RD’s Adventures – 2011 Big Bear Forest Fest XIV

The IE4W club puts on a great event called Big Bear Forest Fest and I was able to attend this year’s 14th event to show-off the new Axial Wraith to several off-road enthusiasts. We teamed up with Rebel Offroad and created an attention-getting display.
Axial Vendor Display

On hand we had one of each of our current chassis lines for people to look at, the original AX10 RTC, the scale oriented SCX10 RTR, the competition winning XR10, and the all new ground pounding Wraith. Friday was a great day to get up the mountain and get setup.

Falken Tire hosted a hot dog dinner at their trailer for anyone that wanted to come over and get in line. As check-in closed and night fell, we decided to go for a short trail ride; so we headed out the 3N16 to the bottom of 3N93 (Holcomb Creek). This trail, 3N93, was supposed to be opening (closed since 2006 due to fires) for the event but work crews could not get it done in time. Keep an eye out for my adventure on this trail soon.
Saturday was the day of the trail runs. We signed up for Dishpan Springs, 3N34, which is a down-and-back moderate trail, but very well known for rolling over several rigs at “The Wall”.
Group Shot

Over the years The Wall has gotten worse and worse and is quickly becoming by-passed by several of the short wheel based rigs. On the way down we all took the by-pass to avoid gravity getting the best of us and we continued down to our turn-around spot, Deep Creek, to have some lunch and enjoy the great mountain weather.

Deep Creek

After we had lunch it was time to head back up the trail and attempt to climb The Wall. On the way up we found a really cool spot on trail to flex the rig.

After watching a few people attempt it and some making it, it was my turn to drive up.

Attempting The Wall
Headed up The Wall

Picking a good line and keeping a steady pace helps keep the rig stable and stick well to the rocks. So up and over I go…. No issues.
Cresting the Wall
Once we got back to the even site it was time to get on with the vendor show and show off more of our stuff. IE4W provides a catered dinner during the vendor show where everyone in attendance gets fed. This year was tri-tip steak, chicken, and a bunch of sides, followed by strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Waiting for dinner

Raffle Prizes
A friend of mine, named P-Diddy, was the MC for the raffle and though he knows Axial, every time he mentioned Axial through-out the raffle he could never get the name pronounced right… Calling it Axle, Axile, and whatever else could slip off his tongue. It was quite humorous to hear him and the laughter it caused. I think it help us show our product, in a way, cause we had several people come by after the raffle asking about the name and the products.
Raflle Attendees

On Sunday we decided to head out and explore a little and find a place to get some time in driving the Wraith before we headed back to down the mountain.

We took some time to stop and find a Geocache along the way. Drove the Wraith all the way up the hill to the cache site and had a great view of the lake.
Wraith with a Lake View
Air Time
Durability Test

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  1. Really enjoyed your blog. It sure makes me feel like I’m part of the fun. I’m sure I would have a hard time saying the name of the company also – Axial!
    Thanks for sharing!

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