Axial On Site at the 2013 Ultra4 King of the Hammers

Axial base station

The Axial crew along with Axial Team driver Ryan Gerrish, Brian Parker and the RECON G-Crew members Brad and Cole Bailey converged on HammerTown, USA for the 2013 Ultra4 King of the Hammers. Starting Feb 3rd the Axial crew showed up on Means Dry Lake located in Johnson Valley to set up what would be the R/C attraction for all Axial friends and fans. For two days the Axial and RECON Crew spent countless hours building the ultimate scale playground in the middle of HammerTown, home of King of the Hammers.

It all started with flat ground, a clean slate of dirt:

Ryan Gerrish began plotting the course for the Axial Adventure Trail.

Brian Parker will take on work from any able body! Mr. Johns is one such willing worker as he’s texturizing the trail with simulated holes.

Others looked on in anticipation! Mind you this is MONDAY! These kids should be in school! After inquiring, they were doing homework in the evenings.

The area is taking shape…

And we would work well into the evening..

As we all wanted to get our scale adventure on.

Casey Currie would be one of the first to test the Axial Adventure Trail.

The result was nothing short of spectacular! A scale trail was developed that would allow current Axial customers and potential customers to experience and drive the new Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.

The Axial Jeep JK Trail Experience:

The scale trail was made of natural terrain as well as a few hand made bridges.

The trail starts off with an uphill climb over some rocks and then through a small canyon under a bridge.

After traveling under the bridge, the Jeeps will descend down the hill then make its way around the perimeter of the hill until it makes a turn to go up over the hill and finally over the bridge.

After negotiating the narrow bridge, the Jeeps will have to work their way down a steep decline loaded with some substantial boulders.

Once at the bottom of the hill the Jeeps will have to snake through some rock strewn trail before it drops into a small canyon. A steep dirt climb greets the Jeeps as they exit the canyon. Once the jeeps have climbed out, they must climb over a small hill before entering a second canyon. Upon climbing some big rocks out of the second canyon, the Jeeps will be forced to travel across a very narrow 7′ long bridge.

The end of the bridge features some rather large logs that the vehicle must carefully descend. After clearing the logs, drivers must work their way around a 37″ Pit Bull tire and then enter the “Sluice”.

The sluice is a nasty and deep V crack that will challenge the Jeeps and their drivers to stay up on the edges of the tires. Bad line choice or excessive throttle will most certainly result in a Jeep lying on its side.

After clearing the sluice, the Jeeps will have to negotiate a 270 degree turn loaded with sharp and over sized rocks. After exiting the rock garden, the Jeeps must work their way through the log whoops, which consisted of logs cut in half long ways and laid out a various angles.

The final obstacles include a small hill followed by a very deep hole.

A little wheel speed will pop the Jeeps right out of the hole and over the finish.

In all, the trail takes the average person with intermediate skills about four minutes to complete. Axial wanted to make sure that the drivers would have plenty of time to see the capabilities of the Axial SCX10 Vehicles and challenge drivers to drive smart and slowly.

Brian Parker was the man on the microphone all day every day, explaining the objectives of the Axial Jeep JK experience. Parker also made sure to teach the younger participants about trail etiquette. Some of the focus of his message included “Tread Lightly”, “Pack it in, pack it out” (referring to trash) and show respect to your fellow travelers (basic trail etiquette). To make this a FUN educational process,┬áRyan Gerrish and Cole Bailey took turns being the trail leader for these small groups of drivers around the course to show them how to negotiate obstacles along the course. Parker also reminded all spectators and drivers to do their part to “Save the Hammers”, a movement to keep the Johnson Valley area open for all recreation activities.

Axial is not just a manufacturer of toy cars looking to take from the community, but instead, Axial is part of the community, doing the best they can to help spead a positive message to the young off roaders of tomorrow. The mission for Axial at this event was to provide an experience with these Jeep vehicles that is as realistic as possible, as well as spread the positive message of responsible off roading.

The Axial booth consisted of a 60′ X 80′ site with the Axial merchandise semi trailer stocked with Axial vehicles that can be purchased and parts to make sure all Axial vehicles stay up and running.

The Axial Motorhome was also on site and served as home for the Axial crew for the entire week. The Brian Parker G-Train was also on site with their wrapped trailer and “Red Rocket” as Parker’s Ford is affectionately called.

Thank you to all who visit the Axial Adventure Trail during the King of the Hammers!

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