28 thoughts on “Axial Wraiths Recieved & Ready to Ship

  1. Thank GOD they are on there way.know call your wives and tell them you won’t be home so you can ship them out to us.

    Nothing like anticipation! Finally. I feel a sick day coming on….

    Great job Axial!

  3. ITS ABOUT TIME!! why the hell did Canada get shipments before the US?!? so unfair. pre-ordered one long time ago and the hobby shop says first they’ll be getting them beginning of june, then second week , then 3rd week, and now they are saying end of june. Axial keeps changing the shipment dates this is pissing me off.

  4. is it all ready in hobby store yet? iordered mine an they keep on telling me is being delaid!! its been over a month now, i thought it was supose to arrive in may!!! what gives???

  5. I agree with john r. What the heck? I live in cali and was pissed when I was told I had to wait longer. About time, still stoked

  6. Any word as to when the non-RTR buildable kit will be available. I wants me a Wraith, but I want to build it myself.

  7. It would be nice if Axial posted an update on when these are going to ship for good. It’s the least they can do for those of us who have pre-ordered!

  8. just got my e-mail from tower hobbies my wraith is in should be at my house this week!!

  9. When will the new kits be shipped, everyone is on pre-order still. I would like one please.

  10. Finally came in stock at Great Hobbies Should get mine next week .Can’t wait,since i’ve only been waiting since June and we are now Sept……

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