SCX10 II Trail Honcho 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD RTR Video Collection

SCX10II_Trail_Honcho_Video Look what’s back, the trail rig that lured so many RC enthusiasts off of the tracks and from backyards to the trails for an off-road adventure. The Trail Honcho again graces the trails, this time with the new SCX10 II platform under the iconic Honcho body. But there is a bit more than meets the eye. The SCX10 II has gone through a few revisions and optimized in a way that still delivers the scale performance enthusiasts desire and now at a price that many will find affordable. The Trail Honcho will get you into the scale off-road scene and the level you take your hobby to is up to you. To get you up to speed on what Youtube’s top influencers are saying about the SCX10 II Trail Honcho, we’ve gathered a collection of videos so you can easily see what these trusted channels have to say about the rig.

Axial Videos

Axial AX90059 SCX10™ II Trail Honcho™ – Hike across Redonda Ridge For the launch, the Axial crew went to great lengths to show you the capability of this new release. The SCX10™ II Trail Honcho™ is the reliable choice for scale trail fun! For the past nine years the SCX10™ has been the staple vehicle platform for scale trail enthusiasts around the world. When it’s you, the trail and your rig, you want the tried, and true. You want real world community tested, hobby shop supported, aftermarket supported with close to ten years of history and scale trail adventures. The Trail Honcho™, built on the SCX10™ II chassis, meets the demands and the rigors of scale trailing miles from home when you need reliability the most! The Redonda Ridge Trail, within the mountains of Big Bear California, is mostly used by off road motorcyclist, and revered as the Malcolm Smith Trail due to it’s technical tenacity. The trail was recently re-visited by one of Axial’s own; part of a crew who had traversed the 9.68 mile OHV trail a few times in the past on motorcycles. The thought came about that it would make for a great SCX10™ proving ground, thus the idea was conceptualized to hike the trail, and put the latest version of the Trail Honcho™ through its paces, to uphold the “Trail Honcho” name by putting it on a “black diamond” trail for full size vehicles. Axial takes toys seriously, plays seriously, and made plans to go the extra mile to showcase the Axial SCX10™ Trail Honcho™ in it’s true, namesake terrain.

Harley Designs

Axial SCX10-2 Trail Honcho RTR AX90059 – First Drive – Pre-Budget Build! Harley Designs has already released a number of videos on the Trail Honcho and detailed  the rig before it was even in his hands in the Budget Build Time! Axial SCX10-II Trail Honcho RTR video. After, he followed up with a first running video during a New Year’s Eve trip. The adventure on the rocks is pretty exciting and filmed from a number of perspectives including some drone shots and backed up with some great music. Harley Designs has also teamed up with Scale Builders Guild for a head to head budget build series on the rig. The number of episodes the Trail Honcho will go through has not yet been announced.

Scale Builders Guild

The Trail Honcho is Back! The Scale Builders Guild drops some knowledge on you about the big changes to the SCX10 II Trail Honcho, first going over the links that so many people are talking about. Mathew of SBG takes and compares an old link to a new link to show the difference between the two. His opinion of the new link? Well, you’ll need to watch it to find out. What we can tease is SBG’s overall opinion: “This is a great entry-level truck to fuel your new RC obsession! It’s got a great price point for an RTR and should be robust enough to tackle any trail.” And finally Mathew goes over a number of other changes to the rig and also talks about the budget build series with Harley Designs, using the Trail Honcho.

Hemistorm RC

LOW BUDGET FUN! – Axial SCX102 Trail Honcho Hemistorm RC dips right into the SCX10 II Honcho and delivers a great overview of the trucks new features and what he likes about the original Honcho. Hemistorm explains that at $329, getting the Axial scale experience with the SCX102 chassis has never been more affordable then it is with the Trail Honcho. He discusses the updates in the axle and link design, along with a the budget friendly Tactic radio. Stiff plastic links, single piece axle housings with a reinforced truss section and the use of the AX10 transmission case offer a solid base, along with all the electronics that we’ve seen proven in the other SCX102 platforms, as the Trail Honcho shares a lot of parts with the other versions, the Cherokees and the CRC JK. His overall opinion? The “Trail Honcho one of the most attractive ready-to-run RC trail trucks.”

Extreme Scale Performance RC

Axial AX90059 SCX10II Trail Honcho UNBOXED! If you like some raw unboxing with some suspension squishing, suspension flexing, tire squishing and even watching someone taking a hit of fresh tire smell, then Extreme Scale Performance has the video for you. CWC goes over all the details from the box to the rig from his side arm cam view. He gives you his deep thoughts and opinions on some of the new parts found on the Trail Honcho SCX10 II platform like the links, axles and transmission set-up. No drive time here, but plenty of detailed honest info.

RC Driver Online

The Honcho Returns! Better & Budget Friendly – Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho Review This video is a long one folks, RC Driver Online unloads a thorough unboxing video giving you all the details you could possibly want and more about the Honcho. You want to know specifically what it comes with all the way to what changes were made in this specific SCX10 II RTR, it’s here. Then RC Driver goes on to talk about the differences in the Honcho kit in comparison to the two other SCX10 II ready to runs available at this time; the SCX10 II 2000 Jeep Cherokee and the SCX10 II 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC. After that tour, the Trail honcho is taken out for a frigid drive under some bridges in a snow covered park. Then the video is wrapped up with thoughts of the rigs performance. If you want to know everything about the Trail Honcho in one shot, sit back, relax, learn a whole lot and enjoy the drive with RC Driver.

Axialfest 2018 – Get Ready


Since July 2017, Axial drivers across the globe have been waiting for a certain announcement; the dates for Axialfest 2018. Those dates have been released and officially Axialfest 2018 will be held July 18-21st; so hit those calendar apps and save those dates.


If you’ve never been to Axialfest, then there’s no better time than now to save the date, start making plans and get excited for the RC adventure that so many have already experienced and love. To get you going, here are a few great articles and videos to help you prepare and know what goes on at Axialfest.

AXIALFEST 2017: General Info and Code of Conduct


Follow this link HERE  for general information and the code of conduct for the event. Although this is the 2017 article, the 2018 info and conduct code will be similar.



HERE is a great collection of video clips from 2017 that will give you more information and details on what happens at Axialfest.



Long time Axialfest attendee and frequent Axial blogger Skeeno put together a great four part overview of his 2017 experience. You’ll certainly get a lot of details from this read: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


Want the full scoop in a short amount of time? The video above will give you the full four day run-down of Axialfest in just sixteen minutes. Get In The Know Before You Go!

Start Prepparing
The best advice for going to Axialfest and having a great time is not waiting until the last minute to prepare for the trip and event. Plan your custom builds now and get to work. Or do as many do and show up with a Ready To Run, ready to have fun. Plan out what you’ll wear, what you’ll eat and where you’ll sleep. If you stay off the grounds, you’ll need to find accommodations. Most stay at Cisco Grove Campgrounds, but please wait until an official announcement is made to call the facility to book your camping spot. Now, let the countdown begin to #Axialfest2018!

mAh Per Mile – The Quest To Determine Run Time


If you’ve ever sat around the campfire at an RC event or perhaps camped out with some buddies on an epic multi-day RC trail adventure, you may have heard the tale of “mAh Per Mile.” As the tale goes, a rugged RC adventurer, gear junkie, and as legend has it, talented Global Marketing Director has been spotted wandering some well worn trails through California. The man, well supplied with all the contents needed for a trail hike is on some sort of mission. Passer-bys stare at him in wonder as he trudges through the less taken path, his head down and muttering to himself. What is he saying? What is he doing. On one trail, the Redonda Ridge Trail it was evident things were getting more serious. He now travels in a herd of RC trail adventurers and some of his mutters turned into recognizable phrases. “mAh Per Mile” “mAh Per Mile” he kept repeating.

mAh Battery

What is this “mAh Per Mile?” It actually may be the answer to an age old RC question; “How long will my RC truck run for?” Real cars are rated by miles per gallon to determine how far can you travel. But there hasn’t been anything comparable in the RC world to define how far an RC rig can go. Well, we actually know who that mystery trail adventurer is, it’s Rodney Wills and for the longest time, he’s been determined to deliver answers to some of RC’s important questions and how long can you drive your SCX10 for is one. Rodney is on a mission to put numbers on paper and his quest to do so has been deemed “mAh Per Mile.”

This blog post will serve as an evolving report of a talented Axial team put together by Rodney to determine an answer to the burning question. The team will be testing different batteries, different rigs all in an effort to get out of the office and have fun on the trails. WAIT! I mean test RC equipment for the good of telling you how much time and fun you can get from your Axial adventure machine. Watch the videos and keep checking back to the Axial Blog to see how the science, testing and general goofing off unravels.

mAh Per Mile – Explaining Gas Mileage for Your Rig

There’s one question we hear a lot – how far will your rig go on one battery? To find the answer, we’ve created a little formula; mAh Per Mile. In Part 1 of this series, we break down the ‘how far will it go’ question and fill you in on how we plan to find out using this formula.

mAh Per Mile – Part 2 – Testing Our Mileage on the Trail

In Part 1, we discussed the idea behind mAh Per Mile – how far can your vehicle go on a specified battery pack. In Part 2, we take 3 Axial SCX10 II rigs out (with different electronic setups) to see how far we can go on a 2000mAh LiPo battery. The results are actually quite revealing…

Axial Radio System Cheat Sheet


A radio control transmitter should be a device used to control the fun of your vehicle and never the device that controls you and scares you away from using your machine. The transmitters that come with Axial Ready To Run vehicles are simple by design so they are user friendly and comfortable while using the control. These radio systems will come preset from the factory so you can instantly use your machine. But even with the simplified radio systems, there will still be a few things you should to know to get the most out of the radio. Simple things like servo reversing, trims or even how many batteries it takes. In this Radio System Cheat Sheet article we’ve gathered up all of the radios used in Axial ready to runs in one spot for your convenience and simply list out the important functions of your radio and how to use them. Think you’ll get hung up when making adjustments on your radio? This is certainly one blog post to  bookmark.



This radio packs a punch for a compact radio system. It is loaded with digital trim functions that make it a great radio for general hobby use. These digital trims can set advanced features like end point adjustments and dual rate, however you need to know how to use the radio properly to access these features. Here are a few tips to get your radio set up and Axial rig dialed in. TTX200 AA Batteries- First things first, you need to install four AA batteries into the radio for power. This is done by accessing the battery slots located at the bottom of the radio. Make certain to note the orientation of the batteries. A small diagram is molded into the back lower portion of the handle.

Binding- Your TTX200 radio and reciever will come linked with your RTR model, but in case something happens and the two components are not “speaking” to each other, here is how to link the them. Turn on your TTX200 and then connect power to the receiver by turning on your ESC. If the LED light in the receiver blinks once and stays on, it is linked. If not, you’ll need to use a small hex driver to depress the receiver Link button until the LED blinks and shuts off. Then you can let go. The LED should now come on constantly indicated the system is linked.

BINDING VIDEO TTX200 Trims Steering Trim/ Throttle Trim- Accessing the trim functions of the radio are an easy task. The buttons are located at the top of the radio and are clearly labeled. If an adjustment needs to be made to center the steering or adjust the neutral point of the transmitter, it can be done by depressing the marked trim. The center of the trim can be idendified by depressing the either button of the trim until you see the LED flash indicating the center point.

Steering Reversing- With the transmitter off, hold the top ST Trim button and power the radio on. The LED will flash once and then turn off. Release the button. The LED will then turn on to confirm the steering channel has been reversed.

Throttle Reversing- With the transmitter off, hold the top TH Trim button and power the radio on. The LED will flash once and then turn off. Release the button. The LED will then turn on to confirm the throttle channel has been reversed.

Steering End Point Adjustment- To set the maximum limit of rotation for steering in both left and right direction, turn the radio on. Turn the wheel to full left direction and hold. Press the ST Trim buttons to increase or decrease the travel limits. Follow the same procedure to then set the right turn limits.



The Tactic TTX300 comes with a number of Axial ready to run models and is a radio many seasoned RC enthusiasts trust. This radio has all the basic trim functions you’ll need for your model and more. This radio is a three channel radio which means you can even add additional functionality such as setting it up for winch control later on. But let’s not get too far ahead, let’s go over it’s functionality. TTX300 AA

Battery- The battery door slides out form the bottom of the radio. Insert four AA batteries to power the radio making certain the batteries are installed according to the diagram in the battery cradle. TTX300 on Binding- With the radio on, power up the receiver as well. Push and hold the receiver’s “BIND” button until its LED glows red and then turns off after about one second. Release the bind button. If the binding is successful, the LED will flash once and then remain on.


Steering Reversing Switch/ Throttle Reversing Switch- These switches are located on the back of the transmitter next to the on/off switch.

Steering Reversing Switch- Use this switch to correct the direction of the steering servo. Remember when the vehicle is pointing away from you, steering the transmitter to the right should turn the wheels to the right and vice-versa for left.

Throttle Reversing Switch- Use this switch to correct the direction of movement of the vehicle when the transmitters throttle trigger is moved. Remember forward movement is achieved when the trigger is pulled towards the transmitters grip and away for reverse. TTX300 Trims

Steering End Point 1. Enter programming mode. 2. LEFT EPA: Turn wheel full counterclockwise, use 3rd channel push buttons to adjust. 3. RIGHT EPA: Turn wheel full clockwise, use 3rd channel push buttons to adjust.

Throttle End Point 1. Enter programming mode. 2. Throttle EPA: Pull trigger to the full throttle position, use 3rd channel push buttons to adjust. 3. Brake EPA: Push trigger to the full brake position, use 3rd channel push buttons to adjust.

EPA VIDEO Channel 3 – Multi-Position- The TTX300 3rd channel can be programmed to function as 2 position, 3 position, 4 position or proportional control switch. Selecting each position and end points for each position are performed simultaneously. The default position of CH3 is 2 position. To change the function of CH3, follow these steps:

1. Enter programming mode: Press and hold the top push button, power ON transmitter. Continue to hold until the LED flashes five times. Release the top push button.

2. Use CH3 push buttons to adjust CH3 accessory/servo to desired 1st position. Turn steering wheel clockwise (right) to confirm position1. The LED will flash one time to confirm position 1 has been saved. Note: Press and holding CH3 push buttons will adjust rapidly. Press and release will finely adjust positions. First use CH3 buttons to set. Then turn wheel clockwise to confirm.

3. Use CH3 push buttons to adjust CH3 accessory/servo to desired 2nd position. Turn steering wheel clockwise (right) to confirm position 2. The LED will flash two times to confirm position 2 has been saved. If programming for two position switch, skip to step 6. Otherwise, proceed to step 5 to program 3rd or 4th position.

4. If programming as 3 or 4 position switch, follow the procedures in steps 2 and 3 and select additional positions (3 and/or 4). Turn steering wheel clockwise (right) to confirm each individual position. The LED will flash in relation to the position that is being saved. Three flashes is 3rd position, 4 flashes is 4th position. Proceed to step 6 when programming as 3 or 4 position switch has been completed.

5. To program CH3 as proportional, enter programming mode and select desired position 1 as listed in Step 2 above. Use CH3 push buttons to adjust to desired end point and turn steering wheel clockwise four times. The LED will flash five times to confirm the position has been saved.

6. After programming of CH3 is completed, turn off transmitter to save settings.

Reverse- Press and hold the bottom push button and power ON transmitter. The LED will flash one time. After 3 seconds, the LED will flash two times when performed correctly. Release the bottom push button.



The Axial AX-3 Transmitter came with many early Axial kits. Current Axial kits come with the Tactic brand transmitters. However the AX-3 is still used by many drivers today. If you have a model equipped with this radio system, here some usage notes and the details for making adjustments.


Battery- The AX3 requires four AA batteries for power. To access the battery cradle, slide the battery door out and insert the batteries. Be aware of the polarity as indicated by the positive and negative moldings in the cradle. AX3 Trims

Steering Reversing Switch- This switch is located under the control cover. Use this switch to correct the direction of the steering servo. Remember when the vehicle is pointing away from you, steering the transmitter to the right should turn the wheels to the right and vice-versa for left.

Throttle Reversing Switch- This switch is located under the control cover. Use this switch to correct the direction of movement of the vehicle when the transmitters throttle trigger is moved. Remember forward movement is achieved when the trigger is pulled towards the transmitters grip and away for reverse.

Steering Trim- Use the steering trim dial to fine tune your vehicles steering. When the steering wheel is in the neutral position, your vehicle should track straight. If it does not, adjust the trim until the vehicle drives in a straight line.

Throttle Trim- If the vehicle is rolling forward while the trigger is in the neutral position, adjust the trottle trim until the vehicle is at a standstill at neutral.

Steering Dual Rate- This knob adjusts the amount of steering throw equally for both left and right. If you have too much steering, dial the Dual Rate down. If you have too little steering, turn the Dual Rate up.


Binding- 1. Make sure the transmitter and ESC are off. 2. Plug the Bind plug included with your Axial Racing vehicle in the receiver’s third port (labeled “CH3) 3. Turn on speed control. The receiver’s status LED will blink. The blinking indicates the AR-3 is in Bind mode. 4. Open transmitter’s cover located on the top of the case. 5. Using the included pin-shaped tool, press and hold Bind button on the AX-3 transmitter 6. Turn on the AX-3 transmitter. 7. When blinking stops on the AR-3 receiver, remove Bind plug from receiver.


Antenna- This particular radio system has a folding antenna that neatly folds down onto the radio when not in use. However when it is in use, it is best to position the antenna up for maximum radio range. Don’t skip this step when running.


ON/ OFF SWITCH- The radio should always be turned on first (before the vehicle) and off last.

STEERING- When the wheel on the radio is facing you, turning it to the right should result in the vehicle steering to the right when it is pointing away from you. Steering the wheel to the left should turn the vehicle left.

THROTTLE- Forward movement is achieved when the trigger is pulled towards the transmitters grip and away for reverse.

RECEIVER CONNECTIONS- If you have removed the servo and ESC plugs from the receiver, remember to reinstall them in the correct slots. The steering servo is always plugged into channel 1 and the ESC is always plugged into channel 2.

HemiStorm’s Custom 2017 SCX10 II Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC


If you’ve spent any time at all on Youtube perusing the endless uploads of radio control videos, you’ve most likely stumbled upon a video or two or more from the Hemistorm RC channel. The man behind Hemistorm, Chris De Graaf is truly passionate about the radio control hobby. His channel has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to his unique model builds, enthusiasm, awesome action clips and unfiltered commentary. Hemistorm is always on point with his RC reviews and took a bit of a different direction when the AX90060 SCX10 II™ 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC landed on his workbench. First he did the somewhat standard overview approach video, but what he did in his next video, not many saw coming. He started customizing the rig to suit his style before it even touched dirt! Photos and video were posted online and many Axial fans went wild over the customization. Best part was, the modifications cost less than $50. This shows that with a little creativity, you can bring your Axial model to the next level in style without breaking the bank. We caught up with Hemistorm and convinced him to send some detail photos of the build while it was in progress. Check out how easy it is to customize your machine and we hope it inspires you to start a custom project of your own.

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 4

So how did Hemistorm create his custom rig? Most of the custom work was done with just one tool; a hobby knife. Hemistorm, carefully planned out the customization, trying to take into account how a real roof looks on a JK and used a marker to trace out his cut lines.

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 2

After he was confident of the areas to cut, he simply scored the body with the hobby knife multiple times and “snapped” the Lexan pieces apart. A section of the roof and rear glass sections were completely removed.

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 8

Next it was time to test fit the rear cap in its new location. A few tweaks needed to be made for a better fit. A narrow triangle of lexan was removed from the rear cap for a better fit.

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 6

Once the cap was set into place, Hemistorm turned his attention to filling in the rear section with a spare tire and a deck. To fill in the space, he used the rear section of a Pro-Line Cherokee interior set.

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 1

After the deck was set, something was still missing. Hemistorm then did what many do, see what you have on hand to give your machine a custom look. He grabbed the cage from his Axial Dingo and cut a section off to act as a rear cage. A little bit of drilling, custom mounting and the end result is a cool custom look.

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 3

Finally when the custom fitting was complete, Hemi moved onto the finishing work, adding vents to the hood, painting the roof, painting graphics on the sides, painting the deck and adding some scale accessories. The end result is a unique AX90060 rig that will turn heads on the trails.


Get all the details on this build from Hemistorm as he goes through the process of creating his custom Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC Edition SCX10 II.


Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 5

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 6

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 8

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 9

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 10

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 12

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 13

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 14

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 15

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 17

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 18

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 19

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 22

Axial Wrangler Hemistorm 23

SCX10 II 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC Video Collection


Word on the trail traveled fast when the AX90060 SCX10 II™ 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC 1/10th Scale Electric ready to run was released. Posts spread across social media and the rig was instantly on many scale RC enthusiasts want list. So it was no surprise that as soon as the AX90060 hit the benches of some of Youtube’s most followed RC videographers, they would jump right into unboxing, overviews, reviews and even projects all within a week of the trail rigs arrival. Some amazing information, opinions and inspiration can be taken from these videos and most importantly help you with your experience purchasing or wheeling the 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC SCX10 II™. So we’ve decided to gather up a bunch of these great videos all in one location to give you a one stop resource. Here’s the collection… in no particular order.


Axial AX90060 SCX10™ II 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC

First up, we have a video from the home base. The Axial film team took the AX90060 out for some intense action and put the rig through some tough tasks in both a scale and fun pace. See the rig on the trails and imagine yourself behind the wheel.


Axial SCX10-II 2017 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited CRC RTR AX90060 – EP01 – Overview

Axial SCX10-II 2017 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited CRC RTR AX90060 – EP02 – Running

Harley Designs has already produced a number of videos on the AX90060 from an overview, to a running video and a number of modification videos. Here we’ve selected two of his videos to show you. The first is an overview video that goes into detail on all of the changes made to the SCX10 II™ 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC and the second is a running video taken at a location with some incredible obstacles to challenge the rig along with some amazing views to take in that should get you amped to head outside with your own AX90060.


The BEST Axial RTR Ever?

Crawl the Mall! Axial Jeep AX90060

The Scale Builders Guild knows a thing or two about the scale off-road RC world and gives their thoughts on the SCX10 II™ 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC’s features in their first video above. Mathew goes over the rigs “new vibe” and perhaps gets a little too touchy feely with the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T Tires. When you’ve finished the first video, be sure to watch the Mall Crawl running video. This non-traditional RC video look of a trail machine in action gets props for its cinematic quality, but more importantly shows off the trucks ability in a setting beyond the trails.


IT’S A JEEP… – Axial Racing AX90060

Known for his cool custom builds, in depth RC knowledge and unfiltered approach to his video production, Hemistorm gets his hands on the AX90060 and goes over all of its new features along with details on parts of the rig that others may have missed. Does Hemistorm like the red Jeep Wrangler Unlimited body? He doesn’t hold back and will tell you in his video. At the time we’re writing this, Hemistorm did a follow up to the video above on modifying the look of the SCX10 II™ 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC, but we’re waiting for a running video to post here and will do so as soon as we see one.


Unboxing the Axial AX90060 SCX10™ II 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC

ESP RC | 1st Drive | Axial AX90060 SCX10™ II 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC Edition

Extreme Scale Performance RC runs through a full unboxing and overview of the SCX10 II™ 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC in the first video with some full on positive, and several critical comments, on his personal thoughts of the machine. Plenty of details are given here especially on the scale details of the rig as you would expect from the channel that brings you ScaleWars. In the follow-up running video, the AX90060 hits some awesome terrain on the “Gate Keeper” trail at Sawyer Park in Bend Oregon. The action is backed up with some intense music and near the end, you’ll get a taste for the raw sound of the truck in action on the windy trail.


Best RC Trail Adventure Truck! – Axial SCX10 II 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC RTR | RC Driver

RC Driver took a different approach from the others above by producing an all-in-one video that gives you a look at the new features on the SCX10 II™ 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC and shows you the rig in action. This video draws inspiration from the Axial Rubicon Trek back story with Rodney Wills – How the SCX10 earned the Jeep Trail Rated Badge video by taking the rig right to the trail, unboxing it and showing off all the elements of the truck in its natural habitat. If you want to see what the AX90060 is all about, it’s covered here.



You just want to see some scale action? Ferndogg310 went right for the action! In this video, you’ll see how good the AX90060 looks parked in a scale garage for a few seconds before you’re hit with the rig trekking across the rock-trails of Bootleg Canyon. This video is also loaded with loud metal music tied perfectly together with slow scale driving and the SCX10 II™ 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC getting the job done!

AX90060 SCX10 II 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC Box To Trail Guide


Get geared up! You’re moments away from taking the SCX10 II™ 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD RTR on an adventure, whether it’s in your backyard or trails at the nearest park. The latest addition to the SCX10 II™ line makes going off-road easy, worry free and perhaps most importantly stylish thanks to the CRC body features and accessories. The 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC is loaded with performance features too which are all detailed HERE. In this Axial Blog we’re going to show you how easy it is to wrap up the few details needed to get the rig powered up an on the trails. Let’s get started.

Axial Wrangler CRC 3


Axial Wrangler CRC 4

Axial Wrangler CRC 5

Axial Wrangler CRC 6

Axial Wrangler CRC 7

If you haven’t jumped into the box by now, what are you waiting for a bus? Carefully cut the factory seals on the box and slide out the contents. The truck will be secured to the inner packaging and you’ll notice some additional bags taped to the bottom of the truck support. Remove the bag of extra parts, radio and manuals. Please take some time to read through the manuals to familiarize yourself with the model, features and adjustments that can be made. Once you’ve done that, you can take a pair of side cutters and clip the zip-ties securing the rig to the cardboard.


Axial Wrangler CRC 8

Axial Wrangler CRC 9

Axial Wrangler CRC 10

It’s released! Time to get 2017 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited CRC powered up. First remove all four body clips from the top of the body. Now before you tear off the body, the truck is equipped with LED lights. The lights are attached to the body and connect to the power source on the speed control with two connectors. Gently remove the body, tilt it to one side and you can now you can access the battery tray. If necessary, the body can be completely removed by disconnecting the LED’s at the plugs.


Axial Wrangler CRC 25

By now, you’ve probably already selected a 7.2V NiMh or 7.4V LiPo battery and appropriate charger. While the battery is out of your SCX10 II, charge the battery. While waiting, you can adjust the battery chemistry type jumper plug on the electronic speed control if necessary. The jumper plug comes from the factory set in LiPo mode. If you have selected a NiMh battery to run, you may want to move the plug to NiMh mode for optimum performance. Only switch the plug if you planning on running NiMh batteries exclusively. If you plan on switching or are just uncertain of your battery types, leave the jumper plug in the factory set location.


Axial Wrangler CRC 26

Battery still charging? Move along to installing batteries in the Tacitc TTX300 transmitter. Don’t grab random AA batteries pillaged from devices around the house. Always start with a new set off AA batteries and install them in the bottom of the transmitter noting the polarity. The transmitter requires four cells.


Axial Wrangler CRC 11

Axial Wrangler CRC 12

When your vehicle’s battery has finished charging, you can install it in the truck and it’s very easy to do so. Simply release the velcro strap, slide the battery into the cradle and cinch the velcro closed. Don’t plug it in yet. You’ll need to power up your radio first and then connect the vehicle battery plug to the ESC plug. The plugs act as your on/off switch. After the battery is plugged in, you can re-install the body (plug in the LED’s if you removed the plugs) and slip all four body clips back on to their posts.


Axial Wrangler CRC 1

Adventure awaits! Head outside and get a feel for your new SCX10 II 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC. Practice driving in your yard or a field, get use to the steering, throttle and reversing before heading out to a long trail drive. The SCX10 II is built tough but it’s always better to take things slowly and ease into your hobby fun. Remember to take pictures along the way and post them with the hashtag #AxialAdventures so other adventurers can see your truck and travels.


Todd Pearson’s 2017 Axialfest Best Of Show Doxy WWII Wrecker


There are so many things to look forward to at Axialfest, but if you are a modeler at heart, concours is the day during this event you look forward to the most. The pavilion of Cisco Grove campground transforms into a modelers truck show. Modelers line up before being told to at the gate, with rigs in hand and an eye over their shoulder to see who built what. Lanes are set up and modelers place their prized rigs into a lane that matches up with the class they’ve built their rig for.  It’s a bit of a chaotic time, vehicles and owners are flooding in, cell phones are drawn, snapping photos, panning with video and instantly uploading to social media.

As the lanes fill up, judges start making their rounds and the chatter starts to begin between the participants and enthusiastic onlookers. “Whoa, look at that! Did you see that truck over there? That rig is insane! How did he make that?” These are all statements heard in the crowd and then it gets to; “the one.” The one most of the crowd saw, the one that stands out from the rest. If my mind serves me correct, it was less than an hour of concours being opened that several people had asked me if I saw the military wrecker? That military wrecker belonged to Todd Pearson and after staring at the machine in amazement I had to know more about it. Fast-forward to the end of concours, Todd and his military wrecker had deservedly taken home the 2017 Best of Show award. Now we all needed to know more about it! We were able to catch up with Todd and get all the details about his amazing build along with some close up photography.

Concourse Winner12


Concourse Winner07
Name: Todd Pearson
Age: 47
Hometown: Chico, CA
Profession: Self Employed
Outside RC Hobbies: Rockhounding and Making Jewelry


Concourse Winner03
When did you start in RC? 1980
What was your first RC vehicle? A Tamiya Tank and then a Tamiya Fast Attack!
What are your main RC interests (building, racing…?) I love anything RC related, I flew my first plane at age 8 and still fly today. I started racing RC cars in the late 80’s and still enjoy it on a weekly basis. I can fly helicopters and quads and of course I love rock crawling.
How much time a week do you spend on RC? My wife who I love dearly says I spend way too much time on RC!


Concourse Winner01

The name for your build? DOXY
What vehicle is your rig modeled after? Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) truck, with Chevrolet C15A 4×4 Crane (field adaptation.)
How much research went into the build? A Ton!
What is the frame/ did you start with a kit? This project started with a set of SCX10 frame rails. No modifications were made to the chassis
What drivline did you use? SSD
What axles did you use? SSD with all Axial internals



Concourse Winner22

What did the body start off as? Tamiya Wrangler
What materials were used to modify it? The cab was cut down 6-inches then I added styrene fenders and side steps. The front and rear windows and the interior were all custom scratch-built from styrene.
How long did the body take to complete? I can’t really guage time. I gave myself a year to complete this truck and enter it at Axialfest concourse.
Additional body modifications: The bed is real wood and the crane cage is steel. The crane is manually extendable for more boom reach. The winch works from the radio and is custom built; complete with scale chain.


Concourse Winner18

Tell us more about the external accessories, lighting and other hidden features? For lighting, I custom built the head and tail lights. The work light operates by a hidden switch. In the cab I used an SBC Toolbox and Ammo Can. I also had a scale topo-map of Cisco Grove and a Scale CMP Manual. On the outside of the truck I added scale rope, made a scale tow log, added a full size spare tire, Jerry cans, welding tanks and hoses and the fuel tank. The fuel tank is actually active and is what holds the variable speed smoke system.

Concourse Winner19

Concourse Winner20

Concourse Winner21


Concourse Winner04

Radio System: KO PROPO with two receivers. One for driving and one for the smoke system.
Motor: Axial 27T
ESC: Axial
Servo: Protek 100T
Battery: ECO Power

The big list of stuff…
SCX10 frame rails
SCX10 II transmission
Ebay transfer case
SSD Driveline
SSD D60 axles with Axial internals
Protek RC 100T servo
Two speed controls (one for driving and one for the smoke system)
Metal stamped beadlock wheels
RC4WD Mud Plugger tires
Full-size spare tire
Custom hand-made winch (chain driven)
Custom wood bed
Custom metal crane cage with extendable boom
Custom Wood tow log
Custom metal bumpers front and rear
Custom working smoke system (in the gas tank)
Custom lighting
Tamiya Wrangler cab (cut down 6in.)
Custom interior
Scale By Chris accessories

Concourse Winner10

Give us a brief overview of driving the truck. Are you nervous when driving? What trails did you run on at Axialfest? Doxy never really made it out for any serious trail runs. We just kinda goofed off around the pavilion. On friday I left Doxy at my sponsors booth and let everyone get a good look at the truck.

Todd: Axialfest 2017, WOW what an awesome event this year! So much fun with family and friends. Last year I decided that I was going to build a tow truck for this year’s event and enter the concourse.

The idea for this truck was just to build something different and badass! I was never expecting to be rewarded for all the hard work and effort. The competition at Axialfest in all concours classes is incredible with some really crazy talented builders.

After all the judging, Doxy was chosen to be best of her class for 2017. I’m speechless and extremely honored to be able to win this award on my first attempt. Then even more incredible to be voted Best Of Show by all of the other class winners. What? Really! I’m so truly honored to be recognized for the time and effort. Thank you fellow builders and judges!

Is this a shelf queen? Will you continue to drive it? Doxy will be out on some trails but most of the time she will be next to her trophy!

Concourse Winner14

Will the truck stay as is, or will it continue to evolve? I’m done with this build and moving on to my 2018 secret project. Huge thanks to my family for supporting me on this project. And everyone else that was a part of the project.

Proteck RC
ECO Power
Corey Koehler
Brad Juanarena
Shaun Klobas
Scale By Chris

We’d like to thank Todd for taking the time to give us all of the details about Doxy and congratulate him for taking home the Best In Class and Best Of Show award at Axialfest 2017. We hope this story on Todd’s quest to build an amazing tow truck inspires you to build the truck of your dreams too. We suggest starting right now and we’ll see you in the concours lanes at Axialfest 2018!

The Perfect Fit: SORRCA Class 1 Ready SCX10 / SCX10 II | PART 6: TREADS


In our mission to show you how the Axial SCX10 and SCX10 II are a perfect fit for SORRCA Class 1 events, we’ve organized the rules and broke them down into six total focus groups. We’ve reached the final focus and that is the wheels, tires and widths to fit your vehicle in. This topic requires some thought and product purchase choices will require work on your part to make sure your rig complies. Let’s dive in.

SORRCA Rule • 106mm / 4.19″ Max tire size including spares.

Looks like the Axial Perfect Fit has hit a snag. Unfortunately, the treads within the Axial tire line-up are on the larger side of the SORRCA rule and therefore you’ll need to search for tires that fit this rule and your traction needs. If you are trying to keep that factory look, consider using a licensed wheel from the Axial selection HERE.


SORRCA Rule • Wheels must be aligned within the body wheel wells (center of wheels to center of wheel wells +/- 1/2 inch total combined)

SORRCA Rule • The tread of the tires cannot extend outside of the wheel wells more than 1/2 of the tread width, flairs can be added to reach minimum spec.

Team KNK Hardware TTC4 2017-88
When choosing your wheel and tire combination, you’ll want to make certain that the wheel off-set is correct, consider hex hub widths, and tire overhang on the rim so it does not exceed the measurements provided by SORRCA. The vehicle above has wheels that are obviously outside of the body width; this rig would not fit within SORRCA’s rules.

SORRCA Rule • Tires can never extend beyond the body’s bumpers or the rear of any truck bed. (Any stingers,fairleads, shackles, bolts, etc. are not considered part of a bumper when determining this.)


As Axial SCX10 and SCX10 II’s arrive from the factory, the wheels and tires are located behind the bumpers. When lengthening links or altering bumper positions, you’ll want to make sure the wheels will still fit behind the bumper. If you are making modifications as such, make sure you fit within some of the previous rules mentioned in our series like sectioning and bobbing.


SORRCA Rule • Gates will be a minimum of 11″ wide (so mind your width).

Team KNK Hardware TTC4 2017-165

Gate width plays a key role in determining the width of your trail rig once you start customizing. The stock SCX10 width is 8.8” and the SCX10 is 8.9” which will leave some space to clear gates as long as your wheel and tire choice combination result in a factory width in order to fit under the body. If you choose a combination that is wider, you’re putting the squeeze on your rig through the gates. A bigger concern is the angles in which you need to proceed through some gates if a minimum 11” gate is used. Things can get tight.

That wraps up the series on the Axial SCX10/ SCX10 II Perfect Fit for SORRCA blog focus. SORRCA has done an excellent job in providing guidelines for everyone to follow so the rigs stay scale and the competition stays close. Our descriptions of how scale Axial trucks fit into these rule sets has been interpereted and presented to the best of our knowledge. Both Axial trail truck platforms continue to be the perfect choice for drivers who want to drive scale, customize with ease and tackle the trails with commanding performance.


The Perfect Fit: SORRCA Class 1 Ready SCX10 / SCX10 II | PART 5: BED


Throughout this series, we discussed how the out of the box 2000 Jeep® Cherokee 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD – RTR and 2000 Jeep® Cherokee 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD – Kit fit within SORRCA guidlines right out of the box with no additional work on your part. With slight modifications, other Axial SCX10 based rigs can be easily altered to fit within those guidlines using Axial accessories. Our fifth focus on getting your SCX10/ SCX10 II Class 1 ready discusses truck bed rules and what they mean if you decide to add a truck type body to your trail machine.


SORRCA Rule • Bobbing a truck bed is allowed, but must follow all body specs.

An example of "Bobbing" a bed would be to remove the material between the two red lines on the body above. After the material is removed, the tail-gate is reattached to the bed.

An example of “Bobbing” a bed would be to remove the material between the two red lines on the NuKizer body above. After the material is removed, the tail-gate is reattached to the bed.

Bobbing a truck bed is the practice of removing a section of the bed from the left to right side between the rear wheel-well and tailgate. This reduction in the overhang lessens the chances of the bed dragging on the ground during an ascent or hanging up on an obstacle as you cross it. The Jeep NuKizer 715 Body,Jeep Mighty FC Body and 2015 Ram 2500 Power Wagon would be examples of Axial truck bodies with beds that “could” be Bobbed. But these vehicles already have short rear sections and the implications of reattaching a Lexan tailgate on bed with minimal performance gain detours most custom modelers. Bobbing can’t be done on an XJ or Wrangler body either as this falls into the sectioning rule discussed in Part 4 of this series.


SORRCA Rule • Dovetailing is not allowed.


Dovetailing is the practice of angling the fenders in towards the center of the vehicle. This requires the center section of the hood or bed to be narrowed at the end and remains wider at the center of the vehicle. Dovetailing improves clearance of the vehicle when approaching obstacles on the trail. Factory Axial bodies are designed to look scale with approval from licensing partners so the vehicle is represented properly. Any Axial scale body will conform to this rule unless you modify it.


SORRCA Rule • Truggies are not allowed. Flatbeds with full length rail chassis are allowed. The bed must be as wide as the cab the entire length of the bed. Cab only not allowed.


Truggies look pretty cool, we’ll admit it, hint hint Honcho! But unfortunately the Honcho body from Axial would not fit into Class 1 SORCCA rules. A truggy is made up of a cab with a cage style rear bed, a specialized vehicle you would hardly ever see on the road. Flatbeds however are seen on the roads so there is no stopping you in locating a Honcho body or using the cab from the Dodge Ram and fitting a custom made flatbed to your SCX10. Keep in mind that the flatbed must run the length of the frame rails and must be as wide as the body you use.

When getting your SCX10 model ready for a SORRCA event, many will be able to skip this focus here when using a factory XJ, Rubicon, or Wrangler unlimited Axial body. But Axial does offer options for you to get creative with traditional bed equippped truck offerings so you can customize your rig to fit your scale taste. Just one more SORRCA Class 1 Focus to go, and there we will discuss treads. Keep an eye out!