How To Convert SCORE Trophy Truck Wheels to Hex Style Short Course Wheels


How to convert your Score Trophy Truck wheels to Hex style Short Course wheels to open up more wheel options for your truck.

Words and Photos by John Schultz

You will need the following tools and parts:

- 1.5mm Allen for Wheel Hexs

- 2 mm Allen for rear straight Axle

- 2.5 mm Allen for trailing arm Mounts bolts

- 7 mm Hex driver for the Wheels

AX31290 AR60 Full width Axle Adapter set

AX30427 Axial Narrow Hubs

You will need 2.2/3.0 Wheels of your choice. I used Renegades Beadlocks from Proline #2731-01.

Then, choose the tires of your choice. I used the Axial AX31294 BF Goodrich KR2 R35 compound for better performance and scale looks.

The only thing you need to change on the front are the front AX30427 Axial Narrow Hubs. Mount the wheels and tires and bolt them on. Now the front end is complete.



The rear takes a little more work, but is still very easy to do!  Follow the instructions in the AX31290 AR60 Axle Adapter kit. It should take about 15 minutes to install. Also make sure you install the AX30427 Axial Narrow Hubs and bolt on your new wheels and tires.

Here’s a little short cut –  if you take out one of the bolts that goes into the trailing arm mount, the axle will slide out easier.


Even with my beat up body it still looks good!!