Axial EXO Status

Dear Axial fans, enthusiasts and potential customers,

We wish to express our sincerest apology for the delay of the AX90015 Axial EXO™ Terra Buggy.  We are working very closely with our global distribution partners in ensuring the EXO reaches retailers by March 13, 2012. At Axial, we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards possible. Our decision to delay the delivery of the EXO to market was made to assure you get the best brand experience possible.

Again, we are sorry for the delay and we are always very thankful for you choosing Axial as your product brand of choice.


12 thoughts on “Axial EXO Status

  1. I for one am glad to see a company care enough to delay a product to get it right and to give their customers the best product possible

  2. I am currently building my EXO… I guess I got one of the first box prior to the recall…

    What is wrong with this 1st version?

    Will I get replacement parts under warranty when they become available?

  3. Tower Hobbie, Has the EXO in stock right now. Check it out for yourselfs. Wish Axail would update status.

  4. I am interested in when replacement parts will be available? And will the option parts be rolled out at the same time?

  5. Iam waiting for mine I know you guys make a fine ass machine my wraith is the BOMB !! Any plans of a RTR EXO from you ???

  6. i just got my kit in today,i noticed after i purchased it ,it went to delay to march,i have my kit ….it has a recall of issues? please contact me

  7. i got mine last week and it was a fun and challenging kit to put together…lot of screw…invest in a cordless Makita drill well worth it..
    Also you get a lots of extra parts,like 3 machine guns,2 hand guns,1 grenade launcher,1 pully for your winch and what looks to be 1 ramp or some sort of anti slip device,some extra rubber parts not sure what they are for but maybe somebody can let me know what they are for..
    Also mine came with the updated recall.hinge pins,and shim for the servo saver….
    love the kit and looks awsome,now just have to wait for upgrades..
    Keep up the good work Axial..

  8. Got my kit all assembled! Awesome buggy! Fun to drive! The manual had a couple of misses with misnumbering and a lot of extra parts still not sure what they are all for. Where to place the guns, and a batter with no mounting instructions?? And please let us know when the upgrade option parts available. It is listed in the manual but I can’t find it on the internet anywhere!

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