AXIALFEST2018: Altra Ultra 5K Enduro Rules

AXIALFEST2018: Altra Ultra 5K Enduro Rules



Axial launched this program in 2016 in conjunction with ALTRA Running shoes. If vehicle speed and running through the woods appeals to you, this might be the class you seek. Axial will design a designated enduro course just for this class! This will be fast paced physical event. Physical endurance, quick reflexes and knowledge of your rig as well as your physical ability are key.

Must be 18 years+ of age to compete in this class.

You may wish to not participate as this is a physically demanding 5K endurance race.

THIS IS A TIMED EVENT! NO TRANSPONDERS REQUIRED! Leaning on the roots of trail running, timing has evolved to a bib process. Each driver will be issued a large numbered bib to wear for the duration of the race and makes for a great addition to your wall art!

ALTRA ULTRA 5K ENDURO Men’s Class & Women’s Class Rules

Rule #01: Eligible chassis: Wraith, Yeti, Bomber, EXO, SCX10, AX10 (No Yeti XL’s). Chassis can be modified, but must retain a portion of the original chassis.

Rule #02: Must display the mandatory Tech Sticker & and show wristband at start.

Rule #03: No aftermarket tube chassis or aftermarket frame rails.

Rule #04: 2.2” wheels or 1.9” wheels

Rule #05a: Must use factory plastic Axial AR60 / AX10 axles / AR44

Rule #05b: Must use Yeti plastic a-arms if running Yeti chassis

Rule #6a option: Must retain the original Axial C-Channel frame (SCX10)

Rule #6b option: Must retain the original Axial plastic tube-chassis (AX10 / Wraith / Bomber / EXO / Yeti). Slight modifications may be made.

Rule #07: Axial transmission or an aftermarket transmission housing using Axial gear format.

Rule #08: Drink water with electrolytes and carry a hydration pack.


No restrictions for the following items:
• Suspension links
• C-hubs
• Steering knuckles
• Steering Links

• Driveshafts