Canyon Coolers Contest


CONTEST TIME!!! Canyon Coolers, #AXIALFEST2017 sponsor, has donated this Scout-22 cooler for a social contest! WHO WANTS TO WIN THIS? Like Scott said, he wants to see your AXIALFEST PROSPECTOR FEVER THEMED BUILD next to your most “raggidiest” moldy, crusty, greasy cooler in a single photo comment to this post. This way we know who deserves a new Scout-22 Canyon Cooler the most!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN THE CONTEST. Entry into this Contest constitutes your acceptance of these Official Rules.

CONTEST ENTRY DATES: Contest start date is the date of our contest post. Contest ends 10 days afterwards. Facebook post went live on June 12.

WHO MAY ENTER: Contest is only open to U.S. legal residents who are new or existing Axial Facebook followers. Must have a valid email address.

CONTEST ENTRY: To enter, reply to our Canyon Coolers Contest post and submit your photo of your Axialfest 2017 Prospector Fever themed build alongside your old, beat up cooler. You must post a single photo of both items as a comment to the Axial Canyon Coolers Contest post to be eligible.
Judges’ decisions are final and binding.
PRIZE: One (1) Canyon Coolers Scout 22 Adventure Cooler

WINNER NOTIFICATION: Winner will be determined after the Contest’s end date and will be notified via Facebook.

This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook.
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What’s Your Scale Trail Name?

Words: Rodney “GCRad1″ Wills

What’s your Scale Trail Name?
How I got mine and and how to you get yours.

For me, I’ve been 2RAD, RAD, RAD1 since 1983.
Later in life, GCRad1 on the digital forum walls of social media.

Through my own fascination with hiking one of the big three… Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), Continental Divide Trail (CDT) and the Appalachian Trail (AT), I discovered folks who’ve hiked the big three commonly referred to one another via their “trail name.”
Yes, we are talking about nick names, nom de plume ( aka trail names. It’s a name that people adopt as their “alter-ego” or a reflection of their personality. Or, they earn it from fellow hikers, good or bad, but  bestowed upon them nonetheless.

While many of us are on message forums such as,,,,, you might also be on, or even as well – and most of you have some really cool screen names!

But what about those who are just getting into it? How do you choose a name?

How did I go about getting the G, the C, the R, the A, the D and the “1″ for my pen name?Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.21.10 PMIt started way back in the 1980′s. My nickname is derived from the Radical Rick BMX cartoons in the back of BMXPlus Magazine! However, Radical was too long to “write” and I’m no Rick…

In the dictionary, the word “radical” carries the meaning, “favoring extreme change” and for this country kid growing up in the woods of Alabama who later moved to the city, that’s all I needed to see! I just chopped it down to the bare essence of the word – RAD!

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.41.03 PM
At the time, I had just entered into design school in Atlanta and needed four letters for my street name. Since Radical Rick was the first “RAD dude,” I wanted to be the “second” so I added a “2″ on the front to make four letters – 2RAD.

Rad1KTDWhen I move to the West Coast to finish college at California College of Art (Bay Area), I changed the “2RAD” to “RAD1″ but sometimes it would simply just be “RAD.” Thus the word Radical has had great meanings for me, and has served me well! Favoring extreme change.

Where did the “GC” in GCRAD1 come from? 4646153448_40a5b8a1d3_z

The “GC” stands for GravelCrew, derived from the term Gravel Cars.


After 911, yes THE 911 in 2001, international air fair rates from the USA to ANYWHERE outside of the USA was at an all time low! My buddy called me and asked if I wanted to go to England for WRC Rally Great Britain. I said that is going to be too expensive! He said, “$400 BUCKS!” And I said that is still a bit expensive… but… he quickly interjected, “NO! Like $400 for BOTH OF US ROUND TRIP!” So, OF COURSE my answer quickly turned into a big “YES!” Then I had to explain to my wife that during the Thanksgiving holiday, ScottG and I would be flying over to the UK for the rally event.

During that trip, after the rally, we spent time with the Subaru World Rally Team as Travis Pastrana was getting his official training test with the team. What caught our eye was the teams utilization of street going, rally prepped, Subaru WRX’s as support cars and pace-note cars, and referred to them as “gravel cars.” Upon our return home, we started the GRAVEL CREW as our crew had daily driven cars with roll cages, mud flaps and rally tires! The name was perfect! We were all socially active on the subi-forums and we would put the crew initials in front of our screen names, so everyone new, it was someone from the Gravel Crew, hence the GC in GCRAD1. So there you have it!

OK, enough about me!
HOW TO GET YOUR OWN TRAIL NAME?32234859584_3df30758a4_z

So there’s my story and here are some ideas on how to get your own nickname:

We made this fun post “What’s your Scale Name?” on Facebook:


More fun reading:
How To Get The Best Trail Name Ever – Appalachian Trials

A trail name is a name that you can either give to yourself or someone will give one to you if you’re on a long hike. Be warned … if someone …

How did they get that name?

Trail Names And How They Find You

Thanks for reading and let us know your trail name by adding a comment on our Facebook post:

A few of my favorites FROM THE PAGES OF


Twisted Creations








Twisted Creations






CANYON COOLERS – Official Sponsor & Vendor AXIALFEST 2017

Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce Canyon Coolers as a first-time sponsor and attendees, supporting AXIALFEST2017! With their Prospector Series, what better fit could we find for this years Prospector Fever theme!!!


Rafting the Grand Canyon’s 225 miles takes weeks to complete. Keeping supplies on ice in 100 degree temperatures for that length of time was nearly impossible with commercially available coolers. Rafting companies experimented with fiberglass containers and later started using the durable kayak plastic making crude double walled boxes and insulating them with expanding foam. Although rudimentary, the thick walled heavy duty coolers could hold up to the elements and were referred to as “Canyon Boxes”.

In 2010 two local rafting enthusiasts in Flagstaff, Arizona acquired and re-branded what is today known as Canyon Coolers. Rafters were soon enjoying cold beverages throughout 27 day trips. Since then, they have developed enhanced seals, latches, and other innovations, while maintaining the heavy duty durability and insulating capabilities that started it all. New sizing and color options coupled with an easy to use website are making ridiculously tough, seriously cold coolers at a reasonable price available to everyone.

Today Canyon Coolers are being utilized nationwide by a loyal following of hunters, rafters, outdoorsmen, and a major Southern California university hospital’s blood donor center.

KLP HOBBY – Official Sponsor & Vendor AXIALFEST 2017

Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce KLP HOBBY as a first-time sponsor for AXIALFEST2017! KLP Hobby representatives attended last year, all the way from China, and are attending again this year!

KLP Hobbyhas been established for 9 years with a focus on R/C car models, and is the first AXIAL dealer in China.  Since 2009 we have gradually become agents for many major brands.

KLP HOBBY is also the founder of CCA (China Crawler Association),  organizing and participating in a number of R/C car crawler games held throughout China. We also aim to promote this event through various platforms and media.
We welcome all fans and companies interested to get in contact, and to continue to build and promote this area in China.

Upgraded SMT10™ Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck for Dennis Anderson

With the 2017 No Limit RC World Finals just around the corner, we decided to provide Dennis Anderson, driver of the 1:1 Grave Digger, with a fully hopped up version of our AX90055 SMT10™ Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck.

Here’s a list of the parts used in this build:

Front End
AX30395 Axial Heavy Duty Bevel Gear Set – 38T/13T
AX30762 Axial XR10 Aluminum C-Hub Carrier
AX31244 Axial Upper Link Plate Set
AX31245 Axial Lower Link Plate Set
AX31428 Axial AR60 Steering Upgrade Kit
AX31429 Axial AR60 Machined High Clearance Differential Cover
AX31430 Axial King Shocks Aluminum Caps and Collar Set – 12mm
AX31431 Axial Aluminum Shock Spring Retainer – 12mm
AX31432 Axial AR60 Machined Servo Plate and Mount Set
AX31433 Axial AR60 Machined Link Mounts
AX31434 Axial AR60 Machined Steering Knuckles

AX24260 Axial AE-3 Vanguard Brushless ESC
AX30839 13T 32P Pinion Gear
AX30860 Axial Machined Motor Plate
AX31047 Axial Brushless 3150kV Motor
AX31068 Axial Slipper Pads
AX31163 Axial Steel Spur Gear 32P 56T

Rear End
AX30395 Axial Heavy Duty Bevel Gear Set – 38T/13T
AX30789 Axial AR60 OCP Aluminum Straight Axle Hub Carrier
AX31244 Axial Upper Link Plate Set
AX31245 Axial Lower Link Plate Set
AX31429 Axial AR60 Machined High Clearance Differential Cover
AX31430 Axial King Shocks Aluminum Caps and Collar Set – 12mm
AX31431 Axial Aluminum Shock Spring Retainer – 12mm
AX31433 Axial AR60 Machined Link Mounts

© 2016 Feld Motor Sports, Inc. MONSTER JAM®, UNITED STATES HOT ROD ASSOCIATION®, USHRA®, and GRAVE DIGGER® are trademarks used under license by Feld Motor Sports, Inc.  All rights reserved.

BOOM RACING – Official Sponsor & Vendor AXIALFEST 2017

Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce Boom Racing as a returning official sponsor for AXIALFEST 2017!

Boom Racing’s products are designed with your R/C hop-up needs in mind. With great passion for the R/C hobby, you can be certain that Boom Racing will always have something new for you R/C enthusiasts! Whether you’re looking for some affordable rims, or even a set of durable piggyback shocks, Boom Racing has it all for you at the largest online RC store. Boom Racing’s line of R/C cars and trucks and upgrades continues to expand and will guarantee that you can find great products at great price.


Toyzuki’s Fabrication – Officially approved aftermarket frame rails for AXIALFEST 2017


Axial is pleased to announce Toyzuki’s Fabrication as an approved frame rail manufacturer for AXIALFEST 2017! This allows customers of Toyzuki’s Fabrication to run their SCX10 aftermarket frame rails in the adventure class of AXIALFEST 2017.


Since 2014, Toyzuki’s Fabrication is a family owned and operated, garage based business that strives for excellence. Our focus has been on bringing your SCX10 to the most competitive level it could possibly be, with chassis, motor mounts, transfer cases, skids, and chassis mounted servo. Not only focusing on the center of gravity, break over angle, and suspension geometry, but taking it further than the rest to give you scale points by the SORRCA rules.

More info:

2017 Portland International Auto Show

words & photos: Ryan Gerrish

We couldn’t believe it, but this was the 7th year of our partnership with Axial Racing and the Portland International Auto Show! Every year we build a unique course and run crawlers on it for 12 hours a day for 4 days. It’s fantastic exposure for our RC Crawling hobby as well as the capabilities of Axial trucks, and many attendees told us it’s one of the main reasons they keep coming back! Hopefully we created a few hundred new enthusiasts over the course of the show out of the tens of thousands that came by the booth. We let people drive two RTR SCX10 Deadbolt trucks and one Jeep® Cherokee SCX10 II for the duration of the show, and only suffered a couple minor plastic broken parts. (One shock tower, one axle housing which as zip tied!) It’s fun to watch new drivers learn on the fly and adapt to the challenges presented by our course.

The build was the same basic process as years past- a wood under-structure topped with carved foam, then coated with concrete and painted. I do 3′x3′ sections to keep them relatively movable, as the concrete adds a bit of weight!


Once finished, I load them on to my trailer and drive them to the Convention Center, then lift them on to table in my booth and arrange everything.


This year we had a little exta space, so we brought in a Expedition travel equipped Mercedes G Wagon, and a Swedish Military Volvo C303 TGB1111 Tank Killer to draw people in. It worked!


After some brief course testing, we opened it up to the public. Thankfully I had enough volunteers from the Oregon RC Rock Crawlers (ORCRC) to keep the booth running strong all weekend, as well as give people information and spot the drivers on the course.


I always have a chance to walk around the show and see what interesting full-size vehicles are on display every year.


The National Guard had some hardware out this year which was new.


One of my favorite rides of the show was the Ubco Electric Bike, and New Zealand built 2WD, street legal ‘moped’ that I must have.


A tradition the past few years has been to bring the demo trucks to the camp out we attend out at Nahalem Bay State Park right after the show. Despite the strong wind and excessive rain, we had a great time driving on the beach.


Many thanks to Axial and the Portland Auto Show for having us back and allowing us to run this booth! It’s enjoyable for everyone involved, and the attendees love it!

Axial joins Extreme Scale Performance RC for SCALE WARS

Scale Wars is an ongoing online scale building competition from Josh Elliot of Extreme Scale Performance RC for Axial based builders around the world! Josh Elliot, aka “Camping with Coleman” explains this is his way of giving back to my Subscribers by providing a platform for you to showcase your awesome talents and skill sets. It is also a way for Josh to show his love for the company that got Elliot into building scale radio controlled vehicles back in 2007… Axial!

More information: Extreme Scale Performance SCALE WARS