Scale Wheeling in Moab, Utah at EJS2014


Every spring Axial heads out to beautiful Moab, Utah for Easter Jeep Safari. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth to enjoy outdoor activities. If you are into Jeeping, RC adventure crawling, mountain biking, hiking, or just plain amazing scenery, then Moab should be atop your list of places to visit and enjoy. For the entire week preceding Easter Sunday, the who’s who in the 4×4 industry converge on this little town to share their latest off-road equipment, and their time with their clients and friends from within and outside of the community.

For Corporate Jeep, their week begins the weekend before, where they publicly unveil their Jeep concepts for the year. The “Underground” teams of engineers get to take their dreamt up creations, share them with the world’s press and test them in the ultimate mecca for 4wd enthusiasts. These are the vehicles that we all drool over, and wish we had a 1/10 scale body to mount on our SCX10. Even if we can’t have the bodies yet, we can still take inspiration from their creations. This year had some very cool vehicles, check them out here

In downtown Moab on Wednesday night, Axial builds the Jeep R/C adventure course. This event is put on by Jeep as a customer appreciation night for all the loyal Jeep fans. Part of the lot is set aside for the Axial crew to come in and build a fun demo course. All you have to do is wait in line and you get to try your hand at some scale Jeeping in Moab! This year’s course was a little simpler than previous years, though the man-made obstacles were very cool!




Just after the official Jeep BBQ event, the Axial staff heads off to the “Secret Spot” as it is affectionately called. There is really no secret about it, as it is located right off the main road on the way to steel bender. This spot, however, is absolutely perfect for some scale wheeling. This is the one time of the year that Axial gets a chance to spend some time with all their “Full size” marketing partners. So at about 9 pm, somewhere in the neighborhood of a half million dollars’ worth of Jeeps turn up for a little scale adventure crawl!


After a brief safety chat regarding the cliffs we were about to crawl next to, we fired up the Rigid duallys (powered by 3S lipos of course) and shot a quick group pic before hitting the trail…..


In all, there were 22 of us representing Axial, Poison Spyder, Currie Enterprises, Icon Vehicle Dynamics, Raceline Wheels, CRC, Pull Pal, Rigid Industries and Savvy Offroad. There is something about enjoying this hobby with this iconic group of guys that can’t be beat. This was probably the time of our lives, certainly when it came to our R/C Careers. We were amazed at how much transferred over from full size to scale. Some of the guys had never driven an R/C vehicle before and picked it up right away. We assume it helped having 20 of their closest friends there helping (Heckling).
Check out a few of the shots we were able to catch throughout the evening and during the rest of the week ….…






The new Vanquish lights for the RC Jeeps are amazing!! These babies are stupid bright!


The guys at Poison Spyder put together an awesome little video of the nights action, check it out here!

We were able to get out and do a little full size wheeling with the guys from Icon Vehicle Dynamics. They were kind enough to allow the Axial Grocery getter to come along for a little Hell’s Revenge adventure..






Here is a cool test shot we did with Icon Vehicle dynamics

Jeeping with Casey Currie at EJS2014


Casey Currie is an absolute Jeep fanatic. Anyone who follows Casey can see this plain as day, though until you spend a few days with him, you can’t truly know how bad he has it. All hours of the night, in the worst weather conditions, regardless of what is going on or what time it is, Casey is ready to go wheeling. At this years’ EJS, we jumped in the Axial grocery getter, soccer mom mall crawler, whatever you want to call it, and headed out to meet with Casey. He said he had both of his JKs and he was ready to have some Moab fun.




Upon arrival, we see that Casey wasted no time modifying both of his Jeeps. His full size rig was all decked out. We also noticed his Scale JK was equipped with Vanquish Currie Rock Jock axles, Vanquish Rigid Industries light bar, Vanquish front dig, RC4WD Warn Winch. He chose the 55t Axial motor running on 3s for smooth crawling. Once we arrived on Hell’s revenge, he immediately jumped out of his full size JK and started attacking the rock with his SCX10.


Casey always immediately goes for the “Man’s Line”



We just had to get some video to share with you, check it out!

Axial Talks with Jeep Design and Executive Staff

If you are into wheeling, Moab’s Easter Jeep Safari aka EJS, is one of those events that you have to go to once in your life. This patch of earth has one of the most spectacular landscapes you will ever lay your eyes on. At some point in time, someone decided to take a Jeep out and explore. Thankfully what they saw, they shared, and to this day, driving Jeeps over this ocean of slick rock is the best way to see the beautiful natural surroundings of Moab, Utah. Sure, there are some national park icons to go and see, but the real beauty happens 15 miles from pavement in a group surrounded by your friends in their Jeeps.

Axial had the pleasure of linking up with the Jeep team at EJS 2013 and sat down with Mark Allen and Ray Durham. We asked them for their opinions on the Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon vehicles. Check it out!

Mark Allen

Ray Durham

Stay tuned as Axial continues to strive to bring you some great info and provide your source of fun, anytime, anywhere!

Axial and Jeep team up for a Demo in Moab at EJS

Axial has been working with Jeep for a few years now. Even though the Jeep product from Axial was released in late 2012, the relationship started much earlier. Through this relationship, Axial has the opportunity to work directly with the Jeep staff on some fun events. One of these events is the anual R/C Jeep Demo in Moab, Utah, during Easter Jeep Safari. Each year, Jeep and Mopar throw a customer appreciation barbeque for their loyal fans. While everyone is checking out the latest Jeep and Mopar concept vehicles, they also have an opportunity to do a little Jeeping, Moab style!

Axial turns the small rock garden in front of Walker True Value Hardware parking lot into a small rock crawling trail paradise. For several hours, anyone at the event is invited to come over and run the trail in the SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon vehicles. This trail run is made to be just like the real thing, with a trail leader and a group of Jeeps out on the grippy Moab rocks.

The Axial staff started with a basic Rock garden with oversized rocks….

We were talking to a Moab local at the location, and he said we were welcome to come take some rocks from his property to make up the rest of the course, so we headed a few miles out of town, and loaded up the rock to bring back to the venue. SHHH, dont tell the boss we filled the Axial motorhome with slick rock :) Oh, of course we had to do a little indoor crawling while we were at it!

Once back to the venue, we arranged a full course out of the available space, here is the course tested and ready to rock!

The people of Moab were very excited to do a little wheeling in this small space.

The kids loved doing what dad does in his Jeep

Before things got too crazy busy, we were able to get a little footage of the action, check it out……..

As the evening progressed, the crouds got larger and larger

Some locals went home to grab their heavily modified Axial rigs to come run the course, check out this guy’s Hard body JK and his EXO bodied Wraith, very cool!

The night ended with the announcement that Axial and Jeep would be giving away an Axial Jeep Wrangler RTR, so everyone signed up for the raffle hoping to get their hands on one of these fun little Jeeps.

The raffle winner was announced in front of a huge crowd, and the Jeep booth was closed for the night.

Even though the Jeep display closed down, we had a huge group of people who still wanted to run the Jeeps so we stuck around for a few more hours enjoying spending time with Axial enthusiasts, it was an awesome event and we look forward to coming back next year!

Thank you to all of you that made it out to enjoy the event. If you didn’t catch us here, be sure to mark your calendar for next year. The Jeep Mopar bbq happens the Thursday during the Easter Jeep Safari week every year, it is worth the trip to be fed very well and do some scale Jeeping!

Axial sits down with Danny Grimes of Grandpa’s Garage – Moab, Utah

Danny Grimes is one of those guys that you see at all the big Jeep related off road events. He always seems to be the center of attention, or deep in the mix. He is also one of those guys you would love to chat with, pick his brain and learn a few things. The trouble is, he is always moving or being chatted up by someone in the industry and hard to pin down. At this year’s Easter Jeep Safari event, we found ourselves at Grandpa’s Garage for an industry party with Spicer and Walker Evans Racing. We took this opportunity to corner (somewhat literally) Mr. Grimes and learn a little about him, the garage and his fantastic collection of Jeeps, both the collection of toys and full size rigs!

Check it out!

Wheeling in Moab with Dan Mick

We were walking the floor at SEMA 2012 when we bumped into a gentleman from Moab, Utah, his name was Dan Mick. He saw the Axial on our shirts and immediately started discussing all the Axial Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicons he saw on the SEMA show floor. He introduced himself as the owner of Dan Mick’s Guided Jeep Tours, a company based in Moab that offers ride alongs and or trail guidance around the spectacular landscape of beautiful eastern Utah.

About two months ago we received a call from Dan expressing that he had purchased his very own Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler. We worked with Dan to develop a body wrap that made his Axial Wrangler Rubicon match his full size Jeep. He was like a kid on Christmas morning when he received his newly wrapped Jeep body in the mail.



We were making our final preparations for our trip to Moab, Utah when we received another phone call from Dan, this time he invited us to come experience a guided trail tour, Dan Mick Style. So On March 26 at 8AM, Dan pulled up and we were off to see the back roads of Moab.


Dan was slated to be the guide for a group of Jeepers headed out to see a new trail that was going to be added to the Easter Jeep Safari schedule in 2014. This trail, called “Mashed Potatoes,” would offer some incredible scenery as well as some challenging obstacles for those who would like to challenge themselves and their Jeeps.

Anatomy of a Jeep Run

A Jeep run is an event planned by friends who wish to get outdoors and explore together in their Jeeps. It generally gets started with a Jeep club or group of friends that decide they are going to meet at a certain place and time to go explore.

The day will start off with a meeting with all of the drivers to discuss the days’ activities.


The group is all lined up and ready to go! The first stop is at or near the trail head where everyone will air down their tires and get ready


The trail leader will usually set the pace for the group, and be the one who understands the most about the trail on which they intend to travel.


Most of the communication is done via CB radio or FM radio. While transiting to the trail, Dan introduces himself, then asks everyone behind to introduce themselves as well.


The group will follow each other, one by one through the trail. The tail gunner is the vehicle at the very back of the pack. This person’s job is to make sure everyone makes it through the trail successfully, and that no one gets left behind.



The slickrock in Moab provides both amazing traction, and amazing views. Here we stop on a cliff’s edge for a photo op.



While out on the trail, there are usually several options to choose from regarding the path. The hardest obstacles become the center point of attention. Those with extremely well prepared Jeeps will attempt to tackle these challenges as the rest of the Jeeps and occupants will spectate… or help… or heckle. One thing always rings true though, when someone makes the obstacle successfully, everyone gives them props. Here are a few photos and videos from the “Gravy Bowl.”



Here are the Rebel Offroad guys, Jason and Bond in the Gravy Bowl.

Lunch time is always a favorite amongst the kids in the group, as it is their turn to get out their Axial rigs and do a little crawling of their own!



Here is Dan doing a little Lunch time guided run as well!


This guy painted his SCX10 Jeep the same color as his full size rig.



It’s always fun to take the Axial rigs through the same stuff the full size rigs go through!



Just like the big guys, sometimes a little on trail repair is necessary!


After everyone has had a shot at the Gravy Bowl, and had some lunch, the run continues on through the Mashed Potatoes field.




Here is some action with Dan Mick’s full size Jeep and scale Jeep running together on Mashed Potato.

The end of the trail, does not mean the end of the spectacular views, this part of the country is simply amazing. We are very jealous of Mr. Dan Mick. He isn’t kidding when he says he doesn’t work a day of his life, especially if this is the sort of thing he has to do and see every day!


For more information about tours with Dan Mick, please check out his website here.

Axial visits 2012 Easter Jeep Safari – Highlights Video

We finally found some time to edit a highlight video from the 2012 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Highlights include trail runs with Rebel Offroad on Hell’s Revenge, Poison Spider Mesa and Metal Masher. Also shot some footage at Area BFE with the R/C’s. We even found a little sand to play in for the Formula Offroad vehicles and the EXO.


Axial “SCX10JK” tested – Moab, Utah for Easter Jeep Safari 2012

As we continue to build up our 2012 Jeep Rubicon we couldn’t help but notice the online buzz about Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT. The entire Rebel Off Road group were preparing their Jeeps for the event whilst putting time into our SCX10JK project. We decided that there was no better place to test our Jeep’s ability than to hit the world famous Moab rock trails. Moab has long been considered a Jeeper’s paradise, with roads that stretch hundreds of miles allowing people to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in the USA. Our “SCX10JK” wasn’t completely finished (is any rig ever really finished?), but we figured it was in a state of completion that would suit traveling the world famous Moab trails, hopefully without drama.

We requested some time from our internal graphics master Scott Roberts to whip up some art for the JK. He was extremely busy with Axial day to day operations, so we requested that he keep it simple and clean. We wanted to make sure our partners had a little exposure on the side of the Jeep as well as adding a little character to our rig. Scott whipped up some nice simple graphics for us and took the time to install them over at Rebel Off Road. Thank you Scott!

The first spot we hit was Hell’s Revenge. This particular trail is strange in that you drive your vehicle on a literal sea of rock. You simply follow the rubber marks from past travelers and negotiate a rollercoaster of winding trails. This place has a surface unlike anything I have ever seen. They call it slick rock, but the reality is… it is anything but slick. Instead it is like sandpaper and offers a tremendous amount of grip. It is possible to walk up near vertical faces in your plain old skate shoes!

There are some very cool breaks in the rock sea where there are winding sand trails

There are also a few ledges you must climb up

Bond from Rebel Off Road was our fearless leader on this run, he and his entire group of Jeepers are all awesome people to roll the trail with.

Bond’s Jeep

My ride for the trip was with Jason from Rebel, this Jeep is so awesome!!!

Here we are stopped for lunch!

To learn more about Hell’s revenge,click here

The next adventure we went on was on a trail called Metal Masher, this has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! This trail winds up the side of a mountain and eventually takes you to a plateau overlooking Beautiful Moab, Ut.

Bond always makes the rounds to discuss what the trail has to offer and makes sure everyone is fully prepared for adventure, Thanks Bond!

Bond and his extremely well prepared JK always takes the bonus lines!

Some of the dry waterfalls and steps you get to drive up on this trail are absolutely amazing!!

This trail is loaded with optional more challenging lines; this was one of those advanced lines, amazing what these Jeeps are capable of!

Bond needed a little help getting over this one, so Jason stepped up to lend a hand :)

The Jeep experience is really cool. When the group reaches an obstacle, they all gather around and watch each other give it a shot. It is awesome to see so many people work together to make sure everyone enjoys their experience!

The terrain of this place is mind blowing!!

Rolling through beautiful Moab with a group of likeminded enthusiasts is surreal, as is the capabilities of this rig, JR… You have a sick Jeep my friend!!

Every time we would stop for an obstacle, the Axial RC rigs would come out and offer the youngsters a chance to get some of their own crawling done!

To learn more about Metal Masher click here.

We have successfully put the Axial “SCX10JK” through its paces, and as projected, it performed flawlessly! The combination of parts we selected to arm this JK for battle, were absolutely perfect! The body protection from Poison Spyder did its job, only experiencing minor scrapes, the wheel and tire combo from Walker Evans Racing and Maxxis offered tons of strength and traction, the Suspension system from Icon flexed when needed and offered excellent ride quality both on road and off road. The Spicer equipped drive shafts propelled us to incredible places, the crew at Rebel Off Road did a tremendous job preparing the JK and guiding us through some of the most incredible terrain on earth! You will have to wait to get a report on the TJM winch and recovery equipment, as of yet, we haven’t had to use it!

To get the history on the Axial “SCX10JK”, please check out the following links! Be sure to check back often, as we will continue to build up the SCX10JK and fine tune it for maximum performance!

The Full Size Connection

Axial 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

Axial Visits Rebel Off Road

Axial “SCX10JK” – Icon Suspension

Axial “SCX10JK” Armor – Poison Spyder Crusher Flares and Crusher Corners

Axial “SCX10JK” Armor – Poison Spyder Rocker Armor and Rocker Knockers

Axial “SCX10JK” Armor – Skid Plates from Rebel Off Road

Axial “SCX10JK” Walker Evans Wheels – Maxxis Tires – Rebel Roof Rack

Axial “SCX10JK” Armor – Poison Spyder Front and Rear Bumpers – TJM Winch

Jeep Concept Vehicles to be Unveiled at Easter Jeep Safari 2012

With all this effort and research we have been doing on Jeep vehicles for our new “SCX10JK” build, we have been finding a lot of really cool stuff. One thing we noticed right away is that the people behind the Jeep brand are enthusiasts. These guys are always out on the trail with their customers, learning and working on the next evolution of their vehicles. One thing they do religiously is participate in the Annual Easter Jeep Safari event in Moab, Utah. Every year the engineers at Jeep team up with the staff at Mopar to build some new vehicles to be unveiled at the Moab event. Call them concept vehicles, or show rigs, either way this is what is in the mind of the Jeep engineers, and on display for the public to enjoy. Truth be told, most of these vehicles will never become production models for one reason or another, but that doesnt stop them from putting their minds to work and letting their creativity flow! Have a look at a few of the concept vehicles that Jeep is set to release at this years Easter Jeep Safari…..

[From Jeep Press Release]

Jeep Mighty FC Concept
The Jeep Forward Control was built from 1956 to 1965 and offered a clever packaging solution.
It kept overall length at a minimum for maneuverability but maintained a full-length cargo box for utility. For 2012, Jeep has created a modern version of this classic: the Jeep Mighty FC concept.

To create the Jeep Mighty FC concept, the design team started with a 2012 Wrangler Rubicon and repositioned the cabin over and ahead of the front axle, lengthened the wheelbase, and added a custom built drop-side cargo box. The cab utilizes a roof from the Mopar JK-8 conversion kit, as well as a custom-designed front clip. The Wrangler-based interior has been enhanced with bold, heavy-duty Katzkin leather and a unique color scheme. The cargo area is handled by a full-width, drop-side tray-style bed that measures more than eight feet in length.

Off-road function is dramatically improved with the addition of Mopar’s new Portal Axle set. These offset axles offer the greatest amount of ground clearance without requiring excessive suspension lift.

Mopar’s Front Portal Axle (8-lug, part number P5155670) is available at a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $12,500, and the Rear Portal Axle’s (8-lug, part number P5155671) MSRP is $11,000.

The axles are controlled with King coil-over assemblies along with beefy Teraflex control arms and track bars. Traction is handled by massive 40-inch tires mounted on custom Hutchinson 17-inch beadlock wheels.

Other Jeep Mighty FC highlights include King coil-over reservoir shocks, Hanson bumpers, a Warn 16.5 winch and a Corsa stainless steel exhaust system.

Jeep J-12 Concept
The Jeep J-12 concept is essentially an extended version of Mopar’s recently introduced JK-8 pickup conversion kit for the Jeep Wrangler. With a new 2012 Wrangler Unlimited as the starting point, the rear of the vehicle’s frame is extended 18 inches, allowing the spare tire to be relocated under the bed floor and making the cargo box a full six feet in length. A custom hood and front fender set was created as a nod to aficionados of the beloved Jeep Gladiator series trucks.

Off-road muscle has been improved with the addition of the new Mopar three-inch suspension lift kit, as well as Teraflex sway bars controlling ARB air-locker equipped Dynatrac D-44 and D-60 axle assemblies. Traction is handled through classic 36-inch tires mounted on 16-inch steel wheels.

The cabin of the J-12 concept has been “dressed down” in support of a basic truck theme, with the carpet being replaced by rugged truck bed liner, and the bucket seats re-crafted into a modern version of a bench seat, trimmed in white with a whimsical plaid pattern.

Further highlights include a Mopar fuel-filler door, Mopar slush mats, Tom Woods custom driveshafts and Katzkin seat trim.

2012 Jeep Wrangler Apache from Mopar
Jeep enthusiasts have been asking for a V-8 powered Jeep HEMI Wrangler, and Mopar is coming through. Debuting at the Easter Jeep Safari will be the new Mopar 6.4-liter HEMI V-8 engine conversion kit specifically for the Jeep Wrangler. Producing approximately 470 horsepower and 470 lb.-ft. of torque to the rear wheels, the Mopar V-8 conversion kit gives Jeep enthusiasts an unprecedented blend of power and capability.

Available this summer, the Mopar Wrangler V-8 conversion kit initially will mate to Chrysler Group’s W5A580 five-speed automatic transmission, and eventually to the six-speed manual transmission that drives the 2012 production Wrangler.

Other performance parts on the Jeep Wrangler Apache are Mopar Pro 60 5.13 front and rear axles, a 4.5-inch Stage 3 long arm lift kit and off-road bead-lock wheels. Aesthetic and functional modifications include high-clearance flat fenders, rock rails, front and rear half-door kits, a Stinger front bumper, a Warn 9.5ti XP winch, Katzkin leather seats, a locking center console box and a Mopar branded interior.

All right Jeff, Please get on the horn with Rebel Off Road. Tell them we need the “SCX10JK” done by friday this week so we can go to Moab for Easter Jeep Safari. I want to leave my personal drool and fingerprints on the Mighty FC concept :) Please?