Axial’s Muddy Wraith

So, I guess the word is out that we are releasing a new vehicle.While everyone is wanting it, “LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!,” we are still doing our initial playing, I mean testing. Did I say that out loud? And we have had our fair share of rain in Southern California that would make Dennis Anderson proud to host his Muddy Motorsports Park in our backyard!

So, for all you East Coast’ers – this one is for you! It was hard work trying to get all scalistic and paint all this mud on, so we just did it the authentic way and bashed it through the biggest mud holes we could find!

So how is that for a gallon of sweet tea?

51 thoughts on “Axial’s Muddy Wraith

  1. Looks great guys. The addition of a ttc rig will be welcomed by all. I guess it’s safe to assume it will be waterproof…

  2. Oh ya that’s the way it’s done boys. Looks very good so far. Bring on the release date.

  3. I gotta say, this truck is a thing of beauty. I just hope that it’ll come out in kit form as well as rtr.

  4. By far the best lookin Scale Rig EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks right at home dirtied up with some southeastern style mud. Excellent job CAN’T Wait to get my hands on 1 of these BadBoys.

  5. Wow!!!! I have difficulties sleeping because I can’t wait any longer for the release of that buggy!!!

  6. ohhhh…baby…..come to poppa… i noticed some red under some of the mud… is this a different color scheme than the green and black we saw in the other teaser?

    where is the release date? how about 3-10-11….can we do that?

  7. I Have stopped modifying my SCX-10, cuz i am waiting on this bad boy to come out. Any Release dates? I need to know!!!

  8. I like the new truck , will it come as a kit or ready to run ? Do you have plans to make a scaler with old-school leaf springs ?

  9. I’ve spent a month trying to figure out which crawler would be my first one. The scalers didn’t have enough flex it seemed, and the comps don’t look like anything 1:1. THIS is awesome and fits my criteria perfectly. I cant wait for this to be on sale!

  10. Hey guys, can you leak a little more info? I’m holding out on buying the XR10 waiting for more info on this. There might be a lot more pre-orders if we new a little more about the Wraith.

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  12. Can’t wait for this one! Looks like another winner by Axial! I definantly will be getting one!

  13. Looks like Axial has done it again!!
    Since I first saw this new rig, I knew I had to get one… So like everyone else is asking, WHEN WILL IT BE RELEASED???
    My SCX probably feels cheated cuz of my new affair with the Wraith!!

    • All our beadlock wheels are plastic, but the rings are aluminum, and they are real beadlocks. If you want an all aluminum wheel, I would check out Vanquish wheels.

  14. Man. I want to know if this will be coming in kit for?
    Axial has been my main focus that I have sold all my other rc stuff and Now just scale crawling.
    Axial comes out with great products. so dont rush take your time! Also If you need some good crawling away from EVERYONE (central Utah). Hit me up!!! :)

  15. the wraith will be coming out in mid may 2011 and is it 2 speed transmission cause its a king of the hammers truck

  16. Definitely cool n’ everything, but it is definitely a shame that you aren’t releasing this as a kit. Don’t you feel like you’re alienating the RC’ers that don’t want all of their RC’s to be RTR’s loaded with throw-away Radios? That’s exactly the reason I’m no longer a Traxxas customer…

    • The new Axial RTR’s utilize a 2.4Ghz radio and the AE-2 ESC is designed by Castle Creations. Hardly “throw-away” electronics :)

      • So does Traxxas…. You get the stuff with every stinking truck. Many of us already have radios much better equipped than any that will ever come with a RTR and that suit all our models. Whether it’s 2.4Ghz or not doesn’t change the fact that a lot of us simply don’t want it, don’t want to pay for it, and don’t want to go through the trouble of dumping it on eBay. Believe me, I get the RTR thing – just really don’t want it. I didn’t categorize you guys with the other RC manufacturers before….

  17. I know this may sound like a stupid question but is the wraith still going to be a good crawler? Or is it more geared toward speed?

  18. I have to agree with Scott. The real enthusiasts will not have a need for the RTR throw away electronics. It is an awesome looking rig. But, I’ll just keep driving my berg til the kit comes out.

  19. I can also not wait for this rig to be released! Come on Axial, push the date forward…!

  20. I would like to pre-order this rig as well i just wish we had more info on it…I don’t mind the RTR but a kit would be great as well… Please post full details of this truck so I can pre-order mine tomorrow…….ok I’m getting one anyway but wish I knew what I was buying


    Yes we listen…
    Yes the Wraith will come in KIT Form.
    It will follow after the RTR, not at the same delivery time.

  22. Wow, great. More like a scale rock buggy like the R1 from Gmade. This might as well open up a whole new category in RC… Now when can I have one?

  23. I have watched the video like 50 times and it still doesn’t get old!!!!!! Can’t wait till it comes out. 1/16 slash vxl gets boring after a while

  24. Dont even know where ill be able to buy this in Canada (Québec)…Hope will be able to buy from website when it comes out.

  25. love the pic but where is the video that goes with it …….i’m a newbie not sure if i want a full out crawler or a just a fast truck but i really like the scale rc.s so this is perfect !!!

  26. When are the new shipments be sent, everyone has them on pre-order and its 8-16-11. Looking forward to actually receiving one, I have been waiting ages.

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