Battery Relocation – SCX10 Jeep RTR

We have been getting a few requests recently for a “step by step” tutorial on relocating the battery from its stock location in the rear on the SCX10-JK, to the front. This is a simple modification that can really transform how your rig performs in the rocks. Moving weight from the back to the front of a vehicle greatly enhances its ability to climb steep rock faces. This is a no brainer for me, as I am all about performance with my rigs regardless if they are scale or comp rigs. So let’s dig in!

I am using a “kit” SCX10-JK for this article, but the steps are exactly the same for the kit and RTR Jeeps. A couple shots of the battery tray in stock RTR form.

First thing we need to do is remove the two screws holding the metal battery tray to the chassis.

With the metal tray removed you can access the screws that hold the plastic base of the battery tray.

Remove the two screws that hold the base of the battery tray to the chassis cross-member, located between the rear shock towers.

Next remove the two screws that tie the radio box to the front chassis cross-member.

Locate the bag of plastic extras that is included with the RTR Jeep. Inside there are a few parts required to complete this modification.

Find two of the three battery tray posts in your bag of extras. These will be the main supports for the tray in its new location.

Now grab the parts tree numbered AX80009 from your bag of extras. Cut item #5 off the parts tree. We will use this spacer for the front of the battery tray.

The hardware required for the relocation.

The two main support screws should measure just over an inch.

The front screw needs to be shorter and should measure in the 5/8″ range.

Insert the two long screws in the holes closest to center of the plastic battery tray base, then slide the plastic battery tray posts over the screws.

While holding the spacers on the screws, set the battery base into place so the two long screws line up with the radio box holes. Tighten the screws down until they are snug.

Now grab your short front spacer and set it into place over the front frame cross-member’s molded boss.

Set the metal battery tray into place on the plastic base and install the shorter 5/8″ long screw through the front of the whole assembly.

Install the short flathead screw that holds the metal tray to the plastic base at the rear.

And you are done! A shot of the newly relocated battery tray.

Following these simple steps to move the battery will greatly improve on your SCX10′s already amazing capabilities. Time to go hit the trails!!