Axial and Casey Currie Team up for 2013

Casey Currie is a rising star amongst the youth of today in the world of motorsport. His rich family history in the off road community mixed with his ability to market his brand as well as the brands that support his ventures have landed him sponsorship from companies like Monster Energy, Magnaflow performance exhaust, Nissan and Kawasaki to name just a few. Casey is an icon amongst his peers and off road enthusiasts alike. His ventures are followed closely by off-road fans on and off the track. Axial is all about off-road, the brand itself just screams dirt and fun. These two things, dirt and fun, is exactly what Casey Currie is all about. With that said, it was a natural fit for these two brands to work together.

We at Axial will be doing the best we can to keep you up to date with the motorsport efforts of the whole Currie Racing team. We will also go behind the scenes and take a close look at the lifestyle of Casey and crew. These guys don’t just get together on the weekends to do a little racing, they live for it, day in and day out. This intense and competitive lifestyle is demanding, but that doesn’t mean that these guys don’t like to have fun too. What better way to have fun and blow off a little steam than to bust out some Axial R/C’s and fire up a little impromptu competition? We have spent some time in the Currie Racing shop and have seen these guys go at it with Axial EXO’s after hours. We hope to bring you some of this type of action as well.

Please check back regularly to stay up to date with the latest from Axial and Casey Currie.

Below is a schedule of events for Casey, if you live near one of these venues, be sure to get out and cheer him on!

Lucas Oil Off-Road Series – Short Course Racing

Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas , NV (April 26 – 28)

Lake Elsinore Motor Sports Park (May 17 – May 19)

Miller Motorsports Park, Tooele, UT (June 21 – June 23)

Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino, CA* (July 26 – July 28)

Wild West Motorsports Park, Reno, NV (August 23 – August – 25)

Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, NV* (September 20 – September 21)

Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park, Lake Elsinore, CA (October 25 – October 27)

For more information about Casey and his adventures, check out his website here