Two Axial SCX10 II’s Embark On An Epic Scale Crawling Adventure – VLog #6


This is what #AxialAdventures is all about!

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 11.49.44 AM
July 30th, 2017 – Joe From JPRC and myself, Matt of RC Overload, decided to get together and hit up a hiking trail that I had never been too before. What I did not realize was how insanely awesome this trail was actually gonna be for the scale Axial SCX10 II’s that both Joe and I brought with us! Come along as I share my entire day-adventure out on the trail! Its definitely one that I will never forget, and can’t wait to get back to doing again!

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Tungsten Peak Trail RC Adventure Hike – Bishop California

Words & Photos: Rodney Wills

On Dec 27, 2011, I published what had to be my single longest blog post with a massive amount of photos! It’s practically three separate stories all smashed into one long blog! One in particular is buried way down at the bottom. It was a little SCX10 Adventure Hike that I did while on my way home back from Reno, Nevada in the cold December of 2011.
So, I figured I would re-purpose that portion into a single blog post.

Tungsten Peak Trail RC Adventure Hike – Bishop California
December 3rd, 2011 – Reno, Nevada – Weather: High of 28 °F with a low of 19 °F

It’s O’dark:30, it’s the closing ceremony with fingers, ears, noes and toes freezing cold, but the event prizes are flowing! Freezing and all, everyone had a great day and a great closer to a great year. We all said our goodbyes and wishes for safe travel, happy holidays and all that good stuff. I put the ADV80 in “D” and in the wind with my Jack Sparrow compass sent in a homeward direction, with a couple of side-trip plans in route.

I hate going to the same place twice unless overall conditions are different. I tent camped in Davis Creek Campground last night, and I have chosen to pass it on my way home as I have intentions on doing some R/C scout-inspection of the Ridgcrest area of the California desert.

So I hit the road..
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I depart Reno making my way back down HWY395 through Gardnerville. They have  awesome small town charm and their Gardnerville’s Carson Valley Christmas lights have the streets lit with holiday cheer. It made me think of my wife and may have been on the phone with her tell her about the sights of this small town and how she would like to visit it.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Carrying on with X-mass lights blurring by, and two and half hours and 120-miles later, I’m in the Mammoth area.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011

On down HWY 395 I cut off at Toms Place in Mono County.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I wanted to see what was up there and made my way up Rock Creek Road passing Rock Creek Group Campground.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Rock Creek Lake looks like a nice place! Need to see it in the daylight!
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
At this point I decided to head back down and save this road and adventure for another day.

HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
FOOD! Too late – they are closed… I bet its a great place to eat. Wishful thinking.

Back on the road:
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011

I land just North of Bishop, Ca around 10:00PM, and I was tired.

HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I pull off HWY395 on a little dirt side road to find a tent “pitchable” location.
I found a big powerline dirt road that traversed the mountain side. Found a little cutoff road from there that led me to a dead-end into a hillside with a 100ft drop-off. There was a nearby trailhead marker so I was hoping to make this the camping location.

HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Gave a quick 360º inspection, saw a trail-marker which noted that this is a hiking trail called Tungsten Peak Trailhead, making this the perfect camping spot for the night.

First things first:
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Set up the tent and dig a fire pit and get it going!
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Get the Jetboil PCS stove fired up and boiling water!
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
DING DING – Dinner is served via Mountain House! Tonight is Beef Stroganoff night. Boiling some more water for some hot tea! It’s rather CHILLY OUT HERE!!!HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
After dinner I set the camera up for a couple of night shots. Check out our
Night Photography Tips blog by Ian Coble. I should’ve had him with me on this trip!
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Moring View from the tent
Next morning, this is the view from the tent window. I was expecting the sun to come blazing into my tent, but that was just wishful warm thinking. Temperature is in the low 20′s. Due to being nestled back into a little canyon of sort, the ridge was blocking the direct sunlight.

So I crack open the sleeping bag to chilly morning air that has yet to be touched directly by the warm sun. I check out my surroundings under the peaceful early light of day.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Today, seeing how I’ve discovered this trailhead, my mission is to drive my Axial SCX10 Trail Honcho as far as possible up the Tungsten Peak Trail and see what I can see. I didn’t drive during the event yesterday, but that does not mean that I didn’t wish to participate, I was simply doing my job of documenting the event. But I too am a enthusiast! I’m nowhere near as hardcore as you guys, but I do like my R/C adventures, just a little differently than most, as you are about to see. I think you like to do the same though…

It’s still chilly in the shadows of the ridge as I set off on my RC adventure hike.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
The sun has finally broken over the ridge, but it is still very chilly outside and the sun has yet to reach me.

A desert motorcycle riding buddy once told me to not let your hands get cold as they will hurt when I get older, he is in his late 50′s and so I see his troubles with his hands and took to heart his words. Warm gloves it is!!!
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I’ve had these gloves for a long time as I bought them to shoot photos during my trip to Rally Great Britain in 2001. It was raining and COLD and these gloves proved CHAMPION! These are actually wool mittens. The thumb has a slit in it so I can stick the thumb out for critical touch situations when needed. Same with the fingers, but they are 3/4′s covered with a mitten cap that wraps over, so when I need those indexers, I can pull the cap-mitten part back. Or as you see here, just one digit out so I can feel the throttle.

HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011

HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Finally some direct SUNLIGHT on me!

That means I can pause for a break, lose a layer and grab some super-nutrition!
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
POP TARTS! I’m known for eating “cardboard” as my buddy ScottG calls them, you know granola bars and such, but today I treated myself to something that I found in the cabinet at the house before leaving on this trip and stashed it into my backpack. SORRY KIDS!

Onward and upward.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Me and my SCX10 Trail Honcho are on the go!

I keep looking back:
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
My 1:1 rig and camp get smaller and smaller.

The trail ahead of me gets more technical:
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
We press on.. We, as in me and my trusty SCX10…
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011

The SCX10 Trail Honcho just plain works!
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
It gets a bit hairy in sections, and my mind wonders – how far will the SCX10 Trail Honcho go?

Just staying calm, searching out the lines, and being patient is half the battle.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
It’s a chess board and you have to survey all your options.

BUT sometimes….
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
You reach that spot…
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Checkmate! NO matter how many times I tried, I could not get the truck up the crevasse even to the point of where I would roll the rig over on its lid several times attempting to make it through. I was trying to stay scale and then went full KOH-mode, but the obstacle was too hard to tackle,  beyond the limits of the truck capabilities, and/or at the end of my driving talent.

Yes, I could have used a winch at this point, but it’s sitting on the workbench back at the office. I contemplate if the Axial Wraith would have been a better trail rig choice? Would it have made it through this section? This was it for the SCX10, and I am a SCX10 purist. Even if a 2.2-rig could have made it, for me, its not the same as a SCX10 on 1.9-tires. More realistic. What is real for me is different than say, a Casey Currie or Cody Waggoner. They can haul any vehicle to any location, offload it and drive that rig through whatever they wish. Heck, they even have street-going vehicles on 40″ tires. That is not my reality, thus my choice in R/C I like to keep in the same realm. I do own a Wraith, but that is not my rig of choice is all I am simply stating. I love my Axial SCX10 Honcho. And truth be told, this is my OG original Honcho that I’ve owned before coming to work here. It’s so old, it has the brown-channel sticker on the radio box to prove that it was once a FM transmitting rig previously. Carrying on… sorry!

I preview the entire area. No spots to drive around, no other route for passage. This is one of those moments where I could have easily HOG’ed it [Hand Of God] up the tricky section and move on. But, that is not my style. This is where I toss in the towel and chalk it up to be done another day, on another adventure and give it to chance that I come through here again, better equipped. Or time willing, to construct a ramp-bridge of sort.

But today, this is where I pack it up:
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Literally. I put the SCX10 on my backpack.  BUT, I wish to continue this little adventure further up for scouting purposes as the terrain shows signs of a promising valley ahead.

I look back and take a moment to reflect on what has occurred thus far! I was proud of my little feat.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
It was a good fight to get to this point…
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
And what laid ahead… I WAS SO CLOSE TO MAKING IT!!!
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
As I progress on my hike with the SCX10 strapped to my backpack, I can see the valley ahead. Again, I was so close! My heart was torn by the the beauty and the ferocious, rugged rock.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
The rocks where laughing at me with it’s mock torn heart shape!
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Very strange – very cool rock formations to be seen up here.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I finally reach the little valley.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
This area looks like an RC Playground Paradise to me!

I go out to the edge of this little valley, and see that it overlooks my camp area below:
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011

After a bit of exploring this little valley, I see that the trails continue on up the next ledge, so I follow:
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
This only reveals more peaks and another large peak/ridge barely poking up in the background. Curiosity draws me in…HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Look closely on the back ridge and slightly left of center, you will see strong wind peeling snow off the lip into the sky. It is December, and that is some howling wind!

I have yet another hill in front of me to reach that peak:
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
The below photo is an 180° view opposite from the above photo, looking out across HWY395.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
What a spectacular view as well! There are just amazing sights of wild rock formations in every direction.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I call it the lean-to UFO crash rock shelter. You just wonder how these rocks got into these shapes and positions. It’s as though the fell from the sky and stabbed the dirt!

As any good photographer would do, a self portrait in action. For scale purposes only.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
One foot in front of the other, taking my time, slow and steady and I will get there,
wherever there is. That’s the quest, the question of curiosity leads to adventure!
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I think I am about to make a little summit on the Tungsten Peak Trail!

HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I make the peak! And find more interesting views and formations.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
And looky-looky here! I’ve discovered my second geocache by accident!
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I place a Axial sticker on the container, place an Axial sticker sheet inside and sign the register.

HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Jacket goes back on as it was even colder due to the wind on top of Tungsten Peak!

Like all mountain peak pursuits, the top is only the half way point.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
The decent down is all ahead of me now.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
WOW, my truck, of which cannot be seen at this point, IS WAY DOWN THERE!

It’s comforting…
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
To see my 1:1 rig again. Yet, it is still way down there, but I can see it.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I’m back to the little mid-valley, so I take a moment for a break.

I see lines… I see driving lines…
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
And I see more driving lines… this rock playground is a R/C climbing mecca of a playground! This could make for a great pack in, camp overnight shoot session!
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
An oddity of rock formation all around!HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Dropping back into the final canyon.

HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I call this the handrail chute. This was the area that put an end to my SCX10
Tungsten Peak Challenge. Next time…

HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I see the tire marks and begin to wonder what other hikers might think when they see these little tire tracks on this steep trail.

HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
My ADV80 is in view once again.

HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I think there is a super hero sleeping in these rocks. Guess who?

HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
This concludes my solo hike SCX10 adventure on the Tungsten Peak Trail.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I take a moment to see my whole camp in the sunlight, the ridge I just came down, and I contemplate coming back with maybe a small group of us to run our rigs in the valley just above. Or maybe you will find yourself here, just as I have, and make a solo-trip of it!

I think about that big snow-blown Sierra ridge that was across from the peak I had climbed and know that I am not ready for a big back country backpacking trip.
You know, like Mt Whitney or the PCT! But we all have to dream!HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
As I head out on the dirt road, I look back in the mirror and see the majestic mountain taunting me, calling me back.

Further down the road in Lone Pine…
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
My view of the Sierra’s massive ridge is constant. There’s the PCT Trail that runs the length of it…actually it runs the length of California and beyond. Our dreams are what keeps us driven.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I finally make it to the Ridgecrest / Jawbone area.
Dirt Diggers Camp Road HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I run a quick scouting loop and up onto this little plateau. The sun is falling fast already,
but it never really gets overhead during the winter months, thus the day seems short.

I climb back in the rig and back onto the tarmac of HWY395 for the final journey home.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I’m still looking down every dirt road and scanning the horizon, searching for what…?
I don’t know for sure, but I keep looking… in a wanderlust search for a new adventure. When I find it, I will know… I hope I never do… I hope I keep looking… at everything through curiosity! I see I am not the only one seeking adventure as I pull up along side
this guy in Victorville. At least his bike represents adventure even though he may just be going to the store.
HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
The fastest AFFORDABLE way to cover a lot of ground in the desert is on two wheels.
Yes, I love my dirt bikes too.

HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
The sun is going down fast. At arms length – four fingers is approx 1-hour / each finger 15-minutes. See page 53 of the Backpacker’s Guide.

HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
Through the Cajon Pass, the sun is filtered by clouds making for awesome lighting.

HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
I’m coming into Corona and I see the last ridge I will cross and I will be home. That is my little Saddleback / Santa Ana Mountains and our Axial office sits on the other side as well.

From the peak of this mountain there’s an ocean view. We do get snow on it and it is in Orange County, California. It’s my little quick adventure spot; be it on foot, mountain bike, motorcycle or truck and yes, even the R/C rigs have seen some action up there.

Mountain peaks are great for reflection and contemplation, but the only way you are going to get on top of one is to just get after it. You can read, talk and think about it all day and you will do that forever. But one day you just have to make a call to action and actually GO do it! GO! Find your adventure!

My first year working here at Axial has been an amazing time that has just flown by at light-speed!


Tungsten Peak Trailhead HWY 395 Trip To RECON G6 BDAY Bash 2011
- rodney wills / AXIAL RC Adventure Hiker

Axial Scale Course & RC Truck Show at 36th Annual Hump-N-Bump • Nov 3-4, 2017

Axial Scale Course & RC Truck Show at Hump-N-Bump 2017

Date: November 3 – 4, 2017

Location: 1301 Whipple Ave, Logandale, NV 89021

More info:

The Vegas Valley Four Wheelers is proud to announce the 36th annual
Hump-N-Bump! Sign up early for this action-packed weekend on November 3 and 4th, 2017 with amazing wheelin’, gorgeous red rock formations, a huge vendor fair, a massive raffle and an awesome BBQ dinner.

This two-day event offers trails for drivers of all skill levels and vehicles from stock SUVs to extreme rock buggies. Our skilled volunteer trail staff will lead you through trails throughout the beautiful Logandale Trails System plus portions of the beautiful Valley of Fire State Park. This event is only open to full size 4X4 vehicles. (no side-by-side’s or quads)

Presented by “Partners in Conservation,” a large portion of the proceeds from the Hump-N-Bump event go towards supporting local and national land-use causes and the local community.. Committed to assisting us so far this year will be The Vegas Broncos, The Desert Wranglers, Battle Born Jeeps, and the Walapai 4 Wheelers.

Hump-N-Bump event headquarters is at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Logandale, just a short drive from the trails. The event’s evening activities will take place at the fairgrounds, including an incredible catered barbecue dinner by John Mull’s Road Kill Grill (featured on the Food Channel’s Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives). Event registration is $65 per vehicle and includes guided trails on Friday and Saturday, 5 raffle tickets, dash plaque, goodie bag and more. Event tee shirts are $18, kids tee shirts are $10. Hoodies, knit caps and hats will also be available. We pride ourselves on having one of the best dinners of any event in the country and it is only $20. Boxed kids dinners will be $6. RV parking with partial hookups will be $20 per night (limited availability). Tent and car camping without hookups will be $10 per night.

As we get closer to the 36th annual Hump-N-Bump more information will be added. For more information also check out the Vegas Valley 4-Wheeler’s website at

AMain Hobbies Presents AxialFest 2017 Video

The crew from AMain Hobbies started coming to AXIALFEST in 2016.
This year they brought a video camera to capture what they saw!
Hit the preview screen below or hit the link here – two trails to get you to eight minutes worth of the good stuff:

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 11.41.05 AM

Renegade Rock Runners 2017 – 2018 SORRCA Series Sponsored by Axial RC

Axial Racing is proud to announce that we are working closely with the Renegade Rock Runners in presenting their first scale RC series of six events starting October 7th, 2017 and running to May 26, 2018 here in southern California.

The Renegade Rock Runners are adopting the SORRCA rules for their series as popularity of “scale” competition continues to increase. In the fall of 2010  the formation of the Scale Off Road RC Association, aka: SORRCA, was created to provide a common set of rules and guidelines for everyone interested in holding competitions with scale off road RC vehicles. By following a single common set of rules, people from around the world are able to attend competitions knowing how the judges will be scoring them.

Renegade Rock Runners 2018 SORRCA Series
Sponsored by Axial Racing & Proline Racing


The individuals who make of the club Renegade Rock Runners from the greater Los Angeles area of southern California are inviting the other crawler clubs and individuals out to a series of events to unite the scale scene within the RC hobby for some friendly scale off road vehicle competitions.

The series will be made of of 6-events following SORRCA Rules with 4 different classes; Class 1, Class 2, Class 2.5 (Box Stock Class), and Class 3. Each class will run 2 different lines at each event. $10 per entry per class. Points for scale items, so be sure to make your rigs as scale as possible! We will be hosting a large raffle at the final event, also known as the “Renegade Rock Runners 2018 AXIALFEST-SHAKE-DOWN-RUN”.

There will also be a Concourse hosted and judged by Knight Customs.  All are welcome to join in on the fun! For further information please check out the Facebook group that has been created for this. All up to date event details can be found there, and on the clubs website, at
Facebook Group Link —>

Dates and locations:
1] Oct 7 – Lake Forest / Dimensions
2] Dec 3 - Horseman’s Park – Apple Valley
3] Jan 6 – Simi Valley / Flanagan’s
4] Feb 24 – Palmdale / TBD
5] Mar 31 – Orange County / TBD
6] May 26 – Santa Clarita / Vasquez Rocks


Any and all questions can be left in the Facebook group, or e-mailed to



BAILEY COLE Wins the ULTRA4 Spidertax East Coast series


From all of us at Axial R/C, CONGRATULATIONS TO BAILEY COLE!!!

The 2017 KMC Battle in Bluegrass at Dirty Turtle Off-Road Park was an amazing event. It was the final race of the Ultra4 Spidertrax East Coast series. I was battling for the East Coast series lead, the National points lead, and a King of the Hammers spot. I would be racing both the 4800 and 4400 class. It was going to be a long couple days.

We started off with a little prerunning Friday. The course had the best short course I have raced on, tight woods, and huge hill climbs. The racing was going to be great. After a bit of practice it was time to qualify. We didn’t have perfect runs but did enough to earn 3rd place in 4800 and 17th in 4400 and, more importantly, we kept the car in one piece. We got a bit of sleep and prepared for the long day of racing to come.

Saturday was race day. I was a little nervous because I never have loved tree racing or water, but I trusted in my crew and co-driver keep us on track. The 4800 race started well. We passed 2nd place before the first hill climb. Then I started to track down Kent Fults. He flies through the trees. It was a great battle through the first lap. He pulled away from me after an early red flag situation. I saw him a lap later with broken steering after he hit a tree. We got past and set the car on cruise control. I had gotten about half a lap lead and wanted to preserve the car. Two laps from the finish I got a call on the radio that said Cade Rodd was gaining fast. I had to step it up if I wanted to stand on top of the box. We picked it up and set some fast laps. We were able to put one and a half minutes on Cade before the finish line. It was a perfect race. We were able to win the race and the East Coast Championship, winning my 3rd race in a row.

While I went to the awards ceremony, my amazing Trent Fab crew prepped the car for the main race. They were pleased that all they had to do was splash fuel. Lining up for the 4400 race was a very different feeling. We looked around at a lot of very fast drivers. I felt like a very small fish in a big pond. I had to put those feeling aside though it was time to go racing. I quickly got past a few cars and was on track to push for a top five finish. I saw Derek West coming up to pass me and I knew he was very fast so I pulled over and let him by. I was able to stick with him though and passed him on the short course. We battled for a little over a lap, however in all my excitement of racing with the big boys I managed to have two tire failures. I drove into a big rock and a big tree and since I was still on my DOT tires they could not withstand the impact. My crew got me back out on the track quick and we started passing people again. We fought our way back up into the top 20. With a few laps to go everything with the car was great. I was not so good. I was starting to lose feeling in my arms from working the wheel so much and bouncing around. My co-driver was able to keep me going fast. We didn’t let up and passed a car on the final lap to get 11th place in 4400. The car could have done more laps, however I don’t know I could have. Trent Fab definitely makes a car that will last far longer than you are able too. It was an amazing feeling. We were the first non qualified driver so I earned a KOH spot.

It was an amazing experience to race with the big boys, but the coolest thing I experienced was the day after the race. While helping clean the course we came across a boy, named Levi, and his dad wheeling. They were really excited to hang out and talk and Levi asked if I could sign his shirt when they got back to the campground. I of course agreed. They stopped by our camp as we were packing up and I signed his shirt. We talked for a little bit and he reminded me of when I was little and was talking to my heros Dustin Webster and Dean Bullock. They really helped me get a love for off-roading and I wanted to do something more for Levi. I pulled my trophy out, and asked him to take care of it for me. His face made my weekend. It was really great to give something to the fans that make this sport amazing. Without these races I wouldn’t have met some of my best friends and some people that are as close to me as my family. Family is what makes Ultra4 the best racing series out there.

I have to thank all the amazing sponsors who helped me get here. Griffin Thermal Products, Spidertrax Off-Road, Axial Racing, Yukon Gear & Axle, Fox Racing Shox, Nitto Tire, Wilwood Disc Brakes, KMC Wheels, WARN, Team 208 Motorsports, ATO Performance Transmissions, Douglas Machine Engines, and Factor 55. I also have to thank my dad for letting me be a racecar driver, my family, and girlfriend supporting me. None of this would be possible without all of your support.
#winning #bestsupport #teamwarn #propertuning #teamyukon #reliable #becauseracecar

Follow Bailey Cole:

Off-Road Dave’s First Time Account of AXIALFEST 2017

Words & Photos: David “Off-Road Dave” Miller

It all started in Ohio. Well, the thought started between me and my good friend Nick in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ohio is later.  This was the season we were going to hit comps. As many comps as we could. Not to win, but to learn. To become better at choosing lines. To meet up with other scalers from around the Midwest. To learn better set ups and tuning on our rigs.  Nick started searching comps. We started talking about which ones we might be able to get out to. Then AxialFest started popping up on social media. “Axialfest man, let’s do it. ” We were both serious.axialfest_2017_offroaddave_500px-55

Then life happened and neither of us could make it. So we started looking at other big events we could hit. This is where Ohio comes into play. Team KNK Hardware TTC. It was on our radar. I made plans to go. Now keep in mind, I manage a business and have an amazing wife and 6 kids, so me making plans to travel out of state to play with tiny trucks isn’t super high on the priority list. I was given the ok by Amanda (my love) and the owner of the business I run. “Dude, I’m going to KNK you are too!!” Yeah, my buddy couldn’t make it. I was bummed. I planned on going solo and after a few posts on Facebook, my buddy Kevin said “I’ll go bro!” Now I had a co-pilot.axialfest_2017_offroaddave_500px-53

So, fast forward. We run KNK. It was amazing. I find out I’m a team driver for my favorite electronics company , Castle RC. I also end up taking 1st place in one of my classes beating the one and only, John Schultz. Like, what? Kate, my team manager says “we need you at AXIALFEST!” OK, so wow, this could be real as in this could really happen! I might just be making it there. Then my new friend, Rodney Wills says, “I want you to shoot AxialFest.” So yeah, how could I not go now. That’s two real big signs saying your dumb not to dude… I get home (after several hours and Starbucks iced coffees) and I’m excited about everything. I tell Amanda I won first!! They want me at AXIALFEST in July!! So blah blah blah, scheduling, family, blah blah BUT ITS ON!!!

Let’s skip to Thursday July 13th.
I arrive at the Reno airport and have a kid named Elvis from Reno picking me up. Chris aka Hemistorm set up the ride for me. This kid is a maniac. Toyota Tundra, mountain roads, and fast driving to make it to the concourse at Axialfest. He and his friend built this wicked RESQ1 replica for the big show. 200 hours spent on it. Crazy, right? We have to be there like an hour ago. As we are flying by the seat of our pants I can’t take my eyes off the mountains. The mountains are EVERYWHERE out here. Back home we have tallish buildings, so these Sierra Nevada mountains are blowing my mind, like seriously blowing my mind!axialfest_2017_offroaddave_500px-8

The anticipation of arriving at Cisco Grove campground is weighing heavy on my mind too. I am excited to see people and tiny trucks. We make it and I need to head to the Castle booth first. Elvis gets me there in one piece. (Whew) and I meet up with Kate and Chris. Now, I haven’t eaten since the night before, high elevation, and overloaded with being at the one and only AXIALFEST. Needless to say, I felt a bit strange. Not all there but, you know, there. Jody from the Renegade rock Runners shows up and lets me know my spot at their campsite is ready. I hang out at Castle for a while and help out with programming esc’s and customers.

I take a walk around and see that the online shops I order from are here. I can get what I need (let’s face it, what I want) now. NOW!!! No shipping time. Get that stuff now and go build!!!! Awesome. So RPP is where I went. B-Line YO!! Scooped some new F9′s for the 10 II along with all the Vanquish fixings. I head over to A camp and meet up the RRR guys. Now if you don’t know the RENEGADE ROCK RUNNERS, you should. These guys are top tier A + human beings. Only one of them knew me. They took me in, fed me, gave me a bed to sleep in, helped work on my rig, you name it. The are in this for the love. The passion. Man, the passion I felt through out my time at AxialFest. That’s the thing… It’s the essence of what we do with these things. Yeah, they are toys. We all get that. It’s the people with passion that make them so much more than toys. Every manufacturer, every club, every retailer I spoke with had that fire. They love what they do and the love to share it. Axial, these guys are passion. These guys are love. These guys make adventure happen. That’s what this whole thing has been.axialfest_2017_offroaddave_500px-32

Ever since I decided to go to KNK TTC I have been on an adventure. I didn’t realize that until I spent a few hours talking with Rodney Wills. I met him simply because he is inquisitive. He wants to know. He wants to know what makes you tick. I love that about him. He uses the word adventure with a passion unlike I have ever seen. Dude is sort of the RC equivalent of Indiana Jones.axialfest_2017_offroaddave_500px-35

OK, back to my story here.
I head back to Castle with my rig to help some more. After a short while I got antsy and needed to find a trail. First one is Trail-A. I mean, ABC’s man! Only seems logical. The beginning is pretty basic. Cool scale building and easy trailing. Then you hit the rock. It gets awesome fast. After about 50 gates I take a break from looking down at my truck. I stretch a little and realize that the mountain I am on is surrounded by much bigger mountains and it is breath taking. It truly put a tear in my eye. Axial picked an astonishing place to hold their event. I cannot describe accurately enough how amazing Cisco Grove really is. To top it off I am playing with my tiny truck alongside hundreds of other people! You can’t beat that. I continue on Trail-A through the trees, rocks, brush, dirt, and hot sun all the way to the last 5 gates. My battery dies. In all the excitement I didn’t think to grab extra batteries or even tools. Either way it was a great way to start my trail runs at AxialFest.axialfest_2017_offroaddave_500px-3

That night I went on a run on Trail-G with the Renegade Rock Runners. I’ve never ran at night so my rig wasn’t prepared. You know, ROCK LIGHTS! (I fixed that the following day with Gearhead RC lights from RPP) but fortunately for me on this first night run, the Renegade boys had plenty of light to keep me on trail. Trail-G would become my favorite trail maybe because it was my first with such the experience…  but the terrain and company was more than I could have ever asked for. There were a lot of tiny trucks on that trail that night. You could see off into the distance headlamps and LED lights on ridges up high and down low. The entire trail experience was really fun. The Axial team made the gates wide so you could pick your line which gave everyone the ability to go hard or soft on their rigs. I had to choose the most difficult lines. Like most people I want to see what my rig can do. The end of Trail-G was kind of crazy. It was like a downhill slide of sand. Needless to say, we did some skiing to make it down. At the bottom there was another crew of guys digging hard into the sand with their rigs. It was cool to watch. The rock lights and dust along with the dark made it a bit of a spectacle. With Trail-G over we head back to camp and rest up.axialfest_2017_offroaddave_500px-11axialfest_2017_offroaddave_500px-14axialfest_2017_offroaddave_500px-12

The following day was a blur. There was the Altra Ultra 5K Enduro. Man, I couldn’t believe how hard these guys and gals worked to make forward progression on the designated course! It was impressive to say the least. Michael Pham is one of the guys that had my interest. He pushed himself to the breaking point and kept going. He’s a champ in my mind. Everyone was crazy, really! I mean, cars jumping on each other, flips, flops, (one dude had on flip flops), running, sweating, and focus. All of the competitors get a salute from me. Hats off!! After all of the excitement I went back to camp to take a breather and hang out with my new friends.axialfest_2017_offroaddave_500px-19axialfest_2017_offroaddave_500px-20axialfest_2017_offroaddave_500px-27axialfest_2017_offroaddave_500px-25

The last day was rock racing, raffles, drawings, and awards. The awards ceremony held by Axial was glorious. It wasn’t because of the gifts or awards. It was the hundreds and hundreds of people that drive tiny trucks gathered in one place for the first time since I arrived. So many families, friends, kids and purely awesome people all there for one reason. The reason you ask? Because, Axial. Jeff Johns, Rodney Wills, John Schultz, and the whole Axial family. Axial has found me new friends, adventures, fun, and love. They might not know it, but because of them, so many people have connected who might not have ever connected without them. Thank you Axial. Not for your rigs but for that piece of the puzzle that so many have used to connect to one another. I will never forget 2017.

Thank you Castle (Kate and Chris) for making this trip happen.













































































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Richard Derry’s Account of Past and Present AXIALFEST Events

Words & Photos: Richard Derry

AXIALFEST, the largest RC event in the world, grows larger each year, simply as an Axial customer appreciation event!

My first time to this amazing event was AXIALFEST 2015, and I thought it was amazing even back then. There were so many trucks driving around and everyone was so involved, there were big name vendors like Tower Hobbies, RC4WD, Vanquish, Tekin and RPP Hobby, CKRC Hobbies, Jeep Brand, Magnaflow, JRC, HoyFab, GCM, Holmes Hobbies, Knight Customs, Futaba, KNK Hardware, 212 Performance Gloves, Car Buff, BRAVEN, GearHead RC, Phoenix LED,  and many more!IMAG00110_500px
Photo courtesy of Skeeno

AXIALFEST2015 was basically a large adventure festival with adventure trails, concours, mud drags and TerraXcross rock racing. All this, back in 2015, when the awards ceremony overflowed from the main pavilion.

Then, AXIALFEST 2016 was the “Year Of The Bridges” and there were many of them with each of them being unique and hand made. There were bridges crossing ponds and rivers, bamboo bridges going up the faces of rocks and really cool teeter-totter bridges with a few scale objects scattered along the trails. AXIALFEST 2016 also had the addition of its first ever Ultra 5K RC Enduro which was sponsored by the shoe maker Altra Running. Vendor Row grew as well and had more additions like Boom Racing, Knight Customs, Amain Hobbies, ScalerFab along with the regulars of Tekin, SOR, Scaler Fab, CKRC, Proline Racing, RC4WD RPP Hobby and Scale Builders Guild. There were even full size sponsors like Method Race Wheels, BFGoodrich Tires, Magnaflow exhaust and RIGID Industries! Attendance grew as well, there was even a “Celebrity” by the name of Casey Currie who showed up and ran the Ultra 5K Enduro and several night run trails! For the awards ceremony they had to move from the pavilion out to a large parking lot area which accommodated the attendees.

This year, AXIALFEST 2017 was all about the old California mining culture tagged #ProspectFever. Along the trails you would find hundreds of little scale details, there were mine carts and tracks, abandoned mines, water towers, gold, miners, axes, questionable bridges to drive across.
There was a large mine cart track that your RC would slide down a 15 foot “cliff” to the bottom! This year saw the addition of three more trails for a total of 10 trails to adventure on. The Axial crew took extra time and attention to make the trails as veritable as possible as some would test both your physical skill and that of your truck, others were a nice relaxing drive that would let you have time to take a look at the beautiful surroundings that are in the High Sierra mountains.

Taking a stroll down the famous AXIALFEST Vendor Row felt like it had doubled in size. There were the familiar names from last year with the addition of Canyon Coolers, Pedals Bike Shop, KONA Bicycles, HiTec RC, Castle Creations, ToyZuki, Team G, BPC Chassis, Brazen RC, RCP Crawlers and AZU4RC. Attendance was insane! Not only had Cisco Grove campground sold out all of their regular spots, they also weren’t turning anyone away and as a result they split campsites. When you’re at AXIALFEST, there is always a sense of friendship among all, there were a few time that one of my son’s RC had some issues and there was always someone that would offer a tool, a spare part, or just an idea on how to correct the issue. You also see families hiking and driving together, young kids (A LOT OF KIDS!) enjoying the outdoors, mom’s carrying babies and just having fun.

Huge thanks and recognition goes out to Axial employees and volunteers who out-do themselves each year, lose sleep, and are away from their families for days, even weeks to create an amazing event that has become a favorite Summer tradition in my home as well as hundreds of others.