Skeeno’s AXIALFEST 2015 Report Part 2 of 3



Words and Photos by Matt ‘Skeeno’ Soileau with a few photos from Rivas Concepts sprinkled in here and there.

July 16-18, 2015

Cisco Grove Campground, Cisco Grove, California

In Part 1, I covered my Wednesday and Thursday at AXIALFEST. This blog is going to cover my Friday morning and afternoon.

After a peaceful mountain sleep and hearty breakfast, I was ready for AXIALFEST2015 to really get kicked into gear.  Thursday night registration and Concourse Show and Shine was fun, but I was ready for some racing.

The first event on Friday morning was the RECON Terra Cross, aka the RECON TerraX, aka the RTX. The RTX is an off-road race like no other.  The RTX was held partially on a basketball court and partially in the dirt.  Rocks, jumps, logs, and sand were strewn about to make navigating a challenge.


I saw that Rebel Off Road was also ready and waiting to watch the RTX.


At the driver’s meeting, Parker went over the special rules of the RTX.  In an RTX, there is no marshaling allowed. That means if you flip over, you become track art if you can’t get your rig flipped over with a little trigger play. Also, races are only two or three laps long, so clean driving is imperative.


Tree provided a perfect flag pole while Mrs. Werty signaled the beginning of competition with the national anthem.


Drivers got lined up to begin.


And they’re off.  Remember to drive smartly.


First obstacle of the RTX was the kicker ramps.


Some drivers couldn’t even get 20 feet before crashing.


Second obstacle was this sandy hill dubbed the Dust Bunny.



It ended the race quickly for those that couldn’t control their steering hand.



After the hill was a rocky gully.  It squashed the dreams of hoards of RTXers.




Chaff Channel was next.  It was relatively easy as long as you kept your cool.





The rock strewn tarmac chicane looked easy, but those rocks really bucked rigs off their lines.


20150717_122101 20150717_122647-1

DSCF0213The final turn to the finish was this slick 180 degree turn.  Precision throttle and steering was necessary to keep your rig pointed in the correct direction.  Lots of races were won in this corner.

IMAG00107After a full morning of exciting RTX racing, it was time for a lunch break.  We had a make your own teriyaki chicken kabob station over a G Central.

DSCF0118On the way back from lunch I noticed someone put these stickers all over the place.  They were on the ground pretty much everywhere you looked.  They directed you towards the trail heads for the RECON G6 that would begin Friday night.  This was a great idea, because some of the trail heads were fairly far from G Central and would have been difficult to find without help.

DSCF0304After lunch, the Rhythm Drags began.  These were drag races held on a specially prepared track.  And by specially prepared, I mean rocked, sanded, and mudded.  This was not a point and shoot course.

DSCF0261Josh Harris made sure the drivers got lined up for each race.


This first bump was a doozy.  Too much throttle and your rig flipped its lid and end up on its back.


It is difficult to maintain throttle control when your competition is right next to you.



This sandy corner spun out lots of competitors.


This muddy corner was the final turn before the final stretch.


It was harder to navigate than it looked.



Even the final straight was tricky.  It was sprinkled with sand to trip up heavy throttle fingers.

DSCF0276After seeing everyone racing, Skeeno Jr said she wanted to try it next year.


There was no waiting for next year.  I told her to get in line and be ready.


There is Skeeno Jr after winning her first round race and mentally preparing for round two.


The mud hole got more and more rutted…


DSCF0298 But Skeeno Jr piloted Alien GeeSix with no problem to win her next few races before being knocked out just before the finals. With a smile on our faces, we walked back to camp to get ready for the RECON G6.

WP_20150716_015Before we got to our campsite, I saw Elio’s scale camp had a scale campfire.  I told you he was the King of Scale didn’t I?

The RECON G6 began Friday night and continued through Saturday evening.  Look for Skeeno’s AXIALFEST2015 Report Part 3 where I cover the RECON G6.  You won’t want to miss it.



Skeeno’s AXIALFEST 2015 Report Part 1 of 3



Words and Photos by Matt ‘Skeeno’ Soileau with a few photos from Rivas Concepts sprinkled in here and there.

July 16-18, 2015

Cisco Grove Campground, Cisco Grove, California

You probably know what AXIALFEST is by now.  If you don’t know what AXIALFEST is, you better read, learn, and plan on attending next year.

AXIALFEST is Axial’s thank you to their loyal customers and a celebration of Axial products and scale adventure. It has been called the Woodstock of RC, the annual gathering of scale RC Axial fans. It is a great time to spend with friends and families, camp, race, drive, and generally enjoy the mountains and driving Axial vehicles.

2015 marked the 10th anniversary of Axial RC Inc. Since I’ve attended all previous AXIALFESTS, I knew the 10th anniversary was going to be the biggest and best yet.


Skeeno Jr. and I packed up and headed up a day early to get set up and ready for the fun. Here’s a recap of my Wednesday and Thursday at AXIALFEST2015.


After I exited Interstate 80 at exit 165, I was happy to see tons of signs pointing me in the right direction.


Cisco Grove Campground was fully decorated and ready for the mass of Axial fans that would soon be arriving.


First stop was into the camp store to get my campsite registration completed.


Luckily, there was a sign to remind me where to go.


In the store, these fine, young ladies got me my campsite and cheerfully directed me towards my spot. They also told me that over 350 camp spots had been reserved. Wow, this WAS going to be bigger than ever!


I spotted the entrance to Trail D on the way to my campsite. It looked like Brian Parker had been busy and the RECON G6 courses were all set and ready.


CKRC Hobbies was already there and set up to support any drivers that needed help.  They had a sweet 5th wheel set up and a trailer full of kits, parts, tools, and accessories available to anyone that needed it.


My camp spot was easy to find, since I stayed in the same one last year. We chose a new orientation for the G-Crew trailer this year. It worked well for taking care of all 10 of the G-Crew volunteers this year.


One thing I was sure to bring was some Fisherman’s Friend Throat Lozenges for Mr. Brian Parker. If you attend a RECON G6 event, he would love you to bring him a box. He has a sensitive throat.



After I got set up, I headed up to G-Central to see what was going on. Being that is was Wednesday, things were pretty quiet since AXIALFEST2015 wasn’t scheduled to start until Thursday evening. Everyone must have been resting and storing energy for the coming storm of Axial fans that would be arriving the next day.


I walked back to camp and spotted RECON’s Mr. Parker, and AXIALFEST2015′s Official Host and Emcee. He was primed and ready for the weekend.


I also ran into my G-Crewmate and campmate, the world famous, Mr. Roland Rockshop, aka Josh Harris taking a break while working on a waterfall near G-Central.


It was really turning into a family reunion. I spotted the unmissable 6’8″ Mr. Tree, aka Eric O’Brien posing seductively near our camp. That earned him an extra bratwurst for dinner.


The next morning, I noticed RPP Hobby had arrived when I walked up to see what the rumpus was up at G-Central.


Things were definitely busier than yesterday up at G-Central. Here the Axial Crew was getting everything ready for registration.


This was new. They had maps of all the events and trails for AXIALFEST2015. Sweet!


Limited Edition AXIALFEST2015 Sticker Sheet? Yes, please!


They also had custom score cards with participants’ names and custom laminates with the itinerary on the back. Mine was silver because I was a privileged member of the G-Crew and media. No need to steal trail markers with these sweet souvenirs.


I went for a tour of the campground again as saw this son taking his mom and dog for a walk with his Axial SCX10 Jeep JK.


I also spotted this sweet vintage tent trailer. I have a soft spot for these.


More RECON G6 Family members! You may recognize Daniel Seigel in the middle, he has been to many RECON G6 events. This was his first AXIALFEST. He brought two of his fellow countrymen from Austria. Austria, like 6,000 miles away Austria. These guys are serious Axial fans.


Up at G-Central, RPP Hobby had been busy setting up. They also brought a full complement of parts and accessories.


Scale campsites were pretty popular this year. These scale tents and camp chairs were awesome.

DSCF0036 Here, the King of Scale, Elio Dianda, was setting up his campground.


That’s a scale tree with a scale tire swing in a scale fishing pond with a scale pier with a scale fisherman with a scale pole next to a scale outhouse next to a scale picnic table next to …. You get the idea. Scale everything!


The scale Coleman multi-fuel stove was my favorite part. Can you see the scale tongs?

DSCF0059Josh Harris and Brian Parker continued to fine tune the RECON G6 trails during the day with the help of the CKRC UTV.

DSCF0064Up at G-Central, I ran into Matthew Kett of the Scale Builders Guild trying to convince my old road dog, Mr. Anthony Rivas, of Rivas Concepts to run for president. Rivas said Trump can’t play the “Who has deeper pockets?” game with him because he has holes in his pockets! My vote would definitely go to Rivas if he ultimately decides to run.


I almost had to tell the driver of this Earth Roamer to stay off the trails until tomorrow night, but it turned out it was Elio coming over to relay a message to me to get dinner started.  This truck is awesome.


The driver has a copy of RC Car Action on the dash. Did I mention Elio is the King of Scale?

DSCF0075 After dinner, people started to line up for registration. The line was a little long. Over 600 drivers will do that.

DSCF0101This was a good time to get to know your fellow Axial fans. I heard new friendships forming and old ones being renewed as AXIALFEST attendees visited with each other.

DSCF0121I ran into some of my old AXIALFEST friends, Mr. Frank Testa and Mr. Russ Cushway.  Always good to see my RECON G6 family.


First stop after the Waiver Booth was Tech Inspection. You can see the concerned look on the young man’s face as he hopes his rig passes. No worries though, tech inspection was more about giving advice to new AXIALFEST attendees. Axial staff made jokes with drivers about under-inflated tires and cracked windshields while pointing out potential failure points such as loose wires and screws.



Vehicles that ‘passed inspection’ were given this sweet sticker.


After Tech, drivers went to the registration booth to collect their driver’s bags.


Skeeno Jr. was happy to have a chance to work behind the scenes helping the Axial staff with registration.


Here’s a sampling of all the stuff in the driver’s bags; AXIALFEST2015 shirt, hat, water bottle, patches, stickers, map, score card, raffle bracelet, laminate, lanyard, and coozie.



Special Pro Tip from Werty Made Products’ own Matt Henry. Pop a small hole in your coozie and attach your lanyard. Now you have a handy scorecard and pen holder for tomorrow’s RECON G6. Brilliant!

DSCF0088 After picking up driver’s bags, drivers walked over to another table to collect more swag.  Good thing they had the AXIALFEST2015 bags to hold all their goodies.

Then drivers went over to RPP to get another limited edition AXIALFEST2015 shirt and more swag.


Hey, hold up the shirt, so we can see it.




Next, drivers got into a little photo shoot with the official AXIALFEST2015 photographer, John Cary. Did you find yourself in this album on Facebook?


Drivers could then place their rigs into the Concourse for judging in the Show and Shine.

DSCF0095 Rivas and Tree were there to direct the traffic.

DSCF0138Everyone inspected the rigs in the Concourse.

DSCF0112 This was my favorite because it mimicked Rivas’s RECON G6 truck. This thing was way cooler than my camera could hope to capture. It was a custom one off by Judd Rummage.


I’m a sucker for anything Overland. This rig got my vote.


I’d overland in this Land Rover for sure.


Got to see a RECON G6 veteran, Mr. Chris Goris and his Blue Bastard towing an old Shasta trailer.


And this Subaru Brat was another one of my personal choices. Subaru Brat, whataya think about that?


Ultimately, it was all about the details and the King of Scale, Elio Dianda never ceases to amaze with things like scale beer cans. He took home the Concourse Show and Shine title for AXIALFEST2015.


At the end of the night, Mr. Rodney Wills of Axial and Mr. Brian Parker of RECON G6 were feeling good and looking forward to Friday’s events.
DSCF0141 Keep an eye out for Skeeno’s AXIALFEST2015 Report Part 2 coming soon where I’ll recap my Friday at AXIALFEST2015.




AXIALFEST 2015 Pre Drivers Meeting

AXIALFEST 2015 Pre Drivers Meeting

Words and Photos by Matt Soileau 

1 Welcome to the AXIALFEST 2015 pre-event drivers meeting. Think of this as one of the primers behind getting everyone ready to roll (no pun intended) on the AXIALFEST RECON G6 Challenge.  If you have attended a RECON G6 event before, these key points will sound familiar and a good refresher. If this is your first time, these key points will be valuable information to keep you on the right track during the RECON G6 at AXIALFEST 2015.

First, lets start with the SCORE CARD for this year, we have a brand new one for the 2015 edition of AXIALFEST.


The new AXIALFEST 2015 SCORE CARD looks a little different for those who are familiar with previous ones.  There are colored boxes for each stage section at AXIALFEST 2015.  Make sure you mark in the proper location for each section of the stage. *Note that the Winch Penalty is for human powered winching only*  If you have a powered winch on your vehicle or another vehicle pulls you out, there is no penalty.  There are also locations for stamps and punches, including a place to take notes.  Be keen on taking notes of anything out of the ordinary or unusual. We will have a separate blog post on all the details behind the SCORECARD to follow soon.


Also known as, No Hand of God. The No HOG rule means; Thou shall not touch your rig in an unscale fashion.  If you roll your rig over while on trail, get your rig uprighted using a winch, tow strap, or assistance from a fellow RECON G6er.


When using a tow strap solo, use it in a scale winching fashion.  This means pulling like the strap is attached to a winch.  Flipping the truck over with your hand or foot is a violation of RECON G6 No HOG rules. Remember, the scale gods will be watching. Please don’t do the infamous Helicopter Winch were a driver uses their tow strap to lift and carry their rig to a new location.  If you are lifting the tow strap up and or if your rig is in the air, you are doing it wrong. Think scale… would you put a winch line or tow strap at the top of a tree to extract your vehicle?

There will be a lot of trail markers around the Cisco Grove Campground.  Don’t touch them with your rig, only drive through them. Touching them will result in a time penalty.  Also, make sure you drive through them in the proper direction, which is passing through them with the numbered markers on the right side of the vehicle – PASSENGER SIDE.


Please do not be tempted into taking trail markers, signs with your favorite number or any signs as souvenirs. Missing trail markers ruins the experience for remaining G6ers, as they will not have a proper trail to follow. They seem so simple and inexpensive, but they are bloody expensive to create, time consuming to put together and will lead to increased fees at following AXIALFEST / RECON G6 events. Simply put, PLEASE don’t take the signs.   :)


At AXIALFEST / RECON G6 events, water is referred to as “clear dirt.” Rigs may be driving through a fair amount of it at AXIALFEST. The general rule, water will be scale deep, which roughly translates to just above the axle.  Waterproofing your electronics is not mandatory, but highly recommended.  Drive smart and water should never be an issue, but make a slight error near water and your electronics could let out the magic smoke. Patience and looking at the trail as a chess game will usually reveal an easy path. Same time, as your rig is traveling in and around “clear dirt” your shoes will also be seeing the same terrain. Please wear appropriate outdoor footwear and or shoes you do not mind thrashing! Think about this before you wear your nice white DC’s out on trail.


Yes, we will forever be inspired by the famous Camel Trophy Challenges and it has become a tradition at AXIALFEST to also include a deep water crossing. This can be achieved by building and using a device to float your truck safely from one side to the other.  Fortunately, flotation devices do not need to be carried on course.  They’ll be collected and staged awaiting for your arrival at the water crossing. Those without flotation devices can drive the long way around or take a ferry ride if you are lucky enough to catch it. Don’t forget to bring “good will fair! for the ferry-operator!” AND THE BIGGEST “DON’T FORGET”, turn off your rig’s ignition and radio while your pride and joy is floating across the water on a makeshift homemade raft. Yes, it happens! Just watch the 2013 AXIALFEST video and note the 13:20 mark of the video as the driver explains how his rig went into the drink:


Driving Challenges are generally roped off with a brightly colored ribbon. If you come to an obstacle that is cordoned off with ribbon, do not walk within the trail section as that section is for the passage of the rig only. No driver / pedestrian traffic within the boundaries.

DSCF0355You must walk outside the designated Driver Challenge Section. If you drive your rig into a situation requiring assistance within this Driver Challenge Section it will result in a hefty time penalty, so drive smart. Not fast, not wild. SMART = PATIENCE! Think CHESS MATCH! It’s you and your rig against Parker and his trail!

With so many drivers expected for AXIALFEST, there will be seven different trails to challenge the drivers.  Each trail will be labeled A, B, C, D, E, F and G. At check in, drivers will be given their starting trail assignment, AKA: Run Group. Drivers will complete the stage they were assigned and then proceed, alphabetically, through all the remaining stages. For example: If you are assigned to start the event on Trail C, you will complete C, followed by D, E, F and then over to A, and finish on B. Also, Trail G is for ULTRA classes only. So if you are running in an either ULTRA 1.9 or ULTRA 2.2 you will run Trail G and A and B and C and D and E and then F. And maybe back to G AGAIN… Can you say power bars & electrolyte mix!


There is a high possibility of 100+ drivers starting all at the same time as you. There will be many drivers on each of the trails and crowds are to be expected at bottlenecked obstacles. Patience is going to be your best friend here. Relax and enjoy the day, get to know your trail neighbor and offer assistance. It is your option to take the Trail Marker penalty and move on or practice your selfie stick and revel in the camaraderie experience embraced within the RECON G6 family. Remember, It’s you and your rig vs. Parker and his trails. #AXIALFEST2015 #RECONG6 #AxialAdventures


Helping each other on the Trails in not mandatory, but highly recommended.  Don’t feel obligated to lend a tow strap or parts or tools to others, but remember that you may need some assistance down the trail.  The golden rule applies to AXIALFEST etiquette; Treat others how you would like to be treated. The Trail Gods such as Mark Smith could be watching over us.

Who is Mark Smith?
Mark A. Smith was a towering figure in 4×4 history. He pioneered the sport as one of the first drivers to traverse the mighty Rubicon Trail. He founded Jeep® Jamboree USA and brought the wonders of responsible off-roading to the world. He worked with Jeep brand engineers for decades, helping to improve the off-road capabilities of all Jeep vehicles. He has had a significant influence on everything the Jeep brand stands for. The Jeep family salutes Mark and all that he did for us. His spirit will live on.

17 Slower drivers please allow faster drivers to pass. You may hear, “ULTRA DRIVER COMING THROUGH!” If you do, please stop, pull over and let these drivers pass. ULTRA DRIVERS, THIS DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BUMP – KNOCK or DRIVE OVER over any ADVENTURIST! They are not in your Ultra-Race! They are there to smell the butterflies, so please me mindful of their experience as well! Trail gods and note pads will be in action and you don’t want this infraction reflected upon you.

Obstacles: It’s ok to attempt to overcome an obstacle without winching or strap assistance, but be mindful of the trucks behind you. The general rule is to try an obstacle 3-times before letting the next person attempt it.  If a line is piling up, pull over and let others pass.  You can resume your persistence once the obstacle frees of traffic. It is your option to take the Trail Marker penalty and move on.

Trail repairs are allowed.  It is totally fine to pick up a broken rig to repair.
This is not a violation of the NO HOG rule. But please read the fine print:
11Please move your rig out of the way of others passing through on the trail.  *You may want to make a note on your score card as to what trail you are on, trail markers you are between and what is the issue. Then make the required repair out of the way of others and then return your rig to the exact location and position it was in when you picked it up.  For example: If you break a mechanical part, pick up your rig and go make the repair. This could include a trip back to camp if you do not have the part with you. When you are finished, put your rig back down exactly where it was.  But, if you rolled your rig upside down and the result was broken mechanical issue, you will need to place the rig back in it’s upside down position at the place of incident and proceed to get yourself unstuck or right sided up. Its all apart of the experience. *Remember that part about making a note first before you started working on your rig? This information will be helpful to yourself if you have to make a trip back to camp. You will have a note to remind you what trail & section you will re-start your journey.

Keep your eye out for things that look out of the ordinary.
5There are often toy animals, toy cars, dolls, gold coins, poker chips, and etc. littering the trail. Sometimes they are easy to spot, sometimes they are a little more difficult to spot.  If you find such, make a note on your score card noting [1] What you found. [2] The Trail Letter [3] Between what Trail Markers the object was found. [4] Place item/s on your rig and bring them back to G-Central. Most times you will be rewarded with a time bonus.  Since this is AXIALFEST, Trail Treasures may mean a prize back at G-Central.  Keep your eyes peeled.

As stated before, the RECON G6 Trail’s at AXIALFEST can be quite long.  Expect a walk of several miles long and several hours in length.  You will need to make sure you have everything with you on the trail.  Highly recommended is a backpack with snacks, water, parts, and tools.  You don’t want to be two miles from camp and need a screw driver.  That’s a long walk to make a trail repair.


And remember, Finishing A RECON G6 IS LIKE WINNING A RECON G6!
Especially at AXIALFEST 2015!  Do Work, Drivers!

Make sure you bring a camp chair and a stick of firewood to Axialfest 2015.  Camp chairs and firewood is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED at the Awards Ceremony.  We recommend your comfiest camp chair.  There are so many prizes and awards, the awards ceremony will not be over in 30 minutes.


The 48 Hour Challenge, Crawl for a Cause

The 48 Hour Challenge, Crawl for a Cause presented by: Radio Controlled East Coast

Words by: Trevor Rushford @vermont_scale_rc IG

Photos by: Anthony Kaplon – @torktastic IG


On Memorial Day Weekend, May 23rd – 25th, four people set out on an adventure, a cause, and a record. The Green Mountain State aka Vermont, held court for a 48-hour straight remote control endurance that would raise money for a local RC friend affected by cancer and at the same time, attempt to set a new Guinness World Record. The men that stepped up for the challenge are; Robert Kuck III (38), Kolton Rushford(15), Randy Berteau(38), and Trevor Rushford(40). The 48 Hour Challenge, Crawl for a Cause challenged the drivers mentally, physically, and emotionally, and they pushed through with grit and purpose.



Of course they couldn’t have done this biblical sized event without the help of Axial Racing!! Axial donated four solid SCX10™ 2012 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited C/R Edition platforms! These Jeeps had a tall order ahead of them, an ‘unrealistic goal,’ some thought, ‘not possible,’ others said, but the 48 Hour Team believed in Axial’s products, and knew that these Jeeps were not only going to make history, but they were going to do so in STOCK RTR format.trucks


The terrain was not some flat ground, racetrack, beach, or street… There was only one terrain that seemed right and fitting to hold this challenge; a ski resort. Bolton Valley Ski Resort actually. Bolton is home for a lot of people and companies like The 4X4 Center’s Michelin Winter Driving School. Bolton Valley is a place that cares about their community of Vermonters, so it was the perfect location to introduce the cancer community to the RC community. The plan was simple…To RC up and down the Mountain for 48 Hours straight. All the while picking the hardest lines, roughest trails, exploring the mountain like never before, and at the same time raising money for our friend! All of this was true scale, the 48 Hour Team was not allowed to touch the Jeeps other than to fix, or change batteries. If they got stuck, rolled over, the team had to winch, tug, or flop over with no use of hands.img_6489


The beginning was easy and exciting as the boys started off the official 48 hours at 9:15am May 23rd 2015. Everyone that came for the first morning to support and wheel were ready to roll out with the 48 Hour team. The Axial SCX10′s were primed with their 10000mah Venom Battery packs, and were hitting the ground hard with their Pitbull tires. These Jeeps were climbing around the mountain with ease. The SCX10′s held their ground on the mountainous terrain the mountain offered. The 48 Hour Team started their first two hikes on what they call “The Fire Road.” It’s about a two-mile hike straight to the top where there is a windmill and watchtower. With over 5,000 acres to RC on, the 48 Hour Team was not going to run out of places to explore.trucks-on-rock



After a few battery packs through the SCX10′s the crowd started to whither down with the sunset. That’s when the 48 Hour team got to work. They suffered a little set back when Kolton Rushford rolled his ankle and could no longer walk the mountain. The 48 Hour Team set him up in a chair at base camp, where he wheeled the rest of the 48 hours on some rocks. The team snacked on some dinner while changing batteries, turning the lights on, then rolled back up the mountain for the first night run of the 48 Hours.img_6120




The first night was the hardest night,” said 48 Hour Team member Trevor, who nodded off while walking up the mountain. During the late night hours, Rob suffered, from what he called “old man knee syndrome,” and decided to hold up at base camp with Kolton. Rob wanted to last until the very end, so he took a few laps off and wheeled at base camp as well.  Which really helped the team with battery charging and food. With all that going on, Randy and Trevor continued the first night trek up and down Bolton Valley resort. Phoenix Design LED’s lighted the night, along with Axial pods. Randy and Trevor ran one trip up the mountain with just the lights on the Jeeps, no headlamps. “One of the coolest things I have ever done with an RC,” said Randy.img_6180img_6181axialnight


After the first night, the rest of the 48 Hour Challenge went by like a breeze. Rob rejoined the trek up and down the mountain as well as a lot of different people supporting the cause and team. The Axial SCX10 Jeeps held their own, and held it in true Axial fashion. They blasted through mud, water, rain, SNOW, temperature fluctuation, and extreme elevation changes. The stock 27t Axial Brushed motor pulled these Jeeps up and down the mountain, stock gearing and all for the full 48 hours. The beast AE-2 didn’t fade once, as it pulled power from the Venom batteries all day and all night without breaking a sweat.



Not to drag-out the full 48 hours out here, we’ll say that the 48 Hour Challenge was a huge success!! With all four Team drivers hiking the mountain the last couple of hours with the SCX10′s was the icing on the proverbial cake. With approximately 96 miles on the Axial SCX10′s, Pitbull tires, Venom Batteries, CKRC Hobbies accessories, and team KNK Hardware the 48 Hour team was ready for the ultimate ending. With a pause at the top of the mountain to reflect on the full 48 hours, the boys took one last look around at the mountain. All the emotions caught up with them, all the reasons this was bigger than anything they have ever done individually came rushing to each of them. With some tears in their eyes, for their own reasons, the 48 Hour Team headed down the mountain one last time, soaking up the first real warm sunshine in three days. Even with sore muscles, swollen ankles, blisters, chapped lips and cracked skin, you couldn’t wipe their smiles off as they crossed that final line at 48 hours and 3 minutes; 9:18am May 25th 2015



In the end, the event raised a lot of money for the cause, and that was their main goal in the 48 Hour Challenge, Crawl for a Cause. The 48 Hour team received a lot of support from their local community as well as these sponsors which include: Pitbull Tires, Axial Racing, CKRC Crawlers, Venom Batteries, Team KNK Hardware, Bull Rope RC, Soul Crusher Graphics, JCM RC Customs, Woodchuck Designs, and Torktastic Media. These companies helped the entire 48 Hour Team throughout the process which started seven months prior to the Memorial Day Weekend event. The entire team wants to say thank you to every single person involved with making this dream become a reality. Cancer sucks, and if we all have a chance to help in anyway possible, what’s stopping us?

A huge thank you goes to Bolton Valley Resort for letting the 48 Hour Challenge achieve the goals, and to use there mountain for a play ground! Thank you to Axial Racing for being there to support the 48 Hour Team with these fine SCX10 C/R JK’s. The 48 Hour team is very pumped to have been apart of RC history while wheeling the FINEST RC’s on the market today!


RECON G6 Challenge Birthday Bash 2014



2014 RECON G6 Challenge Birthday Bash
December 6, 2014
Moonrocks, Reno, Nevada
Words and Photos by Matt “Skeeno” Soileau

RECON G6 006 (Medium)

Can you believe that the RECON G6 Challenge is four years old?  I can’t. It seems like just yesterday a few of us guinea pigs showed up at the first RECON G6 Challenge and tested our Axial SCX10s on the longest, most technically challenging trail they had ever been on.

This year the RECON G6 Challenge not only traveled to seven of the United States, it went global with a stop in Austria! Attendance records were also set at each event as more and more members joined the RECON G6 family. So, in honor of the birth of the RECON G6 Challenge, the annual Birthday Bash G6 was once again held in the birth city of this great event.


This past weekend, Skeeno Jr. and I headed out to Moonrocks just north of Reno, Nevada to celebrate all the great things that have come to the RECON G6 Challenge this year. It just so happened to take place on the same weekend that a few local clubs were holding their Club Challenges, so the location was full.


When I arrived, the line was already out the door. Eager G6ers were waiting in line to be registered and to also donate their toys for the Washoe County Sherriff’s Christmas on the Corridor program.


Mr. Rivas Concepts and Mr. Cole were at the front of the line getting drivers registered and collecting the toys.




Over 100 new toys were donated.



Hoyfab had his YETI XL on display at the registration booth. This thing was sweet and full of extra detail. Equipped with a Premier Power Welder and tons of GoPro cameras. Hoyfab is the man to see for awesome 3D printed scale accessories.


Also on the table was this wonderful jerky. I may have eaten multiple pieces while Cole and Rivas weren’t looking.  Thanks for the hookup OFO Crawlers. Feel free to bring more to Axialfest 2015.


I spotted a couple sweet trailers waiting in line. The trailer is the new black. You better get yours ready for Axialfest 2015. And don’t forget, Axialfest will be held in July this year. More info can be found here:


Of course RPP Hobby was in attendance, they are the Official Hobby Shop of the RECON G6 Challenge.


This Drivin Diva didn’t have time to drive, but Alyssa made sure to come out to say hi to all her old driving buddies. Thanks for stopping by.  We hope to see you on the trail soon.


While waiting for everyone to register, I headed over to the 1:1s to check out the rigs and see what was going on.  This first crawler I came to just happened to belong to my old buddy, Bryan.  Can you believe this started life as a Suzuki Samurai?  The only thing Samurai left on this rig is the firewall now.


I also spotted the Axial Wraith in the queue waiting for its turn on course. Notice it’s also running the Official Tires of the RECON G6, Pitbulls.

DSCF0388The pile of kits kept growing and growing.


This lone Land Rover was looking for a home. Who wants this?


Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer would be proud to be seen in these two kits.


Parker went over the rules. Remember, no Hand of God.  That’s pretty much the golden rule.


As always, the National Anthem was played before the lipos were lit.


Parker was kind enough to line us up backwards. We got to drive in reverse to that rock behind him before we could drive forward.


Somehow, Skeeno Jr. and I ended up in the lead for the first dozen or so trail markers.


Of course, Mr. Pham eventually passed us by. His Axial SXC10 RECON G6 Jeep is the envy of many G6ers. That’s the perks of working at a hobby shop.



Skeeno Jr. tried to keep up the pace…


…but Mr. Fokai finally got by her. Besides, the RECON G6 isn’t about winning. It’s about having fun, so we let him by and relaxed.


Reno’s CKRC crew brought a full compliment of drivers and kits.  They were super helpful, and I saw them personally give away parts to at least three broken drivers, so they could finish.


It’s a good thing I had my new Bull Rope tow strap. It came in handy. Since we had some recent rains, the rocks got a little muddy and slippery. Here, I had to pull Skeeno Jr. out of a crevice she slipped in to.


Those balloons helped this Wraith float over the rocks.


TM102 presented the opportunity for a little air time, so I took it.


The courses at the RECON G6 Challenge are always long, so it’s a good idea to pack refreshments. Remember, it’s about having fun, so there’s no need to run.


I have to include this picture because Parker loves Scouts, and this one’s leading the way.


There’s always casualties at a RECON G6. Remember, finishing a RECON G6 is like winning a RECON G6. Don’t be afraid to make trail repairs and ask for help if you need it. Other G6ers are always happy to lend a fellow G6er a hand.


Speaking of lending a hand, Werty lent Skeeno Jr. some of his sweet jack stands to help her with some maintenance in the pits.


I think Mini Meeks was giving me the stink eye.


Scale or 1:1?


This Jeep was having a hard time climbing this section.  It took me a while, but I finally figured out why…there was no driver, duh.


One of my favorite G6ers made it out. Mr. Stern is also our oldest G6er at 91 years young.


The last time I saw this trailer, it was camo-ed out. This teardrop trailer was even cooler this time in full RECON G6 regalia. You can see the old version here:


I told you trailers were popular. Here the Werty trailer adds a little extra challenge to this sandy hill climb.


Parker and RC Chick putted around on my CT70 making sure everyone was having a good time. He also used it to plant some special prizes on course.


Here’s what he was planting, $20 RPP gift certificate coins. Did you find one?


Remember that if you find something that looks out of place at a G6, it’s probably a trail treasure. Pick it up and take it back to G Central with you and you will be rewarded. Mr. Tree found this double barreled sling shot over on Course 2 and earned some bonus time for his good fashion sense.


The best part of Moonrocks is the rocks.  The jagged granite provides tons of traction and the sandy decomposed granite removes that traction, so it’s always a dance with the trigger finger.


I cut my RC crawling teeth at the Moonrocks, so it was fun to reminisce about all the old B.P.R.C.A comps that were held in these exact same lines.


Uh oh, that Scout is falling behind. He’s probably just letting this Jeep feel what it’s like to be in front for once.


After Skeeno Jr. and I were finished driving, we headed over to check out the 1:1s. This Jeep was at the top of a steep off camber climb.


Here’s the other side of the climb. This leaf springer almost flipped on its lid.


The Axial Wraith used a little wheel speed to get up this line.


Just like RC crawling comps, there’s lots of waiting in line with the 1:1s as well.  That’s why we love the RECON G6, no lines and Maximum Drive Time!



This 1:1 detonated his Rockwell in this crevasse. Skeeno Jr. thought it was awesome. She was fascinated by these big boys.


My buddy Bryan made the crevasse line with no problem even with a hastily stitched back together driveshaft.  It’s all about finesse sometimes.


As we headed back to G Central, we spotted a few of the last G6ers finishing up their courses.


Some scale water, axle deep.


The CKRC/Rivas Concepts Deadbolt was still looking good even after running all day long.

Of course, we finished up the day with a few awards.


Durty Driver of the Day, Mini Meeks


Drivn Diva of the Day, Mrs. Werty


Expedition Driver of the Day, Mr. J.J.


2.2 Driver of the Day, Mr. Kowatch


1.9 Driver of the Day, Mr. Klein


Drivers of the Year, Klein and Wolfe


6×6 Driver of the Year, Mr. Hoyfab.


Luckiest Winners of the Day taking home G6 kits, so they’ll be ready for the next RECON G6 Challenge.

The calendar of events for 2015 will be out soon. Watch for events coming to your area soon. You don’t want to miss one.

Recon G6 Fowl Play Recap


Axial Presents:

The “Fowl Play” Recon G6

September 27th, 2014

Paulina Lake, Oregon

Trip Report by Ryan Gerrish

Photos by Ryan Gerrish and Chris McMullin

Last September the G-train invaded the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, just outside of La Pine, Oregon in the beautiful Deschutes National Forest. This amazing bit of geology includes over 50,000 acres of lakes, lava flows, dense forest and high desert. It is an endless R/C crawling playground smack in the middle of a 500 square mile active volcano. The perfect environment for Mr. Brian Parker and his crew to entertain a group of over 100 Northwest scale crawling enthusiasts with both day and night G6 stages.

The beautiful Paulina Lake. A large portion of the day stage ran around part of the perimeter.

img 1

Saturday morning began with the Rivas concepts show & shine with prizes from Hoyfab Crawlers, followed by a group photo and drivers meeting. Parker went over the basic G6 rules, and the national anthem played to kick off the event.




There were endless unique and well-built rigs to drool over.





A very clean full-size Range Rover Classic:


The G6 was set up to run at 4 different locations around the park; Paulina Lake, Paulina Falls, The Bosidian Flow, and The Snow Park (Staging Area). You could run them in any order, and there were special photos you could take at each to earn bonuses.

The Snow Park hill climb:





Running the trail up to Paulina Falls:






The Obsidian Flow was pretty epic crawling. Endless jagged rock and beautiful scenery.






Running around Paulina Lake:



The Sled pull challenge at the end of the day stage:



The Marshmallow golf challenge: Hit one past the Crawler Innovations banner for extra points!


And of course, the hardest working man in RC:


I wasn’t able to get pictures of the night stage, but there is some good video on YouTube and many more pictures on Facebook! It was a great event with awesome turnout, over 130 entries if I remember correctly. The courses were challenging but not too difficult, and people seemed to have a great time exploring the park. Many thanks to Brian and crew for their hard work! We look forward to next year.

RECON G6 – Birthday Bash 3


RECON G6 Presents
Birthday Bash 3
Wingfield Park, Reno, Nevada
December 7, 2013

It’s still hard to believe the RECON G6 is three years old. It seems both older and newer at the same time. On one hand, it seems like just yesterday that I drove in the first RECON G6 at Mayberry Park, and yet it also feels like I have been doing this all my life. I think the camaraderie and family like atmosphere just makes the RECON G6 feel like home.

In celebration of the success of the RECON G6, the Birthday Bash has always been a thank you from RECON G6 to all the drivers that make the RECON G6 what it is. This past year the RECON G6 went nationwide and international with events in Florida, Missouri, Colorado, Arkansas, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Ontario, Canada.

The RECON G6 Birthday Bash has also partnered with a couple local charities, so drivers were encouraged to bring toys for children as well as nonperishable food items for the local Sheriff’s Christmas on the Corridor toy drive and Evelyn Mount Community Outreach food pantry.

In the past, Mother Nature has been kind to the RECON G6ers with mild winter weather. This year Mother Nature had a special treat for the G6ers, snow and freezing temperatures. I was a bit worried. I wasn’t worried about fun because this would not be the first snow covered G6. There was a RECON G6 a couple years ago that the RECON G6 crew shoveled miles of snow paths for. So, I knew that the RECON G6 crew would have a path cleared for the drivers. What I was worried about was attendance.  I was afraid the snow roads and frigid temperatures would render the turnout low. I’m not sure why I was worried. G6ers are a special breed. There were already many cars in the parking lot. I spotted some out-of-towners who braved the roads to attend.


This guy made the trip down from Oregon. He was the first one I spotted as I parked.


There’s a California. Looks like he saw quite a bit of snow on the pass over.


Idaho, too. This family came overland ready.


I also spotted Old Red Rocket in the parking lot. I wonder what time she got there?


The Truckee River looked a little frigid. I wouldn’t want to fall in there today.


When I turned the corner, I was a little surprised to see how many G6ers were already registered and lined up. They had their kits decorated in the Birthday Bash spirit.


Presents, check. Christmas Tree, check.


Someone went crazy with the pipe cleaners and foamy stickers.


I little ribbon can really dress up your JK in a hurry. All it takes is a little imagination.


I spotted my first RECON G6 Jeep Wrangler in the wild. This one was fitted with snow chains. These G6ers were ready for the snow.


This sweet Pajero has a G6 certified sticker on the bumper, but I think it is a mall crawler. I never saw it get dirty.


Why is this guy smiling like this?



Because the RECON G6 crew set up a warming tent with a huge mushroom heater in the middle. This was a popular spot to come warm up and trade driving stories.


Adventure IQ brought up his family. They shared their cookies, heater, and best of all….


…the most delicious, soul warming spiced apple cider I have ever tasted. It was AWESOME.


Look who made the 5,000 mile trek from Austria for the FOURTH TIME, Daniel Siegl. What’s your excuse for not attending a RECON G6 event?


Jesse registers while trying to work around all the toys and food all the G6ers donated.


I see canned food and a snow saucer, the perfect present for the day.


A whole family of Happy Birthday Heads.


Not a thief, just trying to keep the face from freezing.


The coolest RECON G6 Jeep Wrangler I saw from KlingOn RC. This thing was sweet looking.


Even his interior was dialed.


New for 2014 is the Expedition Class. Trailers and 6x6es finally get their own class. This guys was a little eager to get it started.


That’s more kits than I expected to see on a 7* winter day.


The trail looked ready. Drivers were just waiting for the Parker to arrive.


There he is. Listen up drivers. This is a special RECON G6, there are…..


I hope they listened to instructions. I headed out to set up for photos.


Mandatory National Anthem.


Now we’re off. I wonder how those chains will work.


Pretty good, so far.


The walking warms the body.


The first section was down some snow covered boulders.


Good to see the Ridgeline getting some wheel time.


Snow makes for some slow driving, so lines were pretty common on the first lap.



Those leaves will either create traction or remove traction, only time will tell.


I loved this Bronco.


I hope those presents don’t fall off the back. He should put those in the cab.


Looks like those leaves remove traction.


The Great Pham coming through in the second wave.


Watch out for trolls under the bridge.


I spot the Daniel Siegl out there.


These ducks heard a commotion and went to investigate.


It was the G-Train coming through.


Down the Urban Highway.


Over to the movie theater. A patron asked what was happening. They wondered why all these people were out walking their radio controlled cars.  I gladly explained the RECON G6 to them.


These steps were easier to go down than up.


This poor sport was pouting because his parents didn’t buy him the RECON G6 Jeep Wrangler for Christmas.


Approaching Flop Corner.


Why is it called Flop Corner?


Oh, that’s why.


Good thing G6ers are helpful and quick to lend a strap.




Another RECON G6 Jeep Wrangler making things look easy.


It had to strap this poor Cherokee through TM20.


Snow required large doses of skinny pedal at times.



KlingOn RC RECON G6 Jeep Wrangler flexing its muscles.


Nice hat, Tim.


Wraiths had to be a little more cautious on this ledge.


You needed a little speed to make it up this rock face. This Wraith had plenty.


This mud truck turned into a snow truck.


Well, that’s one way to get the snow of your kit.

New Awards: Drivin Durty, drivers that don’t have licenses. AKA under 15 class



Drivin Divas, The Lady Class.



OG Drivers of the Day.



Of the Year Awards.  Drivers who Shined All Year Long by exhibiting the Spirit of the RECON G6.




The BIG Winner.


The other winners.


Thanks again Axial and the RECON G6 crew for a great year. I know that 2014 will be even more spectacular. Check for the full list of events in 2014.



RESERVE THE DATE: June 12th – 15th, 2014 –  We are going camping!

Register below of follow the link here: Eventzilla – AXIALFEST 2014

The Axial family is excited to announce AXIALFEST 2014! Pack up your rigs and the kids, and come set up basecamp with us at Cisco Grove Camp Grounds in Tahoe National Forest for an action packed weekend!

We’ll claim the 406-site campground in the name of Axial fans starting June 12th. Come out early with the entire family, and take advantage of the expansive 350 acre OHV trail and the legendary Fordyce Trail that rivals the Rubicon! This is a LIFESTYLE, and R/C is an extension of that lifestyle!

This year we are introducing THURSDAY NIGHT CONCOURSE! You get to SHOW IT OFF so shine it up before you get it dirty!

Bring all your Axial rigs, and leave all others behind as this will truly be an Axial only family based event! This event will bring maximum fun, the biggest smiles, the best prizes any R/C event has seen since our last event, and more!

Cisco Grove Camp Grounds is located northeast of Sacramento and southwest of Reno in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains nestled in the beautiful Donner Pass.
Several highways, including Interstate Highway 80; State Highways 20, 49, 89, and 267; and Forest roads, provide excellent access to most portions of the Forest as well to Cisco Grove Campground.

New camp area:
This year we are going back deeper into the Cisco Grove campground to make use of the Family Pavillion as G-Central [#4 on the map - see link below]. This will also give a whole new feel for the event as well as give us the opportunity for a more wooded camping experience. Please familiarize yourself with the new areas that we will be in this year.

Here is a link to the map: Cisco Grove campground map

Please remember the following:
• White shoes & mud/water do not mix, please bring shoes or boots for hiking & rough terrain.
•Bring extra socks in your backpack.
•Bring water & snacks in your backpack while out on trail.

Depending on where you are driving from to the event, you may be coming from lower elevations thus the general rule is 8oz of water per 1,000ft gained to prevent dehydration. Please start drinking water on the way. Health and safety first = FUN!

Thursday Night June 12th, 2014:
6:00pm – 9:00pm Early Driver Check-In

6:00pm – 9:00pm Concourse Park Ferme

Friday June 13th, 2014:
08:00am – Driver Check-In

10:00am – 1:00pm Terra-X

01:00pm – 02:00pm LUNCH

02:00pm Start Time RECON G6 Trial Challenge

08:00pm – 12:00pm cut off RECON G6 Stage-1 Night Stage (Headlamps Mandatory)

Saturday June 14th, 2014:
08:00am – 12:00pm RECON G6 Stage 2

12:00pm – 02:00pm LUNCH

02:00pm – 11:00pm cut off time RECON G6 Stage 3 / Trial Challenge
(Headlamps Mandatory)

08:00pm – 09:00pm DINNER
(you can eat out on trail if time is needed so pack accordingly)

09:00pm – 11:00pm AWARDS Bonfire & EXPO
(bring your chairs and a stick of wood)

Sunday June 15th, 2014:
Sleep in and travel home safe or Sunday Funday for those who want to scale trail with us…

So start your preventative maintenance service and share your preparation stories with us by using #axialfest2014 on both Instagram and Facebook. And while at the event, please use #axialfest2014 too!

Thank you in advance for your participation in AXIALFEST 2014!


Pre-Registration has CLOSED! You can still register at the site itself, but please note this will be CASH ONLY! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 2014 at King of the Hammers


Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 at King of the Hammers

Axial Racing & RECON Crawlers has brought r/c enthusiasts Big Events since 2007. The Axial West Coast Championships started the r/c crawling “Big Events” and was the first to ever have qualifying rounds and LCQ’s. Axial Racing and RECON Crawlers teamed up again to bring r/c enthusiasts and their families an r/c genre that has swept the World, known as the RECON G6. The RECON G6 is more than an event, it’s a Life Style. The King of the Hammers (KOH) and Ultra4 racing is also a life style and they are going to be getting their R/C scaler fix, in The Axial RECON G6. This is the last event on the 2014 KOH schedule starting at noon on Saturday, if you own an Axial R/C, come out and get your fix in this 2nd annual Axial RECON Ultra4 G6.

Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 Intel

2014 Axial RECON G6 Adventure Series Event #1

When – February 8, 2014
Where – King of the Hammers (exact location TBA soon)
Why – Because we’re G6′n and everyone knows it.
Drivers Meeting / Stage line up to start at high noon or 12pm.
Stage Start following the National Anthem. (12:30+/-)
G-Fee – $25.00
15 and Under – $15.00

Bringing a power bar or Monster Ultra Zeros to G-Central is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

-A tow strap is mandatory. This can be a lanyard or shoe lace.
-5 scale items are mandatory. This may include side mirrors, seats, sleeping bags, etc.
-5 medieval scale items are not mandatory, but highly recommended. This could be a sword, shield, hat etc.
-Running the number and name of your favorite Ultra4 racer is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
-A spare tire is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
-A winch is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

If you missed the first ever Axial RECON Ultra 4 G6, don’t miss this one. There will be more of everything, including all the new 2014 RECON G6 classes and awards.

Classes –

- 1.9 Adventurist Class – This class is for all scalers using 1.9 size wheels & tires. It doesn’t matter your driving ability or your truck’s capability, everyone and every truck is capable of finding adventure here.

- 2.2 Adventurist – This class is for all scalers using 2.2 size wheels & tires. If you like big tires, this is your class. The 2.2 Adventurist will face bigger challenges, and their driving ability and scaler capability will be tested, as well. The 2.2 Adventurist has become a premiere class in the RECON G6.

- Expedition Class – “NEW” for 2014 and available at the Birthday Bash G6, – This class is for 6×6’s and scalers with trailers. This class will have more mandatory scale items and is geared towards the builders who enjoy the challenges of driving a 6×6 Truck or towing a trailer. Wheel and tire size are restricted to 1.9’s. Tires must be scale licensed or scale knock-offs. Expedition 6×6’s and G-Rides with trailers will each be awarded.

- RECON Ready Wrangler Modified Class – “NEW” for 2014 and available at the Birthday Bash G6, – This class is for the new Axial Jeep Wrangler G6 kit. Drivers are allowed to run any motor / esc combination, servo of your choice, any 1.9 tire / wheel combination, & battery of your choice. Rear steer and dig are not mandatory, but highly recommended. A winch and Pull Pal are not mandatory, but highly recommended. No AR60 or Wroncho style axles. The Stock body, frame rails, transmission case, and cage must be used. Stock or upgraded parts for the Axial SCX10 may be used, including transmission cases, axle housings, drivelines, steering knuckles, C’s, etcetera. Drivers finding adventure in the RECON Ready Wrangler Modified Class are eligible for a new kit & swag package.

- RECON G6 Driving Diva of the Day Award – “New” for 2014 & available at the Birthday Bash G6,- The best 1.9 Adventurist and 2.2 Adventurist female driver will be receive an award for their efforts.

- RECON G6 Driving Durty Award – “New” for 2014 & available at the Birthday Bash G6. This award will be awarded for the top 1.9 Adventurist & 2.2 Adventurist 15 years or younger.

- Event Credentials and Finishing Tags – “New” for 2014 and available starting February of 2014, – All drivers that pre-register for a RECON G6, will receive event specific credentials to commemorate the RECON G6 they attend and all G6’ers will receive finishing tags upon completing the RECON G6 stage, because “finishing a RECON G6 is like winning a RECON G6.

Bring the Family. Bring your friends. Bring your sense of adventure. The 2014 Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 will have you on the edge of your scale adventure seat. Join us for all the King of the Hammers racing action, including racing action on Axial Blvd. Not only will there be an Axial Adventure trail, but new for 2014, Ultra 4 racing action. Do you like bragging rights? Do you like swag? Do you like being the fastest driver of the day? Night? Week? Then come experience Ultra 4 racing Axial 1/10 scale RECON style.

Come get your scale adventure fix, at the 2014 Axial RECON Ultra4 G6!

To Pre-register for this event, click here!

Please visit RECON on their web pages and FaceBook here….

RECON G6 Facebook

RECON G6 The Wild Turkey


RECON G6 Challenge Presents
The Wild Turkey G6
November 9, 2013
Sugar Pine Reservoir, Forest Hill, California

I am a little spoiled. RECON G6 founder, Parker, is my neighbor. He lives less than five miles from my house, and therefore I have been lucky enough to attend RECON G6 events monthly for over two years. That changed when Parker took the RECON G6 international. There have been fewer local events and I was forced to travel to Canada and Missouri to get my RECON G6 fix. That was over 5,000 miles round trip! Luckily, there are three consecutive RECON G6 events near me. The first one you probably read about in my previous blog, the Paranormal Scale Activities G6.

This one was called the Wild Turkey G6. I was extra excited to attend this one. It was in a new location, and I always love the spots Parker finds for his RECON G6 events. I loaded up the G Rides, grabbed SkeenoJr-etta, programmed my GPS, and headed towards Sugar Pine Reservoir to get our RECON G6 fix.


One the way, we passed Auburn Ravine; home of California’s tallest bridge, 730 feet.  You may remember this bridge from the movie XXX.


Skeeno Jr-etta and I had to stop and walk across. That’s a long ways down there. Too bad I forgot my B.A.S.E. jumping equipment.


We saw this sign just past Foresthill and knew we must be getting close. Parker Flat? That has to be an omen, right?


Yup, there’s the place we were looking for.  I wasn’t quite sure if this was the right spot.  Was it at the boat ramp?


We headed over to the boat ramp to see if we saw anyone familiar looking.


We didn’t really see anything over there, so we turned around and looked on the other side.


Skeeno Jr-etta spotted Red Rocket. It’s hard to miss with bright red paint and stickers galore.


We hopped out and had a look around. Red Rocket had some old school comp cones on her rail. I wonder what those are for?


The first people I spotted were Rivas Concepts and Mr. Pham discussing the new SCX10 Jeep Wranger G6 Edition. Pham was bragging about being one of the first to get one. You can follow his build here:


I walked down to the water to see if I could find Parker. He was nowhere to be found, which meant he was probably out hiding trail treasures. It still gave me a chance to scope out the lake. I wonder what those pink ribbons are for?


I saw these boys having a rock skipping contest. Who doesn’t like skipping rocks? And on a glassy surface; I bet I could get 10 skips. What’s your rock skipping record?


I saw some fishers down there. They would be in for a treat when the fun began.


Fishing looked pretty good.  This guy already had four Rainbow Trout on his line.


I cruised back up to the parking lot to check out the action. This guy was wisely doing some last minute checks to make sure he was trail ready.


I always like to see what new rigs and accessories are out there. I spotted this cool Jeep. It had tons of scale items.


I see a fishing pole, cooler, firewood, and a Rubik’s Cube. What did I miss?


Oh, that’s right. This Jeep had a SWEET Jack in the Box Jack Ball on its antenna. Coolest scale item I’ve seen lately.


This cool Jeep had a functioning hood and an all metal body. It also rocked rear steer.


Dan W was quick to whip out his latest project, the Mustang Wraith. He’s building this for the  RECON Terra Cross (RT-X) at next year’s Axialfest. You better start getting ready, yourself. It sneaks up on you.


I’m a sucker for Overland vehicles. I loved this 6×6 with the overhead camper. The awning and lawn chairs really made this thing.


I’m not sure, but I think those aliens are related to the one that drives Skeeno Jr-etta’s Wraith, Mr.Gee-Six.


Soon, it was time to gather for the driver’s meeting. There were lots of families in attendance.




That’s the great part of G6ing, everyone can do it.


Before the Nation Anthem, the winners of the Rivas Concepts Show and Shine were announced. Propane won with his RECON Ready Chevy S10. This thing was winched front and rear. No getting stuck for him.


But the thing that really won me over was his custom American flag seat cover. That’s a great touch.


Mr. Shane Krause of Big Yeti Fabrication won with his sweet 6×6. I really liked the alien/military theme with the nuclear bomb on the back.


Skeeno Jr-etta was eager to get started. She was prepared with a CamelBak of water and her Fast Eddy Bearings Score Card.


Finally, to Skeeno Jr-etta’s relief, the National Anthem was played and we all got ready to, Light our Lipos.


Boom! The G Train is off!



The first part of the trail was a smooth walking path. It kinda reminded me of the Canada G6, but with lots of pine needles. If you didn’t see the Canada G6 report, check it out here:


The trail opened up to the water. That’s where I saw what the pink ribbon was for.


Mandatory mud section. Don’t be shy, get in there.



Not bad, but I think you can do better.


That’s better. Get some, Pham!


Wow, easy buddy. You’re getting a little to much.


The Blue Bastard isn’t afraid to sling a little mud.


And Mr. BrokenNib isn’t afraid to wear the mud.


After the mud, the trail dried out a bit. Here’s a Jeep traction testing on some rocks.


Flipping over isn’t uncommon at a G6, but there’s no HOGing. (That’s Hand Of God) You can’t touch your kit to turn it over, gotta use a strap or winch.


Skeeno Jr-etta was ecstatic to be able to do some helping. She’s used to being helped.



These guys brought their parents to cheer them on.


Elio’s Home Depot Rental made quick work of most obstacles. Don’t worry, he told me he bought the optional insurance just in case he had any mishaps.


Dan W. had to stop to repair a steering link twice. The second time he put down his purse, so he could tighten it like a man.


Here’s the Home Depot Rental lending a hand up this slippery pine needle covered hill.


The Pride of Guam walking the log on TM34.


Don’t forget to stamp or hole punch your Fast Eddy Bearings score card if you see one.


Watch your head as you go under this fell tree.


This little man could drive. He was impressive behind the wheel.


Super Duty coming through.


Awww yeahhhh, Unimog! I loves me some Unimog.


Party train. Lots of G6ers drive in groups to help each other out. It also part of the social aspect of G6ing. Hanging with friends and making new friends.


This ground wanted to be muddy, but was more spongy. Weird feeling under your feet. I kept waiting to fall through and go knee deep.


You don’t have to worry about breaking through the mud when you only weigh 50 lbs.


Oh boy, Blue Bastard found some more mud.


Whoopsies. Looks like BrokenNib will be getting his feet wet.



Family time in the back forty.



That water looks a little red.


Yup, some fine red dirt to play in.


Skeeno Jr-etta was trucking along quite well when I ran into her.


I must have made her nervous, because she picked an odd line at the red water hole.


The Ridgecrest makes a great first timer/youngster G Ride. I can’t wait to see what the Deadbolt can do on a G6 trail. Here you can see red polish on her toes.



This JK led the way for the green Jeep. I think it was a Wrexo, but didn’t get a chance to look.



This Toyota Hilux had some sweet tube work, plus is was piloted by the beautiful Ms. Chelsea.


There’s Ms. Chelsea with the Roughneck Scalers Crew.


This guy was having so much fun he blew a bead. Good thing he had a spare.



The cool part of the G6 is it’s choose your own adventure style. You can make it as easy or hard or long or short as you want. The Jack Ball Jeep added extra drive time to his run by driving over everything that struck his fancy. He didn’t pick any easy lines.


The final ascent before finishing was a little taxing.




No worries though, everyone was smiling on the way up.


I watched this little man deftly pilot his Dingo in the Turkey Challenge area. Drivers with the fastest times won a turkey.


I just though the hood on this Honcho was interesting.


I guess Skeeno Jr-etta couldn’t get enough. She took out the Blog JK after she finished with her Wraith. I think she was practicing 1.9 in hopes of getting the sweet new RECON G6 Wrangler. She already told me she wants to paint it blue and add blue bead locks. Did you order yours yet?


After the drivers came in, Parker had some announcements.


These guys won the Turkey Challenge. Thanks to VP for bringing the turkeys.


Speaking of VP, I think they have the first custom part for the RECON G6 Wrangler, an aluminum 4 link mount.  Here’s the prototype.

Winners, winners, turkey dinners…..







The RECON Wild Turkey G6 was just enough to get me through to the next RECON G6 event coming in December. You better mark your calendars for December 7. That’s when the third annual RECON G6 Birthday Bash will be held at Wingfield Park in Reno, NV. Don’t miss it. It’s always a great one. Look for details here:

You can also read about the first RECON G6 Birthday Bash here:

and the RECON G6 Birthday Bash II here: