Full Size Honchos at Portland International Auto Show

We have been following the build process for Team driver Ryan Gerrish and friends as he prepares for the Portland International Auto Show. What we didn’t know is Ryan had a few full size Honchos lined up to be a part of or near his rock crawling display. We received images this afternoon and just had to share. These rigs are really cool!! Be sure to check out the display Ryan and company have built here.

The pictures we received today of the full sized Honchos were really cool!

This little red Tacoma is awesome!

And then there is this old school Toyuta Hilux, what a beautiful machine!!

Be sure to go and check out the full display at the Portland International Auto Show, you can even drive some Axial Honchos on the handmade crawling environment pictured here… (this is still not the completed version, you will either have to attend the show and have some fun with these guys, or wait to see the action until after the show).

4 thoughts on “Full Size Honchos at Portland International Auto Show

  1. I got a good pic of ryan’s scx10 with a hilux cab painted to match the 1.1 hilux siting on the front tire of the 1.1 rig

  2. Gotta give big props to Jonathon and Jade @ Jugtown Vinyl for constructing the sweet Axial light box as well as whipping up perfectly scaled Axial decals for the 1:1 rigs.

  3. I was there they were amazing and the test drives got me into rc thanks axial you rock

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