Jake Wright Attends Arizona Shootout

Newest Axial team drivers Jake Wright and Jess Downing made the trek to Arizona last weekend for their state shootout. This was Jake’s first major comp with his new XR10, and ended up 3rd for the day. Congrats Jake, way to do work!

Here’s what Jake had to say about the event.

“I felt pretty good all weekend, but I wasn’t locked in with the new XR10 yet. I was happy with my performance on 3 of the 4 courses, but I got beaten up on the last one of the day. Only 4 or 5 guys finished Course #2, and not finishing it dropped me to 7th or 8th going into the shootout. I managed to pull off the best score in the final shootout and that moved me up to 3rd place for the day. I feel pretty good about that finish knowing that I’m still a little off my game with the new truck. I think its really going to be game on once I start getting comfortable.”

A few shots of Jake working his new XR10.