New Axial SCX10 Accessories

Axial has just stepped it up again with the recent release of the new Axial Trail Honcho kit, along with the scale accessories that are included and sold separately.

I could not wait to get a set of the new light buckets and the Tubular style front bumper included with the Honcho kit for my SCX10 TR.

AX80044 – SCX10 Tube Bumper Parts Tree
AX30530 – Front Skid Plates – Tube Style Bumper – Silver Aluminum (3pcs)
AX80045 – Axial Light Bucket Set (Black)
AX80049 – Axial LED Lens Set – Yellow/Clear (4pcs)

First thing I did was pick up a new unpainted Dingo body (AX4010R) and laid down a two tone paint scheme to freshen it up and give the TR a new look.

I also made myself a light bar for the top of the cage from some steel plate and 1/8″ solid rod brazed together. With room for 6 of the large lights on top I used two of the Black Axial light bucket sets in addition to the two lights that were on the TR bumper. This required 3 of the Axial LED Lens sets to fill all 6 lights.

Installing the Tube bumper was easy, just pulled out the 2 set screws from the original TR bumper and slid in the Tube bumper, then reinstalled the set screws. I decided to run a winch on this rig, so I cut a slot in the center aluminum bumper plate for the fair-lead to come through.

To make sure I got the most use out of the light kits I installed side markers (with the yellow lenses), tail lights, reverse lights, and the smaller buckets on the tube bumper. This left a few other light buckets that I am planning on mounting to the frame for rock lights.

I hope this helps show the wide range of uses for these new lights! I am loving this new look on the SCX10 TR.

12 thoughts on “New Axial SCX10 Accessories

    • Hey Kasey, the bumper comes with hole locations molded into it. I simply took my body reamer and made the holes for the 2mm winch mount screws.

  1. Wow ! I have a relatively stock TR, looks a lot better with this bumper and this paint scheme is awesome!

  2. do all of the lights work if so can you post or email pics of hw you got them all to work

  3. Hey great job i love the look with 5 buckets on the roof.
    I want to do this with my Wraith and i cannot for the life of me find 5 large light buckets, other then getting the bucket set for $13 and needing to buy 3 of them to accumulate 5 large buckets.

    Could i be able to “buy” 5 separate large light buckets from you guys ?

    - Brandon

  4. Hey I really like the accesories for the SCX 10. Home run
    How about a converstion kit to put an independent front suspension? that way we can make some new school Toyota and Nissans. A FJ Crusier is what I have in mind. My Dream truck. Now is some one would make a lexan body of one.

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