Poison Spyder Customs is Preparing for “King of the Hammers”

Poison Spyder Customs is one of the fastest growing names in the off-road game. If you own a Jeep and hit the trails chances are you are are well aware of the Poison Spyder brand. Being known for creating some of the most high quality accesories for your Jeep vehicles is just the beginning for these guys. They have a long history in Motorsport and off-road competition.

Last year Poison Spyder ran the King of the Hammers in a full Body Jeep JK, check out the videos!!

We recently dropped in to Visit the Poison Spyder crew and check out their newest creation, the “Venom One” rock buggy. This particular vehicle is being developed to compete in the Modified class at the world famous “King of the Hammers” event. Due to their extensive knowlege and complete product line for Jeep vehicles, the Poison Spyder team elected to make Venom One resemble a Jeep vehicle as much as possible. While we were out in the shop, the guys were kind enough to allow us to slip into fender lizard mode and climb all over the truck with a drool rag and a camera. Check it out!

Poison Spyder Owner Larry McRae and Master Fabricator Shad Kennedy standing at the front of Venom One

The guys at Poison Spyder are on the tip of technology. While most vehicles for the King of Hammers event are professionaly built, very few of them have been designed and modeled in 3D. I am not sure if we were supposed to take pictures of these drawings, but I just couldnt resist, these were way cool to check out in detail!

After seeing the drawings My eye was drawn to the Axles under the Venom One, Currie Enterprises worked closely with the Poison Spyder design team to source the best Axles for the Job. A “Rock Jock 60″ was selected for the front, and a 9″ for the rear. The fab work on these housings is a work of art!

The chassis tubes were completely laser cut and ready for assembly. The design itself screams simplicity and strength. The engineers did a tremendous job laying out the tubework for ease of maintenance and repair. The key to a successful race operation is often effeciency, and the Venom One is sure to turn heads with its striking good looks as well as its well thought out design.

Of course the Venom One is sporting a Griffin Radiator…..

The Griffin Radiator helps keep the powerplant from TurnKey in it’s happy place

With all that Turnkey LS horsepower the Poison Spyder crew selected some massive brakes from our friends at Wilwood

The interior of this rig looks really cool! I wish I had these gadgets in my full size rig!!

You can see Shad is calling on some of his vast desert racing experience. Venom One is equipped with a UMP air filter and a full Parker Pumper system. The Parker Pumper system pumps fresh air directly into the driver’s helmet during competition.

Here is a video of Venom One with the TurnKey LS3 fired up!

Here is the first run video with the Venom One in action!!

This vehicle was not complete as of our vist to the Poison Spyder facility. Please visit the poison Spyder website for the most up to date information here

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