Budget XR10 Build

Most people know that the XR10 is meant to be a full on comp specific crawler. But, it can also be built up as a backyard/sportsman class crawler as well. I am going to guess that 95% of the XR10′s that are out there are running front and rear dig, with a semi expensive 3 or 4 channel radio. For this article I wanted to build a basic XR10, with a single speed control and basic 2 channel radio to keep cost down. Then, I am going to go out and shoot some video of it running comp style lines just to see how capable I can make it.

The basis for this build is the standard XR10 kit that I used in my 5 part step by step build a while back. A few pictures with the body mounted.





I wired our AE-2 ESC up to standard 55t motors. I ran the motor wire leads to the rear motor first, then tapped into those to the front motor with more wire. It can work fine wired the opposite way too, I went this route just because of how I positioned the ESC in the chassis. For batteries I am running my MaxAmps 1300mah 2s packs. They fit perfectly in the stock battery location, without interfering with the upper links. Plus, they are super light which helps keep my center of gravity low. I am running the stock 14t pinion gears on the motors. I may end up staggering the pinions by running a 14t out front and a 13t in the rear.



A few more shots with the body off.



All wired up and ready to hit the rocks. I installed our weight rings that are included in the kit for the front wheels, then loaded the wheels up with Vanquish slugs to keep the bulk of the weight biased towards the front.


Now it’s time to go test it out. Keep an eye out for the video, we will have some very soon.

10 thoughts on “Budget XR10 Build

  1. This is a great, and exactly what i have been looking for – a way for newb to get up and running fast. Can you post/send a few pictures of the wire setup on the motors ? Did you bring the second wires off the posts or did you split the wires at some point ? Thanks

    • I tapped into the motor wire leads just above the posts for the front motor. I just stripped off a little of the wire’s insulation, and soldered directly to those spots. I will try and get some better photos of the wiring posted soon.

  2. Those batteries are certainly not a low budget item. As a newbie still learning about batteries, is 100C really important??
    I have 20C and 30C batteries. What am I missing?

    • Those 2S packs are among the cheapest batteries I have found, for lipos. Even NiMH packs cost more. I am not too sure on the “C” ratings, but it shouldn’t be a big issue as crawlers draw very little amperage for the most part.

  3. This is exactly what im looking for, I’ve ordered the XR10 and wanted to show you don’t have to spend $1000′s and still have the same amount of fun as long as you have a good base to start of with ;)

  4. Hi seems like the vids were a no show? I´m about to build an xr10 like thaat and it would be great to get som input on how it will crawl so i dont need to rebuild my rig after the first run!

    • The video isn’t available yet. I haven’t forgot about the it though. I have some raw footage of this rig, I just need to sit down and edit it as needed.

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