Brandon, Brad and Scott’s XR10 Set-Up Sheets

Here’s an inside look at the XR10 set-ups that Brandon, Scott and myself run. These set-up sheets are great for documenting changes to your set-up, and the effects those changes have on your rig’s performance.

Bender’s XR10 set-up sheet

Brandon’s XR10 set-up sheet

Scott’s XR10 set-up sheet

If anyone has any questions let us know. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Brandon, Brad and Scott’s XR10 Set-Up Sheets

  1. Hey Brad,

    Wanted to tell you guys thanks for posting these. I’ve had crawlers hanging from all sorts of things in our kitchen, working on learning the geometry of things that move. My brain was smoking when I saw these sheets so I took a break from math and went back to trial-and-error again for a while. I tried about everything you guys have on these sheets, just to see the results of the changes and wound up using something from each of your setups. The last thing I want to see right now is a pair of needle-nose pliers, but your sheets helped me cover ground quickly.

    Thanks. I appreciate it.

    I don’t know if any of you enjoy writing, but you’ve been doing a great job of providing detailed and useful info about a host of things. One thing I’ve noted of the RC community in general is that for a hobby that has such a wide array of tips and tricks, the details are usually lacking. I stopped asking questions a while back because I would typically get one or two-word responses that really didn’t answer my question, even from places that boast “unbeatable customer service.” Just wanted you to know that I appreciate that you guys are taking the time to throw detailed info out there.

    Have a great day.

    • Hi Justin,
      We are glad you found the information here useful. It’s also cool to hear that you used tips from all 3 set-up sheets for your personal build. Thanks for the kind words.

      Thanks again,

  2. do you guy’s run the weight rings in your wheels and the weight slugs to,or just the weight slugs,in the wheels

    let me know if i shoud run both ,

    thanks (JT)

    • I have run my wheels with the weight lock and without. And I prefer to run with the weight lock now. Without it, the edges of the rock rings can snag on obstacles.

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