AXIALFEST 2017 Registration

Coming to AXIALFEST 2017? Excellent – it’s going to be a fantastic time!

Get signed up!

Here’s a short video explaining how to fill out the registration form on EVENTZILLA.

Today we’re going to walk you through how to properly register for AXIALFEST 2017.

If you note the slider here for AXIALFEST 2017 Registration is now open.

When you click on that link, it will take you directly to the EVENTZILLA page. The other way you can do it is by going to the Blog section on the website and, right here, second on the list is the AXIALFEST 2017 Registration.

Now when you click on the link, you’ll see various links here, when the event is, where it is, how to sign up, the official Facebook events post – all that kind of good stuff.

Now remember, pre-event registration will close June 4th, 2017. If you register for AXIALFEST after that date, you will not receive the event t-shirt or driver’s bags.

So from here, sign up for the event, again it will take you right to AXIALFEST 2017 event page.

On the page here you’ll see, registration-wise, there are three options for registration; there’s Adult, ages 16 and up for a price of $49. Next one down is ages 6-15 which is $24 and the last one down is Kids 5 and under. Kudos to that crowd for coming out.

Now in this case we’re going to sign up for 2 Adults for AXIALFEST and we’re going to click here for 2. It’s the same place you can in all the fields as well – I’ll show you how they populate in the next page.

I’ve chosen 2 Adults – we’re going to click registration and we’re going to go ahead and put our information in here. In this case we’re going to put e-mail address and name information. It’s going to ask for e-mail again, name and phone here.

Now there’s a callout here for the shipping address. There is going to be another callout below for that but it’s not mandatory to fill out this field. You can put it there if you like, but it’s not mandatory.

Next one down is going to be gender, date of birth, size of your t-shirt and the rigs that I own. Next one down is what classes you are running – in this case you’ve got Rock Racing, Adventurist, Concourse and Ultra 5K Enduro for ages 18 and up.

Now this is where we’re going to put the address in. Now for all those entries outside the US, this is an opportunity to put that information in.

Next item down is the event waiver. The best thing to do there is to click and acknowledge, make sure you read through all of this. You can also download a PDF and we are asking that you print this out, sign it and bring it to registration.

We’ve added a new field this year and it’s “What is your campsite number”. This is done more as a safety if we need to get ahold of you while at the event. If someone else needs to get ahold of you we’ve got an easier way to help them locate people and get information where it needs to go.

Now, here’s the spot for the second attendee. Fill in all the required fields. Again, the second entry, third entry, fourth entry – make sure you put in what classes you’re going to be running and, again, same information down below. There is going to be another waiver; click to agree to the terms. Please make sure you read it. For the extra number of entries, please make sure to bring a release of liability waiver for each entry that is registering for the event.

Finally it’s going to take you down to the payment method and we do all the payment methods for AXIALFEST through PayPal. Now to complete registration, you’ll have two options for paying for AXIALFEST registration.
1. You can either do it through PayPal’s website or
2. You can pay with a credit card or debit card through PayPal.
Finally, it shows that a payment has been made. It will re-direct you to the EVENTZILLA page which will show you that you registered and you can share that you registered on Facebook or Twitter. You’ll notice this is a confirmation of registration and that it was successful.

From here you have registered for AXIALFEST 2017. We can’t wait to have you there! See you in a few months.