AXIALFEST 2015 Sponsor: Magnaflow


Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce that Magnaflow has been added to the sponsor list for AXIALFEST2015!


MagnaFlow got its start as a natural extension of Car Sound Exhaust systems. Their parent company specializes in superior catalytic converter technology and has spent the last 30 years earning its reputation as a market leader around the world. They are proud to continue this tradition through producing the best sounding, best performing and most durable exhaust components in the world. If you’re looking for quality, power and sound, then you’re looking for MagnaFlow.

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AXIALFEST 2015 Sponsor: Jeep


Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce that Jeep has been added to the sponsor list for AXIALFEST2015!

The iconic Jeep® brand is recognized the world over  forever tied to freedom, capability and adventure. Every Jeep vehicle has a unique story to tell, with a rich heritage that links back to the original Willys MA.Our story is your story. Jeep owners have long known that Go Anywhere, Do Anything® is a way of life — not just a campaign slogan. Explore our legendary lineup, then create your own timeless story in a Jeep 4×4.


Come camping with us at AXIALFEST 2015 

Harley Designs Mud Truck Build

Axial is all about adventure, whether it’s in the mud, rocks, dirt, snow, or even ice. It’s especially cool to see people geek out on the product and create their own variations or build up vehicles to suite specific demands. Harley Designs is doing just that, building a SCX10 RAM 4×4 specifically for mudding. Take a look at installment #1 of his video series behind building the Ultimate SCX10 RAM 4×4 Mud Truck.




AXIALFEST 2015: Waiver, General Info, and Code of Conduct


We are very excited to welcome all of you to AXIALFEST 2015. Like in years past, we will be leaving the confines of cement sidewalks, quaint neighborhoods and bumper to bumper traffic in favor of the great outdoors. The Cisco Grove Campground venue is the perfect spot for the Axial family to get together and share a weekend of fun and excitement. Please remember the focus of this event is all about having a good time. Please also remember that it is important to respect your temporary neighbors and this facility, as we want to come back in the future! Below you will find some helpful information to make your experience at AXIALFEST 2015 the best it can be. We are asking for a little homework before your arrival. This is not necessary, but should cut a tremendous amount of time out of your registration process, allowing you to get to the fun part of the weekend a little faster. We have also included some helpful tips for those of you who have not been to an AXIALFEST in the past as well as a checklist of basic supplies.

1. WAIVER – SKIP A STEP AT CHECK IN! If you want to cut the line to check in, download this waiver: ADULT and MINOR. Print it, fill out the info, and have it handy when you show up to check in! (For Pre-REG and ON SITE REG attendees)

ADULT Waiver:
MINOR Waiver(Under 18):



After checking in with the campground, follow the AXIALFEST signs to head up to the Pavilion.

Steps for Driver Check In:

Step 1: SIGN WAIVER at Waiver Booth in front of the Pavillion (OR SKIP THIS STEP IF YOU PRINTED IT YOURSELF!)

Step 2: TECH INSPECTION OF YOUR MAIN RIG @ Tech Inspection Booth



i. Line up by Driver Last Name

ii. Bring your pre-reg ticket confirmation with you and a form of ID

iii. Receive Event Wristband and Driver Bag!


i. All On-Site Registration MUST be made in CASH. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Note: Run Groups will be assigned here

Note: All ULTRA Drivers will be in Group G and run Trail G together

Step 4: PHOTO OP with your Main Rig

Step 5: CHECK SCHEDULE FOR YOUR ASSIGNED CLASS AND HAVE FUN! DRIVER CHECK IN TIMES: THURSDAY (6-9PM) – for those arriving on Thursday / EARLY DRIVER CHECK IN. FRIDAY (7:30AM-9:30AM; 5-7PM) – for those arriving on Friday. SATURDAY (8-10AM) – for those arriving on Saturday


AXIALFEST 2015 Supplemental Intel

Warnings About Nature

Heat- Temperatures in the Sierras can reach as high as 100 degrees during the day and below freezing at night. Weather can vary. We have seen snow, ice, rain, as well as 90* temperatures all during the same weekend at Cisco Grove. Be prepared for all temperatures and types of weather.

Altitude- Cisco Grove is in a High Altitude area. Those traveling from lower elevations may experience some altitude sickness. Altitude sickness may give you headaches and dizziness, loss of appetite and drowsiness. If you experience these symptoms it is recommended that you drink plenty of water. Headaches can be treated with a mild pain reliever such as ibuprofen.

Food and Water- There are very limited food vendors around the Cisco Grove Campground. Hours and miles of Scale RC fun burns a lot of calories. You will need to replenish those calories and fluids. Pack extra food and water than you are expecting.

Wildlife- We will be camping in the mountains. There are all kinds of wild animals in the nearby forest. Be aware of this at all times, watch where you step and be aware of your surroundings. When driving your rig, be sure to look up and pay attention to where you are going and what is in front of you.

AXIALFEST is a family friendly event. Here a few guidelines:
• Mind your language when in groups. Remember, there are kids around.
• This isn’t a fraternity party, please act accordingly.
• Respect others wanting to sleep at night. Mind the campground quiet hours.
• Dress modestly. Again, kids will be around. Consider what is printed upon your clothing. • Respect the campground.
• Clean up after yourself.
• Don’t waste water.
• Don’t park in undesignated areas.
• If there is a non-emergency problem, reach out to the On-Site Axial Phone Line (contact listed below).
• If there is a life threatening emergency, call 911.

ATV/UAV Rules Off road vehicles that are not street legal and registered may not be ridden around the campground. OHVs may take the dirt path to the dirt road to access the Fordyce Trail. Registered street legal vehicles can be driven on the paved areas of the campground.

Emergency Contact Info

- On-Site Axial Phone Line (760) 846-5504 – This number is temporary, and will only be turned on for the duration of the event starting Thursday July 17th. This number is a way to reach Axial staff if there are any issues that you would like to report regarding the experience you are having on site. You will be able to speak to someone anonymously so that the Axial staff may try to rectify the situation. This is not a basic information number, for basic information, please proceed to the Pavilion.

- Gateway Urgent Care 11105 Donner Pass Rd Truckee, CA 96161 (530) 582-2070

- Tahoe Forest Hospital Donner Pass Road and Pine Ave 10121 Pine Avenue, PO Box 759 Truckee, CA 96160 (530) 587-6011

- Nevada County Sheriff’s Office 10879 Donner Pass Rd # A Truckee, CA 96161 (530) 582-7838

Printable Checklist of what to bring:
• Headlamp
• Flashlight
• Axial RC
• Transmitter
• Batteries and Charger
• Spare Parts • Tools
• Food and water for three full days.
• Plates, cups, pots, pans, and utensils.
• Stove/BBQ
• Shorts
• Pants
• T Shirts
• Sweatshirt/Jacket
• Socks and underwear, lots of them.
• Hat/gloves
• Sturdy, close toed shoes, hiking boots recommended. Bring 2 pairs, in case one gets  wet.
• Soap, shampoo, towel, quarters for showers.
• Tent, pad, sleeping bag, pillow
• EZ Up canopy
• Extra towels/rags
• Wash buckets, soap, sponge
• Now that your list is complete, bring more drinking water


Above you’ll find the current trail and camp map. Each letter corresponds with a trail.  For example, if you are assigned to Run Group C, you will START here at Trail C indicated on the map and then work your way around to D, E, G, A, and B.

Note: Trail G is for ULTRA classes only.

Below are some recent AXIALFEST 2015 announcements:




AXIALFEST 2015 Sponsor: JRC

blog_sponsor_jrc2_500x220 Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce that JRC has been added to the sponsor list for AXIALFEST2015! About JRC is the very first full service, professional graphic design, marketing and vehicle concepting service dedicated to the sport and culture surrounding Off Road Vehicles. We operate in both radio controlled scale and full size markets.  JRC offers a full range of graphic design services for everyone and has worked with a diverse list of clients, from the average custom scale builder, to large off road giants like Axial Racing,  Vanquish products and Rebel Off Road.   We offer consulting,  branding, marketing, graphic design, logos, icons, stickers, banners, packaging, t-shirts, apparel design, vehicle skins, scale photography, video editing, ads, social media, web, product design and product development. Our specialty is custom vehicle concepting and building for both RC and full size off road rigs.  We can consult with you and nail down the whole look of your new project before you even get started buying and building.  We can enhance your whole build with a custom graphics concept package that will blow peoples minds. If you want a complete build we can handle that to.  We deal with all the best manufactures and vendors directly, to bring the very best in chassis and parts packages.  Weather your a pro or just the average builder, we can enhance your next build in ways you never imagined.

Facebook Page:

AXIALFEST 2015 Pre Drivers Meeting

AXIALFEST 2015 Pre Drivers Meeting

Words and Photos by Matt Soileau 

1 Welcome to the AXIALFEST 2015 pre-event drivers meeting. Think of this as one of the primers behind getting everyone ready to roll (no pun intended) on the AXIALFEST RECON G6 Challenge.  If you have attended a RECON G6 event before, these key points will sound familiar and a good refresher. If this is your first time, these key points will be valuable information to keep you on the right track during the RECON G6 at AXIALFEST 2015.

First, lets start with the SCORE CARD for this year, we have a brand new one for the 2015 edition of AXIALFEST.


The new AXIALFEST 2015 SCORE CARD looks a little different for those who are familiar with previous ones.  There are colored boxes for each stage section at AXIALFEST 2015.  Make sure you mark in the proper location for each section of the stage. *Note that the Winch Penalty is for human powered winching only*  If you have a powered winch on your vehicle or another vehicle pulls you out, there is no penalty.  There are also locations for stamps and punches, including a place to take notes.  Be keen on taking notes of anything out of the ordinary or unusual. We will have a separate blog post on all the details behind the SCORECARD to follow soon.


Also known as, No Hand of God. The No HOG rule means; Thou shall not touch your rig in an unscale fashion.  If you roll your rig over while on trail, get your rig uprighted using a winch, tow strap, or assistance from a fellow RECON G6er.


When using a tow strap solo, use it in a scale winching fashion.  This means pulling like the strap is attached to a winch.  Flipping the truck over with your hand or foot is a violation of RECON G6 No HOG rules. Remember, the scale gods will be watching. Please don’t do the infamous Helicopter Winch were a driver uses their tow strap to lift and carry their rig to a new location.  If you are lifting the tow strap up and or if your rig is in the air, you are doing it wrong. Think scale… would you put a winch line or tow strap at the top of a tree to extract your vehicle?

There will be a lot of trail markers around the Cisco Grove Campground.  Don’t touch them with your rig, only drive through them. Touching them will result in a time penalty.  Also, make sure you drive through them in the proper direction, which is passing through them with the numbered markers on the right side of the vehicle – PASSENGER SIDE.


Please do not be tempted into taking trail markers, signs with your favorite number or any signs as souvenirs. Missing trail markers ruins the experience for remaining G6ers, as they will not have a proper trail to follow. They seem so simple and inexpensive, but they are bloody expensive to create, time consuming to put together and will lead to increased fees at following AXIALFEST / RECON G6 events. Simply put, PLEASE don’t take the signs.   :)


At AXIALFEST / RECON G6 events, water is referred to as “clear dirt.” Rigs may be driving through a fair amount of it at AXIALFEST. The general rule, water will be scale deep, which roughly translates to just above the axle.  Waterproofing your electronics is not mandatory, but highly recommended.  Drive smart and water should never be an issue, but make a slight error near water and your electronics could let out the magic smoke. Patience and looking at the trail as a chess game will usually reveal an easy path. Same time, as your rig is traveling in and around “clear dirt” your shoes will also be seeing the same terrain. Please wear appropriate outdoor footwear and or shoes you do not mind thrashing! Think about this before you wear your nice white DC’s out on trail.


Yes, we will forever be inspired by the famous Camel Trophy Challenges and it has become a tradition at AXIALFEST to also include a deep water crossing. This can be achieved by building and using a device to float your truck safely from one side to the other.  Fortunately, flotation devices do not need to be carried on course.  They’ll be collected and staged awaiting for your arrival at the water crossing. Those without flotation devices can drive the long way around or take a ferry ride if you are lucky enough to catch it. Don’t forget to bring “good will fair! for the ferry-operator!” AND THE BIGGEST “DON’T FORGET”, turn off your rig’s ignition and radio while your pride and joy is floating across the water on a makeshift homemade raft. Yes, it happens! Just watch the 2013 AXIALFEST video and note the 13:20 mark of the video as the driver explains how his rig went into the drink:


Driving Challenges are generally roped off with a brightly colored ribbon. If you come to an obstacle that is cordoned off with ribbon, do not walk within the trail section as that section is for the passage of the rig only. No driver / pedestrian traffic within the boundaries.

DSCF0355You must walk outside the designated Driver Challenge Section. If you drive your rig into a situation requiring assistance within this Driver Challenge Section it will result in a hefty time penalty, so drive smart. Not fast, not wild. SMART = PATIENCE! Think CHESS MATCH! It’s you and your rig against Parker and his trail!

With so many drivers expected for AXIALFEST, there will be seven different trails to challenge the drivers.  Each trail will be labeled A, B, C, D, E, F and G. At check in, drivers will be given their starting trail assignment, AKA: Run Group. Drivers will complete the stage they were assigned and then proceed, alphabetically, through all the remaining stages. For example: If you are assigned to start the event on Trail C, you will complete C, followed by D, E, F and then over to A, and finish on B. Also, Trail G is for ULTRA classes only. So if you are running in an either ULTRA 1.9 or ULTRA 2.2 you will run Trail G and A and B and C and D and E and then F. And maybe back to G AGAIN… Can you say power bars & electrolyte mix!


There is a high possibility of 100+ drivers starting all at the same time as you. There will be many drivers on each of the trails and crowds are to be expected at bottlenecked obstacles. Patience is going to be your best friend here. Relax and enjoy the day, get to know your trail neighbor and offer assistance. It is your option to take the Trail Marker penalty and move on or practice your selfie stick and revel in the camaraderie experience embraced within the RECON G6 family. Remember, It’s you and your rig vs. Parker and his trails. #AXIALFEST2015 #RECONG6 #AxialAdventures


Helping each other on the Trails in not mandatory, but highly recommended.  Don’t feel obligated to lend a tow strap or parts or tools to others, but remember that you may need some assistance down the trail.  The golden rule applies to AXIALFEST etiquette; Treat others how you would like to be treated. The Trail Gods such as Mark Smith could be watching over us.

Who is Mark Smith?
Mark A. Smith was a towering figure in 4×4 history. He pioneered the sport as one of the first drivers to traverse the mighty Rubicon Trail. He founded Jeep® Jamboree USA and brought the wonders of responsible off-roading to the world. He worked with Jeep brand engineers for decades, helping to improve the off-road capabilities of all Jeep vehicles. He has had a significant influence on everything the Jeep brand stands for. The Jeep family salutes Mark and all that he did for us. His spirit will live on.

17 Slower drivers please allow faster drivers to pass. You may hear, “ULTRA DRIVER COMING THROUGH!” If you do, please stop, pull over and let these drivers pass. ULTRA DRIVERS, THIS DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BUMP – KNOCK or DRIVE OVER over any ADVENTURIST! They are not in your Ultra-Race! They are there to smell the butterflies, so please me mindful of their experience as well! Trail gods and note pads will be in action and you don’t want this infraction reflected upon you.

Obstacles: It’s ok to attempt to overcome an obstacle without winching or strap assistance, but be mindful of the trucks behind you. The general rule is to try an obstacle 3-times before letting the next person attempt it.  If a line is piling up, pull over and let others pass.  You can resume your persistence once the obstacle frees of traffic. It is your option to take the Trail Marker penalty and move on.

Trail repairs are allowed.  It is totally fine to pick up a broken rig to repair.
This is not a violation of the NO HOG rule. But please read the fine print:
11Please move your rig out of the way of others passing through on the trail.  *You may want to make a note on your score card as to what trail you are on, trail markers you are between and what is the issue. Then make the required repair out of the way of others and then return your rig to the exact location and position it was in when you picked it up.  For example: If you break a mechanical part, pick up your rig and go make the repair. This could include a trip back to camp if you do not have the part with you. When you are finished, put your rig back down exactly where it was.  But, if you rolled your rig upside down and the result was broken mechanical issue, you will need to place the rig back in it’s upside down position at the place of incident and proceed to get yourself unstuck or right sided up. Its all apart of the experience. *Remember that part about making a note first before you started working on your rig? This information will be helpful to yourself if you have to make a trip back to camp. You will have a note to remind you what trail & section you will re-start your journey.

Keep your eye out for things that look out of the ordinary.
5There are often toy animals, toy cars, dolls, gold coins, poker chips, and etc. littering the trail. Sometimes they are easy to spot, sometimes they are a little more difficult to spot.  If you find such, make a note on your score card noting [1] What you found. [2] The Trail Letter [3] Between what Trail Markers the object was found. [4] Place item/s on your rig and bring them back to G-Central. Most times you will be rewarded with a time bonus.  Since this is AXIALFEST, Trail Treasures may mean a prize back at G-Central.  Keep your eyes peeled.

As stated before, the RECON G6 Trail’s at AXIALFEST can be quite long.  Expect a walk of several miles long and several hours in length.  You will need to make sure you have everything with you on the trail.  Highly recommended is a backpack with snacks, water, parts, and tools.  You don’t want to be two miles from camp and need a screw driver.  That’s a long walk to make a trail repair.


And remember, Finishing A RECON G6 IS LIKE WINNING A RECON G6!
Especially at AXIALFEST 2015!  Do Work, Drivers!

Make sure you bring a camp chair and a stick of firewood to Axialfest 2015.  Camp chairs and firewood is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED at the Awards Ceremony.  We recommend your comfiest camp chair.  There are so many prizes and awards, the awards ceremony will not be over in 30 minutes.


AXIALFEST 2015 Intel


Axialfest 2015

“The 10th Anniversary Edition”

hosted by


From the Brian “DRVNMF” Parker RECON G6 base-station: happy anniversary to Axial R/C Inc! To all the Axial fans, what a great 10-years it has been! Since 2005, Axial has brought radio controlled fun to the masses with innovative products like the AX10, SCX10, XR10, EXO Terra Buggy, Wraith & the Yeti family. All of these vehicles have, in one way or another, helped push our radio control hobby to new levels. I am personally honored to host this very special edition of AXIALFEST, alongside the world class Axial staff, volunteers, experts, & Axial enthusiasts. I am sure this anniversary party will be one for the ages! – Brian Parker / let’s get this party started!


AXIALFEST 2015 10th Anniversary Intel

  • 10 scale items are mandatory. (An Axial SCX10 RTR meets this requirement.) 5 scale anniversary items are not mandatory, but highly recommended.
  • A tow strap is mandatory.
  • A winch is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
  • Waterproofing is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
  • An aluminum foil anniversary party hat is mandatory and must be worn during the first stage of the RECON G6. Wearing your AF anniversary hat during other stages and events may or may not get you special swag, but it will keep Big Brother from reading your thoughts.
  • A raft, kayak, or canoe is not mandatory, but highly recommended and will be used on one of the sections of the stage. If you drive this section at night, a light on your craft would be useful or put a glow stick in your watercraft for visibility.
  • A raft or boat to float your Axial scale adventure rig on water is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Your boat should have a 10th anniversary Axial Theme. Boats may be built to carry more than one truck, but boat sharing will be very difficult this year. Cruises are popular anniversary doings. It may be self powered or man powered.
  • Saturday Night Stage Anniversary Dance theme is the Sock Hop. Dance to your favorite oldies, but there is a catch. Not Mandatory, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, is that you wear a pair of Axial Socks. The best decorated pair of socks may or may not be rewarded with swag. Socks should be themed and include as many Axialfest 2015 sponsors as you can fit. Have fun and get your sock hop on!


AXIALFEST 2015 10th Anniversary Stage Intel


ADVENTURIST Intel; 1.9 Adventurist / 2.2 Adventurist / 40+ VET Adventurist / RECON Rascals / Driving Divas

  • The three RECON G6 Stages will feature separate Trail Sections; A-B-C-D-E-F and G.
  • Trail Sections will feature a variety of terrain.
  • There will most likely be no “Clear Dirt” on any section requiring rigs to transit through.
  • Drivers will be assigned their first Trail Section during registration. After completion of your first stage, you will complete each stage consecutively, meaning if you start on Trail Section-C, you will go to Trail Section-D and so on. Completing 2-sections is a great driving plan.

Ultra Class Intel

  • A tow strap & winch is mandatory!
  • Waterproofing is mandatory!
  • The Ultra Class stage will be kept scale. The water crossings may be hood deep rather than tire deep. The climbs may require winching. The Ultra Class will test your driving ability and your Axial scale adventure rigs capability.
  • A completely separate stage for Ultra Class drivers will be set to test man & Axial machine. Good Luck & Have Fun!


  • Side by Side off road 4X4 drag racing.
  • Single elimination.
  • Track will have boundaries, hit a boundary & be eliminated.
  • Lose to your opponent and be eliminated.
  • Win every race you’re in & be crowned the first ever, Axialfest Off-Road Rhythm Drag Champion!

Terra-X Race

  • If you have raced in the AF Terra-X, then you know, part of the race is reacting to the unique requirements of each moto.
  • Several motos will determine starting position for the Main Event.
  • Expect several different terrain changes on the track.
  • There will be no corner marshals, but a driver may have their own chase crew or corner marshal stationed at key locations around the track for motos. No outside help or chase crew is permitted during the Main Event.
  • If a driver flips his/her Axial rig over in the Main Event & cannot upright, the rig becomes track art until the finish.

The 48 Hour Challenge, Crawl for a Cause

The 48 Hour Challenge, Crawl for a Cause presented by: Radio Controlled East Coast

Words by: Trevor Rushford @vermont_scale_rc IG

Photos by: Anthony Kaplon – @torktastic IG


On Memorial Day Weekend, May 23rd – 25th, four people set out on an adventure, a cause, and a record. The Green Mountain State aka Vermont, held court for a 48-hour straight remote control endurance that would raise money for a local RC friend affected by cancer and at the same time, attempt to set a new Guinness World Record. The men that stepped up for the challenge are; Robert Kuck III (38), Kolton Rushford(15), Randy Berteau(38), and Trevor Rushford(40). The 48 Hour Challenge, Crawl for a Cause challenged the drivers mentally, physically, and emotionally, and they pushed through with grit and purpose.



Of course they couldn’t have done this biblical sized event without the help of Axial Racing!! Axial donated four solid SCX10™ 2012 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited C/R Edition platforms! These Jeeps had a tall order ahead of them, an ‘unrealistic goal,’ some thought, ‘not possible,’ others said, but the 48 Hour Team believed in Axial’s products, and knew that these Jeeps were not only going to make history, but they were going to do so in STOCK RTR format.trucks


The terrain was not some flat ground, racetrack, beach, or street… There was only one terrain that seemed right and fitting to hold this challenge; a ski resort. Bolton Valley Ski Resort actually. Bolton is home for a lot of people and companies like The 4X4 Center’s Michelin Winter Driving School. Bolton Valley is a place that cares about their community of Vermonters, so it was the perfect location to introduce the cancer community to the RC community. The plan was simple…To RC up and down the Mountain for 48 Hours straight. All the while picking the hardest lines, roughest trails, exploring the mountain like never before, and at the same time raising money for our friend! All of this was true scale, the 48 Hour Team was not allowed to touch the Jeeps other than to fix, or change batteries. If they got stuck, rolled over, the team had to winch, tug, or flop over with no use of hands.img_6489


The beginning was easy and exciting as the boys started off the official 48 hours at 9:15am May 23rd 2015. Everyone that came for the first morning to support and wheel were ready to roll out with the 48 Hour team. The Axial SCX10′s were primed with their 10000mah Venom Battery packs, and were hitting the ground hard with their Pitbull tires. These Jeeps were climbing around the mountain with ease. The SCX10′s held their ground on the mountainous terrain the mountain offered. The 48 Hour Team started their first two hikes on what they call “The Fire Road.” It’s about a two-mile hike straight to the top where there is a windmill and watchtower. With over 5,000 acres to RC on, the 48 Hour Team was not going to run out of places to explore.trucks-on-rock



After a few battery packs through the SCX10′s the crowd started to whither down with the sunset. That’s when the 48 Hour team got to work. They suffered a little set back when Kolton Rushford rolled his ankle and could no longer walk the mountain. The 48 Hour Team set him up in a chair at base camp, where he wheeled the rest of the 48 hours on some rocks. The team snacked on some dinner while changing batteries, turning the lights on, then rolled back up the mountain for the first night run of the 48 Hours.img_6120




The first night was the hardest night,” said 48 Hour Team member Trevor, who nodded off while walking up the mountain. During the late night hours, Rob suffered, from what he called “old man knee syndrome,” and decided to hold up at base camp with Kolton. Rob wanted to last until the very end, so he took a few laps off and wheeled at base camp as well.  Which really helped the team with battery charging and food. With all that going on, Randy and Trevor continued the first night trek up and down Bolton Valley resort. Phoenix Design LED’s lighted the night, along with Axial pods. Randy and Trevor ran one trip up the mountain with just the lights on the Jeeps, no headlamps. “One of the coolest things I have ever done with an RC,” said Randy.img_6180img_6181axialnight


After the first night, the rest of the 48 Hour Challenge went by like a breeze. Rob rejoined the trek up and down the mountain as well as a lot of different people supporting the cause and team. The Axial SCX10 Jeeps held their own, and held it in true Axial fashion. They blasted through mud, water, rain, SNOW, temperature fluctuation, and extreme elevation changes. The stock 27t Axial Brushed motor pulled these Jeeps up and down the mountain, stock gearing and all for the full 48 hours. The beast AE-2 didn’t fade once, as it pulled power from the Venom batteries all day and all night without breaking a sweat.



Not to drag-out the full 48 hours out here, we’ll say that the 48 Hour Challenge was a huge success!! With all four Team drivers hiking the mountain the last couple of hours with the SCX10′s was the icing on the proverbial cake. With approximately 96 miles on the Axial SCX10′s, Pitbull tires, Venom Batteries, CKRC Hobbies accessories, and team KNK Hardware the 48 Hour team was ready for the ultimate ending. With a pause at the top of the mountain to reflect on the full 48 hours, the boys took one last look around at the mountain. All the emotions caught up with them, all the reasons this was bigger than anything they have ever done individually came rushing to each of them. With some tears in their eyes, for their own reasons, the 48 Hour Team headed down the mountain one last time, soaking up the first real warm sunshine in three days. Even with sore muscles, swollen ankles, blisters, chapped lips and cracked skin, you couldn’t wipe their smiles off as they crossed that final line at 48 hours and 3 minutes; 9:18am May 25th 2015



In the end, the event raised a lot of money for the cause, and that was their main goal in the 48 Hour Challenge, Crawl for a Cause. The 48 Hour team received a lot of support from their local community as well as these sponsors which include: Pitbull Tires, Axial Racing, CKRC Crawlers, Venom Batteries, Team KNK Hardware, Bull Rope RC, Soul Crusher Graphics, JCM RC Customs, Woodchuck Designs, and Torktastic Media. These companies helped the entire 48 Hour Team throughout the process which started seven months prior to the Memorial Day Weekend event. The entire team wants to say thank you to every single person involved with making this dream become a reality. Cancer sucks, and if we all have a chance to help in anyway possible, what’s stopping us?

A huge thank you goes to Bolton Valley Resort for letting the 48 Hour Challenge achieve the goals, and to use there mountain for a play ground! Thank you to Axial Racing for being there to support the 48 Hour Team with these fine SCX10 C/R JK’s. The 48 Hour team is very pumped to have been apart of RC history while wheeling the FINEST RC’s on the market today!