Axial and Portland International Auto Show “The Build”

Axial Team driver Ryan Gerrish and long time friends Brett Carlson, Mitch Warner and Maren Holmboe are once again preparing the interactive display system with Tammie’s Hobbies for the 2012 Portland International Auto show. Last years display was a hit with show goers of all ages. The news media even stopped in to interview the crew and try their hand negotiating Ryan’s rock course with an Axial SCX10. The course itself is a complete work of art. We wanted to show you just how these talented and creative folks put together the ultimate rock course. Just to give you a preview of what we are talking about, have a look at some images and video of last years demo course…..

The course itself was decked out with scale trees and a bridge. The object was to make it all the way around the course without rolling over or falling off the edge!

People lined up all day long to give it a shot!

and well into the night!!

Here is a little video footage from the 2011 Portland International Auto Show courtesy of Bulu Productions

To see the full blog post from last year’s Portland auto show, click here

FAST FORWARD into 2012…

Ryan and crew have been running full speed to prepare a whole new display for the auto show this year. He has been keeping us up to date with the group’s efforts and supplying photos as they work to build an even more challenging and enjoyable experience for Axial fans and customers. These guys are really going the extra mile to bring people into our hobby. The amount of work that it takes to build these displays is no easy task as you are about to see.

First step…
Figure out how much space you have and build a false floor to hold the scale obsticles

The next step is to “rough in” the main lines you want to have the trail follow, this is done with wood and is made to be a guideline as to where the driving surface will eventually be.

The next step is to cut and lay out foam to generate a general shape and design

Once the foam is completely laid out the next step is the fun part. Using power tools and hand tools the guys shape and contour the course to give it the effect of a rock wall. As you can see, this is an extremely messy portion of the job

The result is very cool looking, the rock wall is starting to take effect. The scale trees are a nice touch and will will really add some realism when the job is done

The next step is to mix and apply V/O patch concrete. This process requires gloves, masks and a little know how to get it just right. This particular type of concrete is great due to its ability to stick well to verticle surfaces

Ok, so maybe this is the messiest part of the job!!

The result is a very cool looking surface

The entire display system is made to come apart for ease of transport, so it is importand to not cement it together at the edges!

After a few test runs, some cement is added in strategic locations for extra strength or to help the vehicles to negotiate the terrain

The display is coming out really cool!!! As of this posting this is where the guys are with the project, we can’t wait to see how this looks when it is finished!

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    • Hi Austin,
      I know this will be an opportunity to run Axial SCX10s supplied by the guys running the booth, I do not think they will allow personal vehicles at this event. It would be best to ask Ryan Gerrish himself. He can be contacted through the RCCrawler link in the post above yours.


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  4. What now? Where does this awesome creation return too? Is it still available to use somewhere?

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