Venting Tires


Axial RC vehicles closely mimic real world high performance vehicles in many ways. They both look and function just like what they are modeled after. One exception is how the tires work. Of course, Axial’s tires look extremely realistic. They also are known for providing high performance just like the real tires they replicate. The difference between RC and real tires is what supports the tire. Modern RC high performance tires are supported by foam inserts, as opposed to compressed air. There’s no valve stem on an Axial wheel.

The foams used in Axial tires have been selected to mimic a full-size tire that has been aired down. A full-size tire that has been aired down is able to conform around obstacles and provide a lot more traction than a tire properly inflated for highway use. The firmness of the foam Axial uses provides proper support while still allowing the tires to conform just like real tires.

tire foam

Besides the use of foam inserts in place of compressed air, RC tires are vented and not sealed. The difference is extremely important. If RC tires were sealed, they wouldn’t be able to form around and grip obstacles such as rocks, but even worse, especially with high-speed vehicles such as the Yeti, the tires would act like inflated basket balls and bounce when a vehicle landed. Vent holes allow air to escape and return when a tire impacts the ground. Without breather holes, a sealed tire would bounce like a pogo jumps off.

There are two ways a tire can be vented. One is to vent the wheel and the other is to actually vent the tire.


Some wheels come with holes already in the wheel. For additional venting, the stock holes can be enlarged with a body reamer or additional holes can be added.


Axial also offers adjustable venting on some wheels such as the Walker Evans and Method wheels used with the Yeti RTR and kit, respectively.

wheel holes

These are extremely handy as increasing venting by opening more breather holes is not permanent. Take advantage of these features and experiment with different settings. If you plan on running in mostly wet conditions, you can seal up all of the holes to help prevent water from entering and getting trapped inside the tire and wheel. It is always best to take your bead lock wheels apart after driving through water so that the foams can dry out.


Many racers prefer to vent the tires. Do not attempt to do this with a hobby knife. The best way to vent tires is to use a hole punch tool typically used for leather. These tools can be found as cheaply as $5. Typically, these tools can be adjusted for a variety of sized holes. Two holes using the smallest option are usually perfect for RC use. One of the believed benefits of venting the tires is that dirt can get flung out the hole as the tire spins.

If you notice your vehicle bouncing when landing or that the tires don’t conform around obstacles, you should try increasing the venting.

The Ashley Cup 3 Race


March 20th-22nd marked The Ashley Cup 3 Race at Bechard Raceway located on the same grounds as Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, CA. Each year the event has raised more money than the previous year for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This year $8,524 was raised through raffles and donations by the 200 people in attendance making it the most successful Ashley Cup Race to date. There were many classes of racing available including several 2wd- 4wd 1/5 scale classes, Nitro & Electric 1/8 Buggy, and even Rock Racing which was held on a different track. Jerry Ellifritz and the U4RC crew did an amazing job getting the Rock Racing track together including a timing system. The Ashley Cup continues to gain popularity every year within the RC community. I am already excited for next year’s event and have no doubt it will be even bigger raising more money for such a great cause. See you at the start line in 2016!

For more information about The Ashley Cup please visit:

For hundreds of amazing shots of the rock racing action check out this die-hard Axial enthusiasts Flickr album:

Axial has grown into one of the top title sponsors at The Ashley Cup.

A rare and elusive Axial Exo buggy. Every time I get behind the wheel of my Exo I am reminded of how cool they are. They handle very well feeling much like a competition level 4wd buggy does.

The U4RC Rock Racing track.

The main 1/8-1/5 scale track.

A nice panorama shot of both tracks.

The Rock Racing drivers stand and Jerry’s timing ‘cave’ below.

A Yeti getting after it doing what it does best: tackling rough terrain at speed.

An SCX10 with the classic Honcho body getting around the track on 1.9’s.

Some may remember that Axial had a popular line of nitro burning engines ranging from .21-.32 in size. The Axial .21RR-1 race motor was the last and rarest of all Axial engines. When properly broken in and drinking 30% nitro fuel this .21 could hang with the best of them.

Axial’s Scott Kerkes raced in the Sportsman 1/8 nitro class using his Axial .21RR-1. You can’t beat the smell of nitro that’s for sure!

Axial’s Andrew O’Bannon raced in the Sportsman 1/5 2wd class.

A live band provided Saturday night entertainment after a long day of qualifying.

Lobster tails, steak, and burgers for dinner. Are we sure we’re at an RC race? Haha!

Everyone got a glow-in-the-dark Ashley Cup bracelet with their paid entry fee.

The Axial motor home was littered with vehicles all weekend. It looked more like a hobby store than a camper at times.

Bacon and chili to top our hotdogs. This makes me hungry just looking at it.

We caught this Axial fan wheeling around his custom made Mercedes G-Wagon 6X6 so naturally we had to take a peek.

The G-Wagon 6X6 sported these modified Maxxis 1.9’s.

The Ashley Cup raffle was a big hit where most everyone bought tickets with the proceeds going straight to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Among the raffle items was a Yeti kit and Wraith kit that went home with two lucky winners.

Raffle participants eagerly waiting to hear their number called.

The proud winner of the Yeti kit.

Jerry Ellifritz and the U4RC racers doin-work on the drivers stand.

A 2.2 class of Yeti’s about to get under way.

An SCX10 sporting the classic Dingo body. Look at that tire roll!

Jerry’s Yeti XL next to Scott’s Axial powered 1/8 scale buggy.

Group shot of all the racers in attendance.

Scott getting interviewed by MAV TV.

Sean Garcia getting interviewed by MAV TV. Sean is the man responsible for the Ashley Cup and the owner of Egypt Sean Productions.

Some provided entertainment for the kids. Although I must admit I kind of wanted to bounce on it myself.

How many RC events provide a rock wall for your entertainment? This race has it all!

The all-important sheet showing which main event you will be in.

Trophies and pit mats for all that placed 1-3 in their perspective class(s).

Before the main events got underway the Yeti XL got to put on a little demo by running some hot laps around the track. The Yeti XL does pretty good on a track.

Rounding a corner and bumping the passenger side tires on the inner pipe resulted in this nice side wheelie.

On a tight track using 1/5 scales sometimes you use each other to help make a corner. Rubbing is racing right?

The U4RC pit area.

Cow RC came all the way from the East Coast to support the Ashley Cup. Cow RC provided all the pit mats that class winners received in addition to their trophies.

Various Rock Racing winners posing with their plaques. It was a long weekend of racing and fun which is evidenced by the closed eyes in the back row. Great job drivers!

Axial’s own Scott Kerkes pulled out a 1st place finish in Sportsman 1/8 scale buggy. I hadn’t been a pit man for a nitro race in years and boy was that a nerve racking 30min. Haha



RESERVE THE DATE: JULY 17th – 19th, 2015 –  We are going camping!


The Axial family is excited to announce AXIALFEST 2015 registration is now open! THIS IS AN AXIAL CUSTOMER APPRECIATION FESTIVAL! Bring all your Axial rigs, and leave all others behind as this will truly be an Axial only family based event! This event will bring maximum fun, the biggest smiles, the best prizes any R/C event has seen since our last event, and more! Come Celebrate Axial’s 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY at this year’s AXIALFEST!!!



TO REGISTER, follow the link here:

For First Time AXIALFEST attendees:
Official Facebook Event Page:

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To see what it was like in previous years check out this blog from 2014:

Or this video recap from 2013:

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