COD6, Dirt 2, Forza 3, etc

Aside from RC,  talk around the office of long nights of Forza 3 and sore thumbs from playing Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 have been on our minds lately. We’re sure a bunch of you are also playing too,  especially since 4.7 million people purchased COD 6 in the first 24 hours it debuted in stores. We’re assuming there’s others out there that were at their local gaming retailer at 12:01 on 11/10/09.

If you’re also a gamer, be sure to let us know what your playing, and if you want,  let us know your gamer tag because we just might be up for the challenge (here’s your chance to pwn).


After prestiging at least 6x’s on COD4/5, it’s good to be back into Modern Warfare because an MP40 just can’t compare to an HK MP5.  I’m also loving all the new guns and perk combo’s.


The first Dirt was a great game because of the damage modeling and cool graphical interface, and Dirt 2 is a great follow-up.


I still don’t have Forza 3, but Brad “Bender” has been playing it, and I just might have to get a copy. Looks like something I can definitely get into.

6 thoughts on “COD6, Dirt 2, Forza 3, etc

  1. I play COD 6 allot, but i want a nice offroad race game for a long time now so i think Dirt has to be the one.

    I’m only at level 39 af COD6 but i’m playing it for fun, not an addict :P

    • I think I’m at the same level as you on COD6, and I just recently started to finish off all the weapons perks for the SCAR, Striker, and now the Bushmaster ACR. After playing OCD6, I’m wanting a real ACR. I love the accuracy, and the minimal amount of muzzle lift.

  2. Am waiting for Dirt2 to come out on PC back home, have a PC simulator setup and cant wait to thrash the Ken Block Subaru……. May have to wait for a little have just bought an ARTR AX90004, and Team Associated SC10 while currently on business in LA :) Bought a rear steer upgrade kit but sadly the people I purchased it off didn’t realise I needed the steering knuckles, and could only sell me the green links :( Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance……

  3. I play COD on xbox im a level 70 10th prestige, if you ever wanna play my GT:TwEeLeR111

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