2012 Portland Auto Show


Axial Team driver Ryan Gerrish and longtime friends Brett Carlson, Mitch Warner, Maren Holmboe, Jonathon and Jade @ Jugtown Vinyl once again did an incredible job preparing and manning the Axial interactive display system with Tammie’s Hobbies for the 2012 Portland International Auto show.

Ryan sent us a note about his experience at the auto show:

The 2012 Portland International Auto Show concluded without a hitch, we successfully subjected thousands of innocent but willing attendees to the joys of Axial crawling. Our Honcho’s and Wraiths performed admirably, driven mostly by beginners for 4 days straight, 10 hours a day, almost continuously. We saw very minor issues with the vehicles, but nothing that kept any one of them down for more than a few minutes, and considering the abuse they endured, that’s pretty amazing! Watching kids and adults take the rigs through their paces was awesome. Some of them caught on quickly, and were trying the harder lines on the course, while others simply tried to destroy the trucks! Keeping up with roll-over recovery was exhausting by the end of Sunday, but we had a fantastic time and look forward to running the display again next year! Big thanks to Axial, Tammie’s Hobbies and the Auto Show for the opportunity!

The interactive display turned out to be quite a challenge. It offered something for everyone. There were easy lines for the beginners, and some very advanced lines available for expert drivers and more capable Axial vehicles…

The Axial logo was a very nice touch!!

As ryan expressed, people lined up all day to try their hand at the Axial rock wall, even some youngsters!

In our previous blog post about Portland we showed you these cool full size Honchos like this one…

What we didn’t show you is the scaled down version of the Honcho that is ready to tackle the course!

All in all, the people of Portland Oregon really enjoyed the opportunity to run the Axial vehicles as well as experience a little piece of the outdoor lifestyle from the comfort of the exhibit hall! We appreciate all the hard work that Ryan and crew put into this event, and are proud to call them part of the Axial Family. Thanks guys!! Awesome Job!!

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  1. I was there to help on Sunday and the trucks just kept going after being abused all day, a true testament to the reliability of the Axial product.

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