VANQUISH PRODUCTS – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2017

Axial is pleased to announce VANQUISH PRODUCTS as a returning sponsor for AXIALFEST 2017! VANQUISH PRODUCTS is one of the longest standing supporters of AXIALFEST, since 2012. Even before AXIALFEST with our AWCC events as far back as 2008!

Vanquish Products, home the finest RC crawler and RC scaler parts and accessories. Our products are all designed, manufactured, packaged, and shipped all under one roof at our factory in Sacramento, California. Our product line includes aftermarket parts for Axial based crawlers and scale trucks that we have a desire to raise the performance bar on.



AXIALFEST2017 is fast approaching and PRE-REG is CLOSING SOON AS WELL! We have this weekend and next weekend to get Pre-Reg’ed as it will close on Monday June 7th at 9:00am!!!


Why is this such a big deal? DRIVERS BAGS!
You want to get the drivers bag as it comes with some cool stuff like the commemorative T-SHIRT, THE HAT and the WATER BOTTLE! Can you guess what color the water bottle is going to be this year?!?!?!

Check out this video we re-edited from Josh at ESP as he dumped the contents of his bag from last year.


SWAG! The driver bag-o-goodies! Here’s what was in mine: the bag, hat, shirt, water bottle, patches, stickers, and coozie.

IMAG00517Also in the bag was bunch of goodies from AXIALFEST2016 sponsors like stickers, lanyards, battery straps, shock grease, bottle openers, and coupons.


CANYON COOLERS – Official Sponsor & Vendor AXIALFEST 2017

Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce Canyon Coolers as a first-time sponsor and attendees, supporting AXIALFEST2017! With their Prospector Series, what better fit could we find for this years Prospector Fever theme!!!


Rafting the Grand Canyon’s 225 miles takes weeks to complete. Keeping supplies on ice in 100 degree temperatures for that length of time was nearly impossible with commercially available coolers. Rafting companies experimented with fiberglass containers and later started using the durable kayak plastic making crude double walled boxes and insulating them with expanding foam. Although rudimentary, the thick walled heavy duty coolers could hold up to the elements and were referred to as “Canyon Boxes”.

In 2010 two local rafting enthusiasts in Flagstaff, Arizona acquired and re-branded what is today known as Canyon Coolers. Rafters were soon enjoying cold beverages throughout 27 day trips. Since then, they have developed enhanced seals, latches, and other innovations, while maintaining the heavy duty durability and insulating capabilities that started it all. New sizing and color options coupled with an easy to use website are making ridiculously tough, seriously cold coolers at a reasonable price available to everyone.

Today Canyon Coolers are being utilized nationwide by a loyal following of hunters, rafters, outdoorsmen, and a major Southern California university hospital’s blood donor center.

PRO-LINE RACING – Official Sponsor & Vendor AXIALFEST 2017

Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce PRO-LINE RACING as a returning official sponsor for AXIALFEST 2017!

In 1982, Pro-Line Racing established a new standard for RC Accessory Performance by designing and launching a line of tires and wheels for the emerging off-road market.  In those days, Tamiya and Associated kits where leading the way and Pro-Line strategically focused product advancement in off-road tires and wheels.  As a result, Pro-Line has achieved 12 IFMAR World Championships, hundreds of U.S. National & European Championships including thousands of regional events.
In 1995, Pro-Line made another winning move  by joining  forces with PROTOform Race Bodies to expand the company’s body range and develop it’s clear competitive focus in the on-road market.

Today, enthusiasts have come to know Pro-Line Racing for excellence in product development and proven RC performance in 1:8 Buggy/Truck, 1:10 Electric, Rock Crawling, Short Course, 1:5 Off Road and Nitro classes. You might wonder, what’s in the future for Pro-Line? As the owner, I would like to tell you and commit to you that we are going to improve. We are going to develop and drive more innovations that are exciting and fun for our consumers. We are going to build on existing relationships and make some new friends along the way. Finally we are going to care for our team mates, consumers, dealers, distributors, industry, community, charities and our environment, and we are going to have fun doing it! Thanks for your support over the last 30 years and we are looking forward to our future.

KLP HOBBY – Official Sponsor & Vendor AXIALFEST 2017

Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce KLP HOBBY as a first-time sponsor for AXIALFEST2017! KLP Hobby representatives attended last year, all the way from China, and are attending again this year!

KLP Hobbyhas been established for 9 years with a focus on R/C car models, and is the first AXIAL dealer in China.  Since 2009 we have gradually become agents for many major brands.

KLP HOBBY is also the founder of CCA (China Crawler Association),  organizing and participating in a number of R/C car crawler games held throughout China. We also aim to promote this event through various platforms and media.
We welcome all fans and companies interested to get in contact, and to continue to build and promote this area in China.

CKRC HOBBIES – Official Sponsor & Hobby Shop Vendor at AXIALFEST 2017

CKRC HOBBIES – Official Sponsor & Hobby Shop Vendor at AXIALFEST 2017

Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce that CKRC Hobbies is returning (since 2014) as a secondary hobby shop to support AXIALFEST2017! CKRC Hobbies is one of the only two hobby shops officially vending at the event. The CKRC Hobbies family have contributed vastly to the physical needs of the AXIALFEST event over the years, and we will again greatly rely on their services.

While many may already know about CKRC Hobbies prestigious history within both the R/C and full size rock crawling industry, the hobby shop has been under new ownership by Jason Copeland since December of 2013. Copeland strives to continue CKRC’s legendary selection and service bringing R/C products directly to your door with a revamped website. If you are located within the Reno, Nevada area visit the newly decorated brick and mortar location.

2505 Mill St, Reno, NV 89502

Upgraded SMT10™ Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck for Dennis Anderson

With the 2017 No Limit RC World Finals just around the corner, we decided to provide Dennis Anderson, driver of the 1:1 Grave Digger, with a fully hopped up version of our AX90055 SMT10™ Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck.

Here’s a list of the parts used in this build:

Front End
AX30395 Axial Heavy Duty Bevel Gear Set – 38T/13T
AX30762 Axial XR10 Aluminum C-Hub Carrier
AX31244 Axial Upper Link Plate Set
AX31245 Axial Lower Link Plate Set
AX31428 Axial AR60 Steering Upgrade Kit
AX31429 Axial AR60 Machined High Clearance Differential Cover
AX31430 Axial King Shocks Aluminum Caps and Collar Set – 12mm
AX31431 Axial Aluminum Shock Spring Retainer – 12mm
AX31432 Axial AR60 Machined Servo Plate and Mount Set
AX31433 Axial AR60 Machined Link Mounts
AX31434 Axial AR60 Machined Steering Knuckles

AX24260 Axial AE-3 Vanguard Brushless ESC
AX30839 13T 32P Pinion Gear
AX30860 Axial Machined Motor Plate
AX31047 Axial Brushless 3150kV Motor
AX31068 Axial Slipper Pads
AX31163 Axial Steel Spur Gear 32P 56T

Rear End
AX30395 Axial Heavy Duty Bevel Gear Set – 38T/13T
AX30789 Axial AR60 OCP Aluminum Straight Axle Hub Carrier
AX31244 Axial Upper Link Plate Set
AX31245 Axial Lower Link Plate Set
AX31429 Axial AR60 Machined High Clearance Differential Cover
AX31430 Axial King Shocks Aluminum Caps and Collar Set – 12mm
AX31431 Axial Aluminum Shock Spring Retainer – 12mm
AX31433 Axial AR60 Machined Link Mounts

© 2016 Feld Motor Sports, Inc. MONSTER JAM®, UNITED STATES HOT ROD ASSOCIATION®, USHRA®, and GRAVE DIGGER® are trademarks used under license by Feld Motor Sports, Inc.  All rights reserved.

RC4WD – Official Sponsor & Vendor AXIALFEST 2017

Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce RC4WD as a returning official sponsor for AXIALFEST 2017!

RC4WD has been a global leader in high end scale automotive model products for over 14 years, headquartered in Silicon Valley. Founded in 2001 in the San Francisco Bay Area, RC4WD was initially started as a one stop shop (website) for the RC monster truck aftermarket and performance parts. The business grew rapidly through the help of, a forum community dedicated to the RC monster truck enthusiasts. The owner quickly gained an in depth knowledge of what the consumer was looking for, and developed relationships with all the top manufacturers of aftermarket parts. His extensive networking abilities gave him the opportunity to manufacture some components for the companies whose parts and kits he was selling.

In 2005, the business was thriving, stocking nearly 800 parts from companies like Thundertech Racing, JPS, New Era Models, Imex, Defiance Racing, RC Alloy, Vertigo performance and many others. Up until 2006 RC4WD was a one man operation, when business was booming the RC4WD founder employed the help of his friends and family to keep up with the orders. 2006 was a pivotal year, as a college friend of the owners dropped his full time job in effort to help build RC4WD into a force to be reckoned with. Like many companies suffering growing pains, RC4WD and crew rented a small garage unit without amenities such as air conditioning or functioning windows. Working through the California heat in these conditions did not detour the owner from building his dreams. In the summer of 2006 RC4WD reached another milestone as he was seeing a significant shift in the market place. The demand for specialized rock crawling products was emerging, and there appeared to be a lack of interest from some of the manufacturers in filling this demand. Perhaps the owner just had the foresight of what the market was going to do, either way a decision was made. RC4WD scaled back on their distribution of other companies products and began to focus on delivering exactly what the enthusiast community was asking for. The RC4WD manufacturing company was born. This stage was the most difficult, as engineering, manufacturing, sales, and marketing staff had to be hired to make it all work. RC4WD now controls all facets of its products, including engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and customer service.

RC4WD now has designers on almost every continent developing the latest and greatest products to suit your RC crawling needs. The last few years have brought about some extremely detailed products catering to the “Scaler” segment of RC rock crawling. It is not uncommon to see an RC vehicle clad with RC4WD products that requires a second look to know if you are looking at a scale model, or at the real thing.

RC4WD products have been chosen by NASA and made many appearances in TV and magazines throughout the world. The company has contributed parts for the fastest battery-powered radio controlled car. The RC4WD team would like to thank each and every customer, contributor, and dealer for their continued support, feedback, and ideas, they have all helped to shape RC4WD into what it is today! The owner and the RC4WD family will continue to strive to bring to market high quality products that answer the demand of the consumer.

RC Kid YouTube Page

RC Kid was six years old when the Axial Wraith was released in 2011. RC Kid joined YouTube in December of 2012. His parents supported his efforts and told him that they would purchase the Wraith for him once he reached the goal of 1,000 subscribers to his page. April 2017, RC Kid does his Axial Wraith Unboxing indicating he has reached his goal! We love to see the young guys pursuing their passion for R/C and we simply want to encourage the efforts!


BOOM RACING – Official Sponsor & Vendor AXIALFEST 2017

Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce Boom Racing as a returning official sponsor for AXIALFEST 2017!

Boom Racing’s products are designed with your R/C hop-up needs in mind. With great passion for the R/C hobby, you can be certain that Boom Racing will always have something new for you R/C enthusiasts! Whether you’re looking for some affordable rims, or even a set of durable piggyback shocks, Boom Racing has it all for you at the largest online RC store. Boom Racing’s line of R/C cars and trucks and upgrades continues to expand and will guarantee that you can find great products at great price.