Big Bear Forest Fest XVI – 2013

Big Bear Forest Fest is an annual event that has been put on by the IE4W for 16 years now. It draws a crowd of 4×4 enthusiasts to the parking lot of Snow Valley to camp and participate in the event. This year was a little different than previous years, as the number of registrants continued to grow year after year…. They finally had to put a cap on the event due to a permit limitation from SBNF (San Bernardino  National Forest). The turn out was great, more than 900 people registered for the event and over 350 vehicles registered for trail runs. There were more than 30 organized throughout the weekend and we were signed up for Dishpan Springs 1, departing at 7:30AM. One of the things this event is known for is the hosted dinner on Saturday night, and this year they sold more than 850 dinner tickets. The meal includes a combo of Tri-Tip and ribs and veggies topped with their signature Strawberry Shortcake dessert. This year one of the cool things that Axial did was provide the Tech Inspection stickers. Every vehicle that passed Tech was given a really cool Axial sticker.


Once we arrived on-site Friday, we began to set up for the weekend. Part of our setup included building a rock area for people to drive their RC’s cars on Friday night at what we called the Friday Frenzy. It was a “Run What You Brung” style of event, meaning that there was no format to competition and there were no rules. It was simple put your rig down and get to it. We even had a couple people buy a brand new rig onsite just to join in on the fun.
Our new fan Amanda

Two Rob’s don’t make a right

Friday Frenzy Time

Jordan’s AWFP Rig

Carnage Corral

Saturday morning came quick and early. We had to be in line for trail-run departure by 7:15AM. Since we were in the Dishpan Springs 1 Group, we were just about the first group to head out on trail. Our trail was lead by Larry McRae, Julio, and Bo, they took us to the trail head where we air’d down and started our off-road travels.
8 9
Heading down the trail there are a few places to really flex your rig.

10 11 12
Larry doing a great job spotting the rigs down the tricky line at the waterfall.

13 14
It’s really impressive to see a stock Jeep Wrangler JK doing these trails. This guy was a smooth driver.

Jack from CTM

And so the rigs kept coming…. One by one… until we were all safely down the waterfall.
17 18 16

Covering the last rocky section before we stop for lunch can be a bit tricky.

We reached our destination, Deep Creek, and stopped for lunch. There was a group, Dishpan Springs 2, coming down our same route so we needed to wait for them to pass before we headed back up. It would not be a complete lunch stop without some Axial R/C car playtime.

We caught Larry driving the Poison Spyder Wraith.


It was time to head back up the trail and conquer the waterfalls going up.
23 24 25 26 27

Volunteer Casey doing setup for another new Axial fan

Raffle prizes getting setup

TJM on display

Cal4Wheel & Win This Jeep Reg

Win This Jeep built by Poison Spyder

Poison Spyder’s Daddy Longlegs

Axial’s for sale at the event

Rebel’s custom blue SCX10

Success of a young wheeler making the climb up the hill

More than 850 dinner tickets were sold for the event

Kids Raffle winner, Wraith RTR

The crowd gets settled in at raffle time for more than $50k in prizes