Axial at the Portland International Auto Show

Team Axial driver Ryan Gerrish attended the Int’l Auto Show in Portland, Oregon this past weekend. Ryan and fellow northwest crawler Brett Carlson set-up a small Axial booth at the show to demo some SCX10 TR’s, and allow fellow show attendees to take the wheel of an SCX10. Ryan’s dashing good looks scored him a small spot on the local news. Check the video!!

Keep an eye out for a more in depth blog post covering the auto show and it’s highlights.

2 thoughts on “Axial at the Portland International Auto Show

  1. It was a total blast. Big thanks to Axial and to Tammies hobbies…. also big thanks to my good friend Ryan for allowing my to partake in this excellent adventure at the Auto Show. The feedback while at the auto show and after has been amazing as I’ve heard about many people running to the hobby shops to pick up a Axial crawler!!!

    I can’t wait for more pictures and video from the event!!!

    Brett Carlson

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