RECON G6 – Taters and Kilts


RECON G6 Presents
Taters and Kilts
Rollins Lake, Colfax, California
March 15, 2014

Last year, the RECON G6 held an event at Rollins Lake. You can read about it here:

The event was such a huge success that RECON G6 returned for a second helping of awesome scale adventure. Never to do the same thing twice, RECON G6 switched up the theme from Trifolium to Taters and Kilts. Last year, the great Daniel Seigl was a guest course designer. This year several local Northern California Clubs were invited to add their own special section to the RECON G6 Challenge. People must have been excited to get on the trail, because the lot was pretty full when I arrived.

The first thing I do at all RECON G6 events is scope out the kits in the parking lot. There was no shortage of scale goodness on this day. Here’s a few of my favorites.


The N-Tow class is new for 2014 and this was the best trailer I saw, a sweet teardrop. This driver put it to work. You’ll see it on the trail later on.


This Wraith had lots of anodized red to tickle my fancy, but the potato on top is what really caught my eye. I wonder when I will see some kilts.


A Gen1 Toyota in Ironman livery. Who doesn’t like that?  This truck was ultra clean, and I was afraid it was a shelf queen, but it wasn’t. It was put to work on the RECON G6 trail just like all the other kits.


Dan Wilson loves Axial kits and RECON G6 events. He couldn’t wait to show off his Axialfest 2014 special. He told me it will be ready to dominate the RECON Terra-X at Axialfest this year. If you haven’t signed up, get on it. Here’s the link:


Red Rocket has been replaced. Now the RECON G6 crew rides in style in this big, white beauty.  No word on a nickname for her yet, but I’m sure one is coming. I wish they had this when I tagged along to Canada and Missouri with no A/C.


Rigs started to get lined up. Man, that looks like a pretty decent turnout.


Yup, it looks like quite a few kits have already been staged.


It was looking like it might make history as the largest turnout at a RECON G6.  I lost count after 110, and people were still arriving.


There’s the kilts I have been looking for. Parker and his partner seemed to love the freedom they afforded them.  Parker told me the kilts might be making another appearance at Axialfest 2014.


Our favorite Euro, Daniel Seigl couldn’t make it out this year, but his spirit was felt.  Check out these awesome kits, a Unimog and MAN truck. I was envious.


Another N-Tow rig pulling some camping toys. So much going on here, potato copilot, fishing pole, and is that a Red Rocket 1/100 kit?


Rivas Concepts brought out the Renegade.

DSCF0063Oops, looks like the drivers meeting is about to start.  I better get down there.


Cory and Jim from RPP hobbies cruised up to judge the Rivas Concepts Show and Shine. Dan W’s SCX10 Jeep JK got the nod in the 2.2 class.


That sweet Toyota top honors in the 1.9 class.


Gotta respect the colors before we light the lipos.


A little tour of the campground was the first part of the trail. Several G6ers spent the night at Rollins Lake the night before the G6. Camping and G6ing, a match made in heaven.



Old school cool, an OG SCX10 doing work. Who still has this body?


A couple of buddies driving and chatting about the great weather. 70* made for an unusually warm March weekend.


This little climb was nothing.  Bounty Hill awaited the drivers at the finish.


Teeter Totter anyone? This was the entrance to the special club sponsored sections. Roughneck Scalers, Just Scale It, BYBRCC, Sonoma County Crawlers, and Team MRB all set sections of the trail in their own unique style. It was like driving six events in one day.


The rocks in this section had lots of traction.


Don’t fall. This ledge looked easy, but I saw more than one kit take a tumble here.


The sections were challenging. As drivers took their time negotiating the trail, lines began to form.


This bamboo bridge was evil. The slats separated and ate wheels and tires.


Good luck getting out of that. I hope you brought a wheel wrench and a tow strap, remember, there’s no Hand of God. Gotta keep it scale.


This gate reminded me of the old Axial West Coast Championships. There was definitely a comp feel to it.



Looks like this guy lost his ride. We’ll call him Tater McKilt. I hope he finds what he’s looking for.


From this angle the bridge looks innocent enough,


But from this angle it’s a little more intimidating.


Is that a Minion or a potato driving?


A pontoon raft from last Axialfest’s Float Your Boat section has been re-purposed as a floating bridge.


The undulating action was a little scary.


Mike Pham is a hardcore G6er. He did the whole RECON G6 Taters and Kilts trail with a 104 degree fever, turns out he had pneumonia.


The water looks nice, but I was told it was mega cold. I only saw one guy jump in.


The GSRCC crew wasn’t able to participate in the guest section setting because of busy schedules, but they still turned out to put in a little wheel time.


Guam represent. This guy rocks his flag at every RECON G6 event he attends. What flag are you gonna rock?


John Hallman tries to coach some upside down drivers while Blue Bastard waits his turn.


Dad shows son how it’s done.


The trail marker is over there somewhere.


Baby on Back. It’s fun to see the whole family together at the RECON G6 events.


Aww yeah!!! There’s that sweet teardrop and it’s not afraid of the pole bridge.


This young lady wasn’t afraid of it either.


Big Yeti keeps an eye on his kit as he crosses the pole bridge.


Two sweet FJs with Yogi and Smokey the Bear in the drivers’ seats.


Look closely, what do you see?


Captain Caveman navigating and a Homer hanging on the rear view mirror.


A Drivin Diva pushes her pink package towards the precipice.


Watch your line and your head. Even with the tower supports marked with pink ribbon, I still managed to bump my head.


Some Drivn Durty boys. By the time they hit 16, they will be old pros.


I thought there was a law about cell phones and driving. Maybe, it only applies to paved roads. I wonder who she’s calling?


On the return trip you got to see the water from the opposite direction.


Oh, she was calling her navigator for a little line assistance.


Propane, from Kling-On RC tries to get to the top of Bounty Hill.


Looks like Tater McKilt decided to watch the action on Bounty Hill.


Bounty Hill was tall, loose, and steep. I didn’t see one truck make it up, but I heard stories that one finally did.


Parker pulling out the awards,


and calling the Drivers of the Day up to grab their plaques.


Drivn Durty, 15 and under, Driver of the Day.


N-Tow Driver of the Day.


RECON Ready Open Class Driver of the Day.


Drivn Diva 2.2 Driver of the Day.


Drivn Diva 1.9 Driver of the Day.


1.9 Adventurist Driver of the Day.


Raffle Big Winner of the Day.

Look for the next G6 event coming soon near you at,, or

RECON G6 – Birthday Bash 3


RECON G6 Presents
Birthday Bash 3
Wingfield Park, Reno, Nevada
December 7, 2013

It’s still hard to believe the RECON G6 is three years old. It seems both older and newer at the same time. On one hand, it seems like just yesterday that I drove in the first RECON G6 at Mayberry Park, and yet it also feels like I have been doing this all my life. I think the camaraderie and family like atmosphere just makes the RECON G6 feel like home.

In celebration of the success of the RECON G6, the Birthday Bash has always been a thank you from RECON G6 to all the drivers that make the RECON G6 what it is. This past year the RECON G6 went nationwide and international with events in Florida, Missouri, Colorado, Arkansas, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Ontario, Canada.

The RECON G6 Birthday Bash has also partnered with a couple local charities, so drivers were encouraged to bring toys for children as well as nonperishable food items for the local Sheriff’s Christmas on the Corridor toy drive and Evelyn Mount Community Outreach food pantry.

In the past, Mother Nature has been kind to the RECON G6ers with mild winter weather. This year Mother Nature had a special treat for the G6ers, snow and freezing temperatures. I was a bit worried. I wasn’t worried about fun because this would not be the first snow covered G6. There was a RECON G6 a couple years ago that the RECON G6 crew shoveled miles of snow paths for. So, I knew that the RECON G6 crew would have a path cleared for the drivers. What I was worried about was attendance.  I was afraid the snow roads and frigid temperatures would render the turnout low. I’m not sure why I was worried. G6ers are a special breed. There were already many cars in the parking lot. I spotted some out-of-towners who braved the roads to attend.


This guy made the trip down from Oregon. He was the first one I spotted as I parked.


There’s a California. Looks like he saw quite a bit of snow on the pass over.


Idaho, too. This family came overland ready.


I also spotted Old Red Rocket in the parking lot. I wonder what time she got there?


The Truckee River looked a little frigid. I wouldn’t want to fall in there today.


When I turned the corner, I was a little surprised to see how many G6ers were already registered and lined up. They had their kits decorated in the Birthday Bash spirit.


Presents, check. Christmas Tree, check.


Someone went crazy with the pipe cleaners and foamy stickers.


I little ribbon can really dress up your JK in a hurry. All it takes is a little imagination.


I spotted my first RECON G6 Jeep Wrangler in the wild. This one was fitted with snow chains. These G6ers were ready for the snow.


This sweet Pajero has a G6 certified sticker on the bumper, but I think it is a mall crawler. I never saw it get dirty.


Why is this guy smiling like this?



Because the RECON G6 crew set up a warming tent with a huge mushroom heater in the middle. This was a popular spot to come warm up and trade driving stories.


Adventure IQ brought up his family. They shared their cookies, heater, and best of all….


…the most delicious, soul warming spiced apple cider I have ever tasted. It was AWESOME.


Look who made the 5,000 mile trek from Austria for the FOURTH TIME, Daniel Siegl. What’s your excuse for not attending a RECON G6 event?


Jesse registers while trying to work around all the toys and food all the G6ers donated.


I see canned food and a snow saucer, the perfect present for the day.


A whole family of Happy Birthday Heads.


Not a thief, just trying to keep the face from freezing.


The coolest RECON G6 Jeep Wrangler I saw from KlingOn RC. This thing was sweet looking.


Even his interior was dialed.


New for 2014 is the Expedition Class. Trailers and 6x6es finally get their own class. This guys was a little eager to get it started.


That’s more kits than I expected to see on a 7* winter day.


The trail looked ready. Drivers were just waiting for the Parker to arrive.


There he is. Listen up drivers. This is a special RECON G6, there are…..


I hope they listened to instructions. I headed out to set up for photos.


Mandatory National Anthem.


Now we’re off. I wonder how those chains will work.


Pretty good, so far.


The walking warms the body.


The first section was down some snow covered boulders.


Good to see the Ridgeline getting some wheel time.


Snow makes for some slow driving, so lines were pretty common on the first lap.



Those leaves will either create traction or remove traction, only time will tell.


I loved this Bronco.


I hope those presents don’t fall off the back. He should put those in the cab.


Looks like those leaves remove traction.


The Great Pham coming through in the second wave.


Watch out for trolls under the bridge.


I spot the Daniel Siegl out there.


These ducks heard a commotion and went to investigate.


It was the G-Train coming through.


Down the Urban Highway.


Over to the movie theater. A patron asked what was happening. They wondered why all these people were out walking their radio controlled cars.  I gladly explained the RECON G6 to them.


These steps were easier to go down than up.


This poor sport was pouting because his parents didn’t buy him the RECON G6 Jeep Wrangler for Christmas.


Approaching Flop Corner.


Why is it called Flop Corner?


Oh, that’s why.


Good thing G6ers are helpful and quick to lend a strap.




Another RECON G6 Jeep Wrangler making things look easy.


It had to strap this poor Cherokee through TM20.


Snow required large doses of skinny pedal at times.



KlingOn RC RECON G6 Jeep Wrangler flexing its muscles.


Nice hat, Tim.


Wraiths had to be a little more cautious on this ledge.


You needed a little speed to make it up this rock face. This Wraith had plenty.


This mud truck turned into a snow truck.


Well, that’s one way to get the snow of your kit.

New Awards: Drivin Durty, drivers that don’t have licenses. AKA under 15 class



Drivin Divas, The Lady Class.



OG Drivers of the Day.



Of the Year Awards.  Drivers who Shined All Year Long by exhibiting the Spirit of the RECON G6.




The BIG Winner.


The other winners.


Thanks again Axial and the RECON G6 crew for a great year. I know that 2014 will be even more spectacular. Check for the full list of events in 2014.



RESERVE THE DATE: June 12th – 15th, 2014 –  We are going camping!

Register below of follow the link here: Eventzilla – AXIALFEST 2014

The Axial family is excited to announce AXIALFEST 2014! Pack up your rigs and the kids, and come set up basecamp with us at Cisco Grove Camp Grounds in Tahoe National Forest for an action packed weekend!

We’ll claim the 406-site campground in the name of Axial fans starting June 12th. Come out early with the entire family, and take advantage of the expansive 350 acre OHV trail and the legendary Fordyce Trail that rivals the Rubicon! This is a LIFESTYLE, and R/C is an extension of that lifestyle!

This year we are introducing THURSDAY NIGHT CONCOURSE! You get to SHOW IT OFF so shine it up before you get it dirty!

Bring all your Axial rigs, and leave all others behind as this will truly be an Axial only family based event! This event will bring maximum fun, the biggest smiles, the best prizes any R/C event has seen since our last event, and more!

Cisco Grove Camp Grounds is located northeast of Sacramento and southwest of Reno in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains nestled in the beautiful Donner Pass.
Several highways, including Interstate Highway 80; State Highways 20, 49, 89, and 267; and Forest roads, provide excellent access to most portions of the Forest as well to Cisco Grove Campground.

New camp area:
This year we are going back deeper into the Cisco Grove campground to make use of the Family Pavillion as G-Central [#4 on the map - see link below]. This will also give a whole new feel for the event as well as give us the opportunity for a more wooded camping experience. Please familiarize yourself with the new areas that we will be in this year.

Here is a link to the map: Cisco Grove campground map

Please remember the following:
• White shoes & mud/water do not mix, please bring shoes or boots for hiking & rough terrain.
•Bring extra socks in your backpack.
•Bring water & snacks in your backpack while out on trail.

Depending on where you are driving from to the event, you may be coming from lower elevations thus the general rule is 8oz of water per 1,000ft gained to prevent dehydration. Please start drinking water on the way. Health and safety first = FUN!

Thursday Night June 12th, 2014:
6:00pm – 9:00pm Early Driver Check-In

6:00pm – 9:00pm Concourse Park Ferme

Friday June 13th, 2014:
08:00am – Driver Check-In

10:00am – 1:00pm Terra-X

01:00pm – 02:00pm LUNCH

02:00pm Start Time RECON G6 Trial Challenge

08:00pm – 12:00pm cut off RECON G6 Stage-1 Night Stage (Headlamps Mandatory)

Saturday June 14th, 2014:
08:00am – 12:00pm RECON G6 Stage 2

12:00pm – 02:00pm LUNCH

02:00pm – 11:00pm cut off time RECON G6 Stage 3 / Trial Challenge
(Headlamps Mandatory)

08:00pm – 09:00pm DINNER
(you can eat out on trail if time is needed so pack accordingly)

09:00pm – 11:00pm AWARDS Bonfire & EXPO
(bring your chairs and a stick of wood)

Sunday June 15th, 2014:
Sleep in and travel home safe or Sunday Funday for those who want to scale trail with us…

So start your preventative maintenance service and share your preparation stories with us by using #axialfest2014 on both Instagram and Facebook. And while at the event, please use #axialfest2014 too!

Thank you in advance for your participation in AXIALFEST 2014!


Pre-Registration has CLOSED! You can still register at the site itself, but please note this will be CASH ONLY! NO EXCEPTIONS!