Project Wrexo – Bender’s Latest Custom Build

Now that Axial is the official R/C company of Ultra 4 Racing, I figured it was time to build a proper Ultra 4 R/C vehicle. If you are not familiar with Ultra 4 Racing it basically combines low speed “rock crawling” with high speed “baja” style racing. So, your vehicle has to be able to handle technical rock sections and high speed desert bumps in the same race, on the same day. Most hardcore off-road enthusiasts know a solid axle set-up front and rear rules in low speed rock crawling. And most of those same off-road fans know that independent suspension rules for high speed and jumps. There are a few competitors in Ultra 4 Racing that have been mixing the two set-ups together for a suspension system that works decent in both situations. Shannon Campbell was the first to try this, if I am not mistaken, and he has had great success winning the King of the Hammers crown in 2008 and 2011. Shannon’s rig runs independent suspension up front and a solid axle set-up in the rear. This latest custom build has been dubbed “Project Wrexo” and follows suit with that hybrid suspension set-up. Here’s a little sneak peek at this new build, more details and info to come soon so keep an eye on Axial’s blog and Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Project Wrexo – Bender’s Latest Custom Build

  1. There is a competitor making a similar rig RTR. Looks decent, but I know you guys can make something way better. Maybe send the concept to the ‘drawing board’?

  2. I think it’s cool that your making this sort of rig but with the new “Twin Hammers” coming out you guys may want to think about putting this project into RND. I do look forward to seeing the end results though. Just an additional thought it would be interesting and amazing if you guys were to put out this style of rig where you could choose what sort of front suspension you wanted. IE solid or independent. Also you should change this thing so we can see what were typing when were typing it. I don’t know about other people but for me its black on black.

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