First and foremost, this is not a race, nor a rally.
What it is  – is the pursuit of R/C adventure!

If you are into scale trailing, adventure crawling, overland adventure, whatever you wish to call it, and/or if this is your first time coming to AXIALFEST, we highly recommend this class as your choice if you own an Axial AX10, SCX10, SCX10ii or a Wraith / Bomber set up for adventure. If you are bringing the whole family, you can all run together and run the Adventure Trails at any time. This is the class all about adventure suited for both those who like to meander through the woods at a leisurely pace and or those looking for technical adventures. This year, the ADVENTURIST will simply be about completing the designated trails with your friends and family at your leisure. Please be respectful of those in front of you.

• Will there be a score card? YES! BUT, you will *simply-keep it as your memento, AFTER you record all of the trail times. 10-trails with check-in / check-out Times.

• Will the Adventurist Class be about time? NO and yes…
No it will not be a timed event (by us), but you will record your time/s.
It will be all about you having a GOOD TIME and who got the most of it!

*simply-keep: You will want to guard it with utmost care to not lose it as the adventure does not end there! You will want to make sure your AXIALFEST SCORECARD makes it home with you as we will make a post some time after AXIALFEST and ask you to post/share your overall time. Who put in more trail time, more trail miles?!

Rule #1: Axial Chassis: AX10, SCX10, SCX10ii, Wraith, Bomber, Yeti (geared down)
Factory chassis can be modified. Aftermarket frame rails MUST BE PRE-APPROVED! Your brand of choice must be technically pre-approved and a supporting vendor of AXIALFEST in order to be eligible. Please review the approved List:
Rule #2: Axial transmission or an aftermarket transmission housing using Axial gear format.
Rule #3: Axial axles or any aftermarket axle using Axial ring & pinion sized gearing.
Rule #4: Must display the mandatory Tech Sticker
No restrictions for the following items:
• Tires
• Suspension links
• C-hubs
• Steering knuckles
• Driveshafts