Improve Crawler Performance


Want your Axial Racing vehicle to be the king of hill? Of course you do. Follow these steps and you can take your SCX10, Deadbolt, or Wraith to the next level and dominate the competition.


Your truck’s tires are its connection to the ground. If the tires don’t work, nothing else in your setup really matters. Tire considerations are size, compound, tread design, and foam insert. You can learn more about Axial Racing’s tires here and about choosing the right tires here. You can learn about gearing and how it relates to different tire sizes here.

weighted wheel

wheel weight

Lowering your crawler’s center of gravity (CG) should be a priority. Look at your Axial Racing vehicle from the side and imagine a horizontal line going the length of the vehicle. Your center of gravity may be above or below the line depending on your setup. A vehicle with too much weight above this imaginary line will be top heavy and its off-road performance will suffer. The lower your center of gravity, the better. If you add scale accessories to your vehicle, the CG may be raised and your vehicle may be more tippy. The easiest way to significantly lower your CG is switch to aluminum wheels and to add Axial Racing’s aluminum knuckles and C-hubs.

battery forward

Weight Distribution
Much like CG, weight distribution greatly impacts performance. In addition to making sure your vehicle’s CG is as low as possible, moving weight forward will significantly improve your vehicle’s climbing ability. You can learn how to move the battery on an SCX10 here. The aluminum knuckles and C-hubs mentioned above also add weight to the forward portion of the vehicle and improve weight distribution.


The steering components on your Axial Racing vehicle take the brunt of the abuse you subject the vehicle to. The above mentioned Axial Racing aluminum knuckles and C-hubs that help with CG and weight distribution do even more for increasing durability. Add in an Axial Racing aluminum servo horn and your steering will be able to take an impressive amount of abuse. A metal gear servo is also recommended for a completely bulletproof steering system.


Steering Throw
Axial Racing aluminum knuckles have been mentioned numerous times already, but another benefit is their design offers increased steering throw. To really exploit the design of the knuckles, Axial Racing universal axles will allow for a substantial increase in steering. The universal axles are also more durable than the stock parts.