. Remember, Finishing a RECON G6 is like Winning a RECON G6.

DSCF0297Crack attack.

DSCF0303The new owners of CKRC Crawlers came out. Jason Copeland and his wife Dena are super friendly.

DSCF0306This might be the youngest RECON G6er. I didn’t catch her age, but she followed Parker around all day looking for candy.

DSCF0307There was a Yeti sighting by G Central.

DSCF0308Skeeno Jr hasn’t had a Parker Pickup in a while. She was excited to win her BPC limiting straps.

DSCF0310The Drivers of the Day took home some cool skulls for trophies.  Skeeno Jr put hers on her Pit Bull finishing tag.