King of the Dells – Prescott, Arizona



It’s Saturday evening and I am in Prescott, Arizona at Watson Lake. I am here for the King of the Dells sponsored by Axial Racing. It’s dark out and there is not a lot of lighting around here.


You can see just how dark it is. Lights are not just a scale item on this run; they will help navigate you through whatever lies ahead.

DSC_0439 DSC_0425

If you have never done a night run you’re missing out on a real adventure. Even if you have run the trail before, the cover of night changes everything.


Look how much differently headlights light up compared to an overhead light bar.


After a drivers meeting these drivers were off into the darkness.


Just to add a degree of difficulty, these guys had to drive some gates in reverse.


An ordinary rock can hold you up for a minute if you have to do it in reverse.



This Honcho was getting some spot lighting by the drivers with headlamps. Some did not have them, making some obstacles tough.

DSC_0503 DSC_0501

Some drivers broke away from the pack, keep in mind I am using a flash on some of these pics. So these guys were on their own under the cover of darkness.


Lots of guys are really helping each other out. That’s what it’s all about right? Having fun and helping out.

DSC_0507 DSC_0505

It’s always cool to see the Axial Bomber out on trails.


No flash used to take this pic, so you’re seeing what the driver has to work with.


The Subaru Brat is cool and seems to be holding it’s own.


A few breaks on the trail, but most seemed well prepared. Like Ikaika Farrior Owner of the The Crawl Space in Colorado.

DSC_0512 DSC_0510


Could you drive an entire course with just the lights on your rig?



At times I was walking the trail looking for cool spots to post up and wait for pics. You can see beyond the flash it’s pitch black.


Hmmm. I am coming up on the lake, some water shots may be cool.


You must navigate this rock garden before getting down to the water.


This driver is running solo with just his headlights. He is now in the water section.


This pic should illustrate how rock lights can help you with visibility.

DSC_0539 DSC_0541

The blue lights were cool. I am not sure if they are better than bright white on this particular run.

DSC_0508 DSC_0524 DSC_0527 DSC_0538 DSC_0548

The shot above is with no flash, how the drivers are actually seeing the course. Below is with my flash, taken a second later.

DSC_0549 DSC_0550 DSC_0547

Placing a GoPro in the water could be a cool shot if it can pick the trucks up. Do you try and film or take pics on your adventures?

DSC_0544 DSC_0552

No lights! That’s a tough one, have a good head lamp or friends with lights.

DSC_0553 DSC_0485

This is a really cool looking build.


Putting a light on your radio is always a popular choice too.

DSC_0565 DSC_0561

I came across this group trying to navigate the rocks. Doing this at night is a truly unique experience. Maybe try a small night run with friends if you have never experienced it.

DSC_0556 DSC_0555 DSC_0551 DSC_0558 DSC_0559 DSC_0570 DSC_0566

One spot light is better than having no lights right?

DSC_0560 DSC_0568 DSC_0554

I watched a few of the last guys navigate the water. It’s getting late so I am going to head back to camp.

DSC_0569 DSC_0571

Its kind of an eerie feeling walking alone in the dark with no lights visible. It’s all part of the experience.


I came across a few people off in the bushes still navigating the trail.

DSC_0579 DSC_0574

The lights of camp! It’s a feeling of accomplishment when you make it back.


With a lot of the drivers back, I am thinking awards will be soon. Its already 10 pm and a bit chilly.


Wow! 1st place drivers in 1.9 and 2.2 will be taking home either an Axial Deadbolt or the Axial Yeti Score Trophy Truck.

DSC_0590 DSC_0596

Jake Wright of Hesperia, California taking home the Axial Deadbolt and 1.9 win. Jake is no stranger to podium finishes. The funny thing about this is he was just talking to me about needing to build a new 1.9 rig.


Gary Floridia of Albuquerque, New Mexico taking home 1st place for 2.2 class and the Axial Yeti Score Trophy Truck. I am sure this trip was well worth it!


No need to ask how these two feel about the win, their smiles say it best. It’s always a good time when you can go home with a cool story and a great experience.