news_axialfestsponsor_AM_Frame_rails_500pxAPPROVED AFTERMARKET FRAME RAILS for AXIALFEST 2017
Axial RC Inc would like to send a big THANK YOU to these Axial SCX10 aftermarket manufacturers who are supporting AXIALFEST 2017!

Every year for AXIALFEST, we try to tweak a little something for you! We asked if you wanted to run your aftermarket SCX10 frame rails in the adventure class at AXIALFEST2017 and asked you to contact your favorite aftermarket SCX10 frame rail manufacturer to let them know that you wanted to run their SCX10 modified rails! You did and these are the companies who got on board for AXIALFEST2017!

BPC Custom Chassis
Brazen Scale RC
Team G Speed-LCG
Toyzuki’s Fabrication

Read all about each of these companies below:

For over 20 years, yes, since 1996! BPC Custom Chassis has been known the world over for high performance in scale off-road racing. From Nitro Sprint Cars and Late Models to Scale Crawlers and Comp Rigs, our chassis and components consistently find themselves in the winners circle. Who remembers building crawlers from scratch? Way before axial was even a company, we were scale crawling! Starting out building custom Tamiya Clod-buster chassis’ and slinging TLT-1 axles here in the beautiful California Sierras, the love for crawling was permanently stamped into our hearts early on. But, high speed crashes, the smell of nitro and burnt rubber began to call to us, and we soon found ourselves building Nitro Sprint Car components. Many of our first Nitro Sprint Cars are still racing and pushing their way to the podium today, even after years of punishment on the Oval.       We still make the finest sprint car chassis’ money can buy! Our love for crawling never died, and our components take scale crawler rigs all over the planet to a new realm of both performance and durability, without sacrificing scale looks. When we aren’t burning metal to build your frame, we are crawling some of the most picturesque trails California has to offer! Simply put, we know crawlin’! With a BPC equipped rig, be sure that you can find the performance and durability you need to survive even the most grueling off-road racing, and squash the competition.

Brazin Scale RC has been in business for 3-years specializing in fabricated scale RC crawler frame rails, bumpers and other miscellaneous chassis components.

The GSPEED-LCG Chassis design was created in California, by Gabriel Fleming, in December 2015. His friend, Gee Spaulding, helped him get started by refining the design and creating a GSPEED-LCG Chassis Solid Works file. From then on, GSPEED-LCG Chassis hit the ground running, sending chassis rails all over the word. The 1/8″ thick GSPEED-LCG G10 material or carbon steel chassis rails and TJ RC Products skid plate, are designed to lower the center of gravity of your SCX10, while allowing more clearance for the up travel of your SCX10 or AR60 axles. This chassis increases the stock measurement between the skid plate and the top of the chassis by about 1/2″.  Replacement for your stock SCX10 chassis rails or any other aftermarket SCX10 chassis rails. You can use all the Axial stock skid plate, cross members and bumpers from your stock SCX10. To use the optional upper link mounts (recommended) you will need to shorten your upper links. The stock skid plate and the TJ RC Products skid plate are the same width, which is wider than the rest of the stock cross-members. The flat rails are designed to bend and tapper in, to meet the narrower stock cross-members as you tighten all the hardware. The G10 frame rails weigh 3 oz. and the steel rails weigh 12.75oz.

Since 2014, Toyzuki’s Fabrication is a family owned and operated, garage based business that strives for excellence. Our focus has been on bringing your SCX10 to the most competitive level it could possibly be, with chassis, motor mounts, transfer cases, skids, and chassis mounted servo. Not only focusing on the center of gravity, break over angle, and suspension geometry, but taking it further than the rest to give you scale points by the SORRCA rules.