Laser Beam Metal Machine

Axial wanted to make some cool displays for some upcoming shows so our marketing team knocked up the basic function of the display idea and our R&D team gave it the approval and added some good looks, then laid it into a file that we could send over to our buddy Cody Waggoner at IPE laser cutting in Norco, California.

Laser Cutting Axial Logo
Cody takes our file and has it laser cut for sample review.

Laser is “STARWARS” powerful!

We saw a laser cut through thick steal plate – awesome!

After some bending, the stand assembled looks cool!

Check out my Axial SCX10 Honcho looking trophy status! This poor truck has been through so much! One day it needs some TLC!

So on with the purpose:
Axial SCX10 Honcho ICON Vehicle Dynamics
ICON Vehicle Dynamics: Suspension we dream about in full-size.

Axial SCX10 Honcho Walker Evans Racing Wheels
Walk Evans Racing: Official wheel of the Axial SCX10.
Part #: AX08138 1.9 Walker Evans Street Wheel – Black (2pcs)
Part #: AX08140 1.9 Walker Evans Street Wheel – Chrome/Black (2pcs)

Axial Wraith Wilwood Disk Brakes
Wilwood Disk Brakes: The official brakes we dream about in full-size.

Axial Wraith Dana Spicer Drivetain Components
Dana Spicer Drivetain Components: Official drivetrain we dream about in full-size.

Axial Wraith Raceline Wheels
Raceline Wheels: Official wheels for the Axial Wraith.

Axial Wraith Jesse Rooke
JESSE ROOKE: Yea, we are Jesee Rooke Fans!

Axial Wraith Griffin Thermal Products
Griffin Thermal Products: Official radiator of Axial Inc.

Axial Wraith TJM Equipped
TJM EQUIPPED: Official Equipment for the Axial Wraith.

Axial Wraith Corbeau Seats
Corbeau Seats: Official seats to the Axial WRAITH.

Axial EXO ICON Vehicle Dynamics
ICON Vehicle Dynamics: The official suspension that we dream about in full-size.

Axial EXO Griffin Thermal Prodcuts
Griffin Thermal Products: Official radiator for the Axial EXO.

Axial EXO TurnKey Motorsports
TurnKey Engine Supply: Official motor “look” for Axial EXO Terra Buggy. Yes, we all have dreams!

Axial EXO Hankook Performance Tires
Hankook Performance Tires: Official Tire Supplier to the Axial EXO.

Industrial Process Equipment Inc. - Laser Cutting - Norco, California
IPE: Industrial Process Equipment, Inc.

7 thoughts on “Laser Beam Metal Machine

  1. Your Walker Evans wheels are awsome! Its a shame they are not beadlock wheels. Dont know if ill be buying any though….. they are glue ons! An old advertisement for Axial made fun of ( other companys) for useing glue on wheels. Axial customers MODIFY! their trucks and therefor would like to have beadlock wheels. Please reconsider your release of an already great product with glue on tires???? The wraith…. maybe glue ons…. scx10s ? The moral of my story…… Your Walker Evans wheels would sell 50 percent better with beadlocks. Maybe release custom rings? Maybe release wheels as option house wheels with rings.?

  2. Great work, having those rigs with the vendors logos on them is clutch! Way to get your name out there. :)

  3. I have to agree with Craig’s comment. We need those Walker Evans wheels in 1.9 & 2.2 beadlocks.

  4. Sweet, I wonder if I should start going back to sema just to see what axial will unvail next year. Nice work guys.

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