Axial “SCX10JK” Armor – Poison Spyder Front and Rear Bumpers – TJM Winch


We have been spending an awful lot of time over at Rebel Off Road lately, and who can blame us? All of us Axial RC guys look at this shop like our hobby shop. These guys are constantly working on cool projects. Lucky for us, the SCX10JK is at the top of their priority list. Jason over at Rebel gave us a call letting us know they were in the midst of installing the front and rear bumpers, so we had to roll over and check out the progress….

We selected the front Brawler Lite front bumper and skid found here

For those moments when Jeff finds himself in a pinch, he will call upon the assistance of a 10,000 lb. winch found here

We also selected the JK RockBrawler Rear bumper with tire carrier found here

First things first, we had to strip off the front and rear standard Jeep JK bumpers

Now that the bumpers are off it is time to start installing the Poison Spyder equipment. Rebel started with the front bumper and skid plate. Rebel sent the bumpers out to have them powder coated in a black to match the fenders and sliders.

Of course the team at Rebel installed the new “Stealth” series 10,000lb 7 HP winch from TJM. this winch is all new, and ready for extreme duty!

The final product is awesome! The Poison Spyder Brawler Lite bumper offers a significant improvement over stock allowing for an increase in approach angle, as well as leaving both front tires completely clear of any bumper, so those moments where a front tire must climb a vertical face there is nothing standing in the way!

The RockBrawler rear bumper and tire carrier was next on the Rebel priority list. This poison Spyder product, just like the other components were powder coated in a semi-gloss black before installation. The first portion of this process involves installing the main bumper blade. This is a relatively simple process and is completely bolt on.

The spindle of the swing out spare tire carrier is beefy. Beefy is actually an understatement, this think could hold and swing a tank without sagging :)

The carrier itself will hold a full size spare, and eventually a TJM hi-lift style jack.

The latching mechanism is genius, it shuts and locks like a car door, so there will be no accidental swinging open!

The spindle is covered by this awesome billet aluminum cap with the Poison Spyder logo on it, a little bling!

The rear bumper also has lights built in, these are wired to the reverse switch so when the Jeep is put in reverse they light up making backing up at night far easier

The portion that holds the spare tire is installed next

Finally the spare tire is bolted on

One last touch is the license plate mount, this puts the license plate in the middle of the spare tire

Of course the guys at Rebel always think of the small details, so they added an LED light for the license plate. This acts as a 3rd brake light in red, and also lights up the plate in white

The end result is a complete rear bumper and spare tire package that does not hinder departure angle whatsoever, offers plenty of protection and that signature Poison Spyder classy and clean look

It won’t be too long before we show off the current completed state of the Axial project “SCX10JK”. Be sure to check back often and read the blog to stay up to date with the Axial crew and their adventures. For the history on this project and how it came to be, be sure to check out the following blog posts. Thanks for checking in with Axial and the Axial blog!

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