Axial Ad’s of past and present

Here we are again on another great Axial day!
Today I was digging through the archives over here at Axial, and dug up some old and new advertisements. So I though I would share a few of my favorites with you!

I’ll start from oldest than progress onward.

I liked this Scorpion ad because of it scale comparison.  It is really cool to see the difference between the real thing and the model.

Both of these SCX10 ad’s caught my attention, due it’s RTR scale look.  Also because you can drive these anywhere!

Let me get you in the mood for this ad (background music).  Now that the theme music is set, you can really be pulled into the sleek, dark look of this ad! It really has redefined written all over.  (Luke come to the Dark Side)

If your still listening to the imperial song…it’s alright, I understand that it can be pretty catchy.  The Wraith is a sweet ride, that comes with all the scale looks and mean graphics.  let alone the graphics for this ad are catchy as well.

My final favorite is the EXO.  Now I saw the EXO video before I saw this ad.  Both of them together just rock!  Seeing the scale looks, with the dirt flying due to it’s sure power really caught my eye!

These are my top picks at the moment, and I hope you enjoyed this post.  If you would like to see the rest of the ad’s follow this link to our flickr page.

Until next time,

Artothebeat, out!