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Now that we have this 2012 Jeep to build, dubbed “SCX10JK” , we headed back over to Rebel Off Road to start developing a game plan to get it trail ready! Rebel Off-road is famous for making some of the wildest Jeeps in Orange County, Ca. For a relatively small shop, this company puts out a lot of high quality builds. This is due to their very knowledgeable staff, and their off-road experience.

The main man behind Rebel Off Road is Bond Gilmer. Bond has been an off road fanatic since he was a youngster. When considering putting your new vehicle under the knife, it is very important to get to know the people who be responsible for its transformation. Axial employees have been going to Bond for years to have their vehicles serviced, repaired and built. We know the 2012 Axial “SCX10JK” will be in good hands!

Bond will be the first one to tell you that running a successful operation is relative to the team of people who you surround yourself with. His employees are hand selected for their different expertise in different areas of the off road business. Without these guys Rebel wouldnt be what it is today! Here is Bond, Chris, Taylor and Jason all working at full throttle!

Sandy is the lead mechanic in the shop, he was too busy to strike a pose for us, so we caught him in his natural environment…

Austin (on right) is the latest addition to the crew, he is always on the fly and really hard to capture on film, we did manage to catch a candid while he was rewinding a winch with Chris’ help.

They are in the middle of an expansion of their show room, so they expressed that it is fairly empty at the moment, but we had to snap some shots of their progress anyway… It is coming along quite nicely!!

They have several magazine articles they have been involved with up on the showroom walls.

Rebel has a total of 5 LED screens in their showroom, 4 smaller versions constantly playing images of the vehicles they have built, and one large screen to show customers photos of the components they are talking about. It is really cool to see all this technology employed here.

Sometimes when you walk into a shop, you can tell right away how much pride they put into their work, just by looking around a little. These guys have some display stands for the vehicles they have made to take to shows, and these awesome aluminum waiting area chairs! I want some of those!!

Of course they are representing for Axial!

When you walk out into the workshop, the first thing you notice is the work board, man these guys have long a list to get done! I wonder who told them we were coming? HA HA… I see the priority of the Axial SCX10JK is quite high, and there is a little VIP in there for us!

One of the things you cant help but notice is the shop and surrounding areas loaded with Jeeps, these guys are definetly the local authority on all things Jeep!!

Here are a few of the vehicles that belong to the Rebel Staff in action, these guys really know their way around the Jeep JK!!

Be sure to stay tuned to the Axial Blog as we are getting ready to turn over the “SCX10JK” to Bond and the talent staff of Rebel Off Road and let them work their magic!

For more information on Rebel Off Road be sure to visit their site , and while you are there checkout the rigs page located here

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  1. They have my respect… They like orange! Can’t wait to see it, and be sure the t-case is in neutral when towing. :p

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