Project Wroncho Video

Finally got some video together of my SCX10 with Wraith axles.

For those that missed this project the first time around, here’s a little background on how it got started.

A few action shots, still trying to dial in the suspension

I ended up switching from my hacked OG Honcho body and cage to a fresh semi-full body and cage. I think it looks a lot better now. I also switched to our 72-103mm comp shocks (AX30092). They work better for the high speed rough sections because of the volume of oil they hold compared to stock SCX10 shocks.


17 thoughts on “Project Wroncho Video

  1. Will the Wraith axles ever be available like the AX10 axles where in a package. I really want to use them for a Scaler but don’t want to buy a Wraith just to get them.

  2. i havent seen a complet package like that yet but you can get the parts from

  3. How did you mount your shocks at that angle? I have been doing allot of stuff like that.

  4. I need the screws that go into the protective spur gear transmission cover . On the outside there are 3 of them . I bought a cover for my SCX10 and they came without the screws .

  5. What suspension links did you use? Im in the middle of mounting wraith axles to my dingo. I could use some help with the link issue. Thanks

  6. Hello Was trying to open the link for the build but I am getting an 404 error for the site. I am trying to convert a Dingo with Wraith axles. Would like to see the upper link setup.

    • We recently built a new website and the old content from the blog is in the process of being migrated over to the new website. So, hopefully these links will be restored soon.

  7. The rear axle has been moved back quite a bit, and I switched to standard 100mm comp shocks. With the shock towers in the stock position, the rear shocks will be mounted at an angle.

  8. They are actually 2.5mm self tapping screws if I remember right. But, you can also use 3mm hardware. The M3 screws will go in a little tight, but that is what I use on my rigs.

  9. I had to piece together some custom links to make this build work. The overall length of the lower rear links is 6 1/4″ to the center of the rod ends. The front lowers measure 5 1/8″. The rear uppers are 6″ long and the front uppers are about 4 1/8″ long.

  10. Thanks bender. I think ill get the aluminum links upgrade set and piece them together to your measurements. That should get me close anyway. I’m glad I can get pretty much anything I need online or at my hobby store. Thanks again for the info.

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