Brandon’s XR10 Setup for Axial WCC 2010

Thought it would be great to share my XR10 setup that I ran at WCC for you guys preparing their parts and starting to think about your own setups before the kits arrive. Let me start by explaining that the XR10’s that Scott, Brad, and myself ran at WCC were all pre-production and at the time we were still running some early prototype parts. However the trucks drove almost identically to the production XR10’s that we are running currently. The great part about the XR10 was displayed at WCC, take it out of the box and build it per the instructions and it’s a very capable competition 2.2 crawler. Our setups were not very far off what is recommended in the manual.

Here is what I ran on my XR10:

  • Tekin FXR’s (2)
  • Tekin 55T’s
  • Axial Steel 14T pinion (Front) Part #: AX30569
  • Axial Steel 13T Pinion (Rear) Part #: AX30571
  • Maxamps 1550 3S LiPo
  • Futaba 4PK
  • Futaba S9157 Steering Servo
  • Futaba Aluminum Servo Horn
  • Castle Creations BEC
  • Dace MFG servo clamps
  • Axial 61-90mm Aluminum Shock Set
  • Pro-Line Single Stage Powerstroke springs
  • XR10 Stage 2 Carbon Fiber Upgrade Kit. (More info coming soon)
  • Axial Machined Hi-Clearance Links
  • Prototype plate for battery mount
  • Axial Hardline body

I will let the pictures do most of the talking. Although there are a few things that I would like to hit on. Most importantly is the ability to adjust your caster on the stock XR10 front axle. I rotated my C’s back and noticed I gained a lot of steering on the rocks. The rig felt like it held lines and was able to dig up obstacles easier. Next I decided to try something different. The Aluminum bodied Axial comp shocks that come with the XR10 are extremely smooth, we even included the machined delrin piston in the kit. However, I decided to try the SCX10 aluminum shocks to lose a little weight and test them in a competition environment. Filled with 100wt oil they did extremely well. I also decided to move my lower shocks to the first hole on the lower links. This gave me more clearance for the 45° of steering that the XR10 has and allowed me to adjust my center height. The SCX10 Aluminum shocks weigh in at 14.0g (.48oz) each. The XR10 shocks weigh in at 21.0g (.74oz) each. Thats a pretty decent weight loss off the most critical area of a crawler. Any where that you can reduce the weight above the center of the tires is going to make a noticeable difference.

I arrived at Cisco Grove Thursday night for the 2010 AWCC. Getting reports from Scott and Brad a few days before that and hearing how their setups were working had me slightly worried. I had one of the only sets of XR10 wheels mounted on mine. Scott and Brad gladly ran Vanquish Products wheels on their XR10’s. At the last minute I decided to pick up a set of Vanquish Products wheels (Thank you Steve!) and match the wheel/tire combos that Scott and Brad have been having success with. There was nothing wrong with the XR10 wheels, but the added width proved to be a safer bet the night before LCQ! Especially when you are getting tips from those two. Friday morning I woke up and lined up for my first course of the LCQ. Scott and Brad fortunately already qualified for Saturdays event. I started with Vanquish Pro Comps and Pro-Line G8 chisels. Early in the morning my memory foam setup was just too stiff. Brian Crofts came to my rescue with a set of Vanquish SLW’s and his favorite foam/tire setup. He basically said “Here try these”. Once again going in blind I nailed my 3rd course with a perfect score! Thanks again Brian. I ran the SLW’s for the remainder of the weekend with a total weight of 14.5oz up front and 5.6oz in the back. If I remember the Vanquish hubs were 225’s in the front and 350’s in the back. This gave me the same track width front and rear.

Finishing the LCQ I was very happy with how I had done. I made the cut and was onto Saturday’s main event. All 3 of the XR10’s finished all 5 courses placing 9th, 10th and 20th. Overall a very successful first event for the XR10 and I cannot wait to start exploring its full potential.

If you have not seen the XR10 video that Lisa Budvarson put together of the XR10’s running at AWCC you have to check this out! Click
Thank you Lisa for doing such an awesome job with the video.

I will be updating the blog soon with pictures and specs of my current setup. I made some slight changes and it’s a completely different rig to drive now!

Thanks to Tazz @ Shot-n-the dark Photography for providing some of the action shots at AWCC!

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  1. Looks very sweet man. Thanks for all the info and class you and the other team drivers at Axial bring to the sport.

  2. hahahah…. after i saw these, and commented, i sent the link to my wife… the email started out with the subject line – i know we are broke right now…..

    here is her reply…. totaly axial marketing fodder

    …..Anyway, yeah, we’ll have to make out later. Pretty sexy photos of the new axial though.


  3. Hello Brandon, i see this article is about a year old so i`m not sure you will get to read this , but thanks for the setup tips ,this is my first build, so i`m going to set up my suspension like yours to start with and the tip to rotate the steering back sounds like a tip i may keep to myself ,lol (well i might clue in my friends ).

  4. Hi ,

    I am new to RC and looking for the driveshaft thread lock tool to tighten onto the rear axle

    any info you can provide would be helpful!



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