Mesquite Pizza Over Camp Fire with Yeti & Yolo and Know How Studios

Mesquite Pizza Over Camp Fire with Yeti & Yolo and Know How Studios

Words & Photos: Rodney Wills

Before we get into making pizza on a campfires, let me briefly give you a little bit on how I got to know Yeti & Yolo of Yeti Built, a couple of full-time adventurers!
Back in December of 2016 I met Yeti & Yolo for the first time during the Goose Gear Open House in Huntington Beach. As I was cruising around checking out all the overland rigs, this one rig with a very distinct trailer caught my eye! It’s a super unique trailer with very interesting design! 
Upon closer inspection of the trailer I noticed Yeti’s Axial SCX10 and I started my barrage of questions! That is a 8,000-word untold blog into itself!

But our paths would not cross again until the 2017 King of the Hammers as Yeti and Yolo were in attendance for the whole week and their booth-camp was right behind ours!
We got to spend time with them and really hit it off and needless to say I’ve been cyber-following them ever since!

Anthony Rivas (right) did some preventative maintenance to Yeti’s (left) SCX10 as they hit the road for the summer (and for life), yet while at KOH, Yeti ran his SCX10 in the nightly rock races and also in the Ultra 5K Enduro on the Saturday following KOH.

The Sunday after KOH we would all pack up and invited Yeti & Yolo to run Rattlesnake Canyon with us! L2R: John Schultz, Shawn Barton, Anthony Rivas, Jason Markley, The Wild Yolo & The Jeep Called Yeti. Yes, that’s their names and we are sticking to it!

Recently the Yeti & Yolo duo did a post in conjunction with Know How Studios on Mesquite Pizza. Yeti loves to cook and since he truly is a full-time adventurer, why not wood fired pizza!

His IG post put me on the chase; swipe-swipe-swipe of the photos and chasing down the link to the thread over on the Know How Studio page!

Yeti stated on the Know How Studio’s page, “Open-flame cooking delivers major flavor in this taco-pizza fusion, inspired by an off-roading adventure through Baja California. Check out the full details on how you too can make great food in the great outdoors, or your backyard while pretending like you are on safari like I do!”

Here is how Yeti does it so you and I can do it too, in our backyards, pretending to be on full time safari!

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