Motorama 2010

Motorama 2010 US Indoor Rock Crawling Challenge

Article written by:
John “Rckcrwlr” Thorton


Do you like RC…or even better, do you like Motorsports in general? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then you need to be at Motorama held at the Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg, PA. This is the largest indoor motorsports event in the country, and when I say Motorsports, I mean MOTORSPORTS.   TunerWars, Robot Conflict, Speed Show, RC Rockcrawling, RC Electric Off Road Racing, RC Nitro 1/8 Scale Racing, 1/5 scale Racing, Arena Cross, Quarter Scale Midgets, and Go Karts are only a few of the attractions featured at the show.

This year, Western PA Crawlers returned to host this event with John Thornton’s (Rckcrwlr President) as the event coordinator. With the dedication of the club members and John’s hard work, this event was orchestrated flawlessly, “With the combined dedication of W.Pa.C. and myself, it will ensure that this event will get bigger and better each year. With the announcement that we are now an Official USRCCA Nationals Qualifying Event, it will guarantee the success and future of this event for enthusiasts on the east coast and around the country” said John.

Axial was a sponsor of this event for the second year in a row, and man was it a success. We pulled Crawlers from across the country, from Oregon & California to New Jersey and Florida. Competitors drove and flew in on Friday, February 19th for a chance to practice on over 80 Tons of Rock that was brought in just for the event.

There were over 75 drivers that resulted in 113 registrations in three classes.
25 entries in 1.9 Comp Class
71 entries in 2.2 Comp Class
17 entries in Super Class

Saturday morning started at 7:00 am with everybody coming in and getting ready. There were people charging batteries, tightening screws, cleaning tires, checking radios, etc. At 8:00 am Rckcrwlr announced the Drivers Meeting. This was it, there was no turning back.

We were running three 2.2 courses at the same time. These were set up as a free crawl and it was the responsibility of the drivers to make sure they ran all three courses before the stated deadline. Things went smoothly. Every course stayed busy the whole time, and the Judges worked hard to keep everything moving.
Following the 2.2 runs, we ran 2 Super and 1.9 courses. We finished them up and decided to get the other Super and 1.9 course out of the way…Leaving at 10:30pm, made for a long day, 14 hours of crawling.

Bright and early Sunday we started the 1.9 and Super Finals. This was the top 5 best scores from the previous days events. We also ran the last 2.2 course to come up with the top 10 finalists.

The courses were tough but fair. Deep holes and mud, offered a dimension of complexity that stumped a lot of the drivers. Making sure that every movement was where you wanted to be was the most important with these courses. One misplaced tire and you could fall in a hole that would either cost you a touch or repair.

With the assistance of Susquahana Valley Scale Crawlers (SVSC), we were able to offer the 40,000 plus spectators a chance to test drive an Axial SCX-10 Trail Ready Truck…and a chance on winning a brand new one donated by Axial. The demo truck was put through it’s paces. Close to 200 spectators took the chance and was able to drive it over the predetermined course, showing the durability of this truck.

Competitors were allowed to bring their own scale rigs also. Two that stood out were Rockcrawler’s (Jeff Gill) Modified 2 speed tranny w/27T motor Honcho and Gatekeeper’s (Austin Dunn) Honcho packing a Brushless 8.5T Motor. These trucks were amazing………unreal low speed crawlability with awesome top speed. There were also several 6×6 custom rigs and more that took on the mud hole. When it was all said and done…we had three top winners…

Here is how they fell into place:

Super Class:
John “Super Dave” Ripplinger
James Caruso
CJ Hines
Cory Owenburg
Pat Curran

2.2 Comp Class:
Jake Wright
Jeff Gill
Austin Dunn
John “Super Dave” Ripplinger (not in picture)
Andy Zuber

1.9 Comp Class:
Austin Dunn
Jake Wright
Jay Lewis
James Caruso
Dave Zettlemoyle

Motorama 2010 is done…Planning has already started for 2011.