Brandon’s Custom SCX10 Trail Ranger Build: Paint

With this build starting to look ready for paint it was time to decide on a color. Because of the added body work with the styrene bed I had to make a more important decision. Paint the outside or inside of the body? The Styrene had to be painted on the outside no matter what. The bed of the Trail Ranger body would have been almost impossible to paint on the inside with the work that was done. Outside it is! Now for color…

I painted the inside of the body with silver and also used the silver to act as a primer on the styrene and the final color for the tool box. Im preparation for the next color I masked off the tool box.


Next I removed the protective film from the hood, bumpers, fender flairs, and along the edges of the bed.


Now the time consuming part. I let the 3 coats of black paint dry over night before I started masking over it. Because I painted the body on the outside you have to mask off any recent colors you painted. So all those black accents had to be masked off before the Orange paint was applied. Also note that when painting bodies on the outside with lexan paint the final result has a semi flat look to it. Especially with black. Worked out well because that was the look I wanted.


Paint is dry! Time to remove the layers of masking and hope it looks good.


Sweet! All that is left are the decals now.



The Green rings that came with the SCX10 weren’t going to work with this color scheme. Decided the Axial Black Chrome 1.9 Beadlocks (Axial Part# AX8089) would go well with the Orange Axial Beadlock rings (Axial Part #’s AX8128, AX8123)


Paint is complete!




Thanks for looking! I will do my best to get another update going this week. Any questions about the paint please feel free to ask.

5 thoughts on “Brandon’s Custom SCX10 Trail Ranger Build: Paint

  1. Brandon,
    just wanted to say your build, orange crate as I call it just lQQks great!!!
    I’m sure you have inspired many modelers including me..

    I’m just getting started in this spectrum of rc, Been in it 30 + years, I went ahead and ordered the scx10 tr and it’s on it’s way. I can’t wait (can you tell)

    Wow! I want to get people in my area of Michigan to get involved with this sport, Just somthing new instead of the mainstream of rc.

    Perhaps fellow bloggers or Brandon could help me setup tuneing tips etc.

    Axial is just an awesom company!



    • Hey Bill, Thanks for the kind words and I am glad to hear I inspired you! Enjoy the TR, I love mine. All you have to do to get others involved is let them drive it! They will be hooked too.

      For tuning and setup tips feel free to ask here or send us an email.

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