Axial and Jeep team up for a Demo in Moab at EJS

Axial has been working with Jeep for a few years now. Even though the Jeep product from Axial was released in late 2012, the relationship started much earlier. Through this relationship, Axial has the opportunity to work directly with the Jeep staff on some fun events. One of these events is the anual R/C Jeep Demo in Moab, Utah, during Easter Jeep Safari. Each year, Jeep and Mopar throw a customer appreciation barbeque for their loyal fans. While everyone is checking out the latest Jeep and Mopar concept vehicles, they also have an opportunity to do a little Jeeping, Moab style!

Axial turns the small rock garden in front of Walker True Value Hardware parking lot into a small rock crawling trail paradise. For several hours, anyone at the event is invited to come over and run the trail in the SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon vehicles. This trail run is made to be just like the real thing, with a trail leader and a group of Jeeps out on the grippy Moab rocks.

The Axial staff started with a basic Rock garden with oversized rocks….

We were talking to a Moab local at the location, and he said we were welcome to come take some rocks from his property to make up the rest of the course, so we headed a few miles out of town, and loaded up the rock to bring back to the venue. SHHH, dont tell the boss we filled the Axial motorhome with slick rock :) Oh, of course we had to do a little indoor crawling while we were at it!

Once back to the venue, we arranged a full course out of the available space, here is the course tested and ready to rock!

The people of Moab were very excited to do a little wheeling in this small space.

The kids loved doing what dad does in his Jeep

Before things got too crazy busy, we were able to get a little footage of the action, check it out……..

As the evening progressed, the crouds got larger and larger

Some locals went home to grab their heavily modified Axial rigs to come run the course, check out this guy’s Hard body JK and his EXO bodied Wraith, very cool!

The night ended with the announcement that Axial and Jeep would be giving away an Axial Jeep Wrangler RTR, so everyone signed up for the raffle hoping to get their hands on one of these fun little Jeeps.

The raffle winner was announced in front of a huge crowd, and the Jeep booth was closed for the night.

Even though the Jeep display closed down, we had a huge group of people who still wanted to run the Jeeps so we stuck around for a few more hours enjoying spending time with Axial enthusiasts, it was an awesome event and we look forward to coming back next year!

Thank you to all of you that made it out to enjoy the event. If you didn’t catch us here, be sure to mark your calendar for next year. The Jeep Mopar bbq happens the Thursday during the Easter Jeep Safari week every year, it is worth the trip to be fed very well and do some scale Jeeping!