Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 2014 at King of the Hammers


Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 at King of the Hammers

Axial Racing & RECON Crawlers has brought r/c enthusiasts Big Events since 2007. The Axial West Coast Championships started the r/c crawling “Big Events” and was the first to ever have qualifying rounds and LCQ’s. Axial Racing and RECON Crawlers teamed up again to bring r/c enthusiasts and their families an r/c genre that has swept the World, known as the RECON G6. The RECON G6 is more than an event, it’s a Life Style. The King of the Hammers (KOH) and Ultra4 racing is also a life style and they are going to be getting their R/C scaler fix, in The Axial RECON G6. This is the last event on the 2014 KOH schedule starting at noon on Saturday, if you own an Axial R/C, come out and get your fix in this 2nd annual Axial RECON Ultra4 G6.

Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 Intel

2014 Axial RECON G6 Adventure Series Event #1

When – February 8, 2014
Where – King of the Hammers (exact location TBA soon)
Why – Because we’re G6′n and everyone knows it.
Drivers Meeting / Stage line up to start at high noon or 12pm.
Stage Start following the National Anthem. (12:30+/-)
G-Fee – $25.00
15 and Under – $15.00

Bringing a power bar or Monster Ultra Zeros to G-Central is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

-A tow strap is mandatory. This can be a lanyard or shoe lace.
-5 scale items are mandatory. This may include side mirrors, seats, sleeping bags, etc.
-5 medieval scale items are not mandatory, but highly recommended. This could be a sword, shield, hat etc.
-Running the number and name of your favorite Ultra4 racer is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
-A spare tire is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
-A winch is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

If you missed the first ever Axial RECON Ultra 4 G6, don’t miss this one. There will be more of everything, including all the new 2014 RECON G6 classes and awards.

Classes –

- 1.9 Adventurist Class – This class is for all scalers using 1.9 size wheels & tires. It doesn’t matter your driving ability or your truck’s capability, everyone and every truck is capable of finding adventure here.

- 2.2 Adventurist – This class is for all scalers using 2.2 size wheels & tires. If you like big tires, this is your class. The 2.2 Adventurist will face bigger challenges, and their driving ability and scaler capability will be tested, as well. The 2.2 Adventurist has become a premiere class in the RECON G6.

- Expedition Class – “NEW” for 2014 and available at the Birthday Bash G6, – This class is for 6×6’s and scalers with trailers. This class will have more mandatory scale items and is geared towards the builders who enjoy the challenges of driving a 6×6 Truck or towing a trailer. Wheel and tire size are restricted to 1.9’s. Tires must be scale licensed or scale knock-offs. Expedition 6×6’s and G-Rides with trailers will each be awarded.

- RECON Ready Wrangler Modified Class – “NEW” for 2014 and available at the Birthday Bash G6, – This class is for the new Axial Jeep Wrangler G6 kit. Drivers are allowed to run any motor / esc combination, servo of your choice, any 1.9 tire / wheel combination, & battery of your choice. Rear steer and dig are not mandatory, but highly recommended. A winch and Pull Pal are not mandatory, but highly recommended. No AR60 or Wroncho style axles. The Stock body, frame rails, transmission case, and cage must be used. Stock or upgraded parts for the Axial SCX10 may be used, including transmission cases, axle housings, drivelines, steering knuckles, C’s, etcetera. Drivers finding adventure in the RECON Ready Wrangler Modified Class are eligible for a new kit & swag package.

- RECON G6 Driving Diva of the Day Award – “New” for 2014 & available at the Birthday Bash G6,- The best 1.9 Adventurist and 2.2 Adventurist female driver will be receive an award for their efforts.

- RECON G6 Driving Durty Award – “New” for 2014 & available at the Birthday Bash G6. This award will be awarded for the top 1.9 Adventurist & 2.2 Adventurist 15 years or younger.

- Event Credentials and Finishing Tags – “New” for 2014 and available starting February of 2014, – All drivers that pre-register for a RECON G6, will receive event specific credentials to commemorate the RECON G6 they attend and all G6’ers will receive finishing tags upon completing the RECON G6 stage, because “finishing a RECON G6 is like winning a RECON G6.

Bring the Family. Bring your friends. Bring your sense of adventure. The 2014 Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 will have you on the edge of your scale adventure seat. Join us for all the King of the Hammers racing action, including racing action on Axial Blvd. Not only will there be an Axial Adventure trail, but new for 2014, Ultra 4 racing action. Do you like bragging rights? Do you like swag? Do you like being the fastest driver of the day? Night? Week? Then come experience Ultra 4 racing Axial 1/10 scale RECON style.

Come get your scale adventure fix, at the 2014 Axial RECON Ultra4 G6!

To Pre-register for this event, click here!

Please visit RECON on their web pages and FaceBook here….

RECON G6 Facebook

RECON G6 The Wild Turkey


RECON G6 Challenge Presents
The Wild Turkey G6
November 9, 2013
Sugar Pine Reservoir, Forest Hill, California

I am a little spoiled. RECON G6 founder, Parker, is my neighbor. He lives less than five miles from my house, and therefore I have been lucky enough to attend RECON G6 events monthly for over two years. That changed when Parker took the RECON G6 international. There have been fewer local events and I was forced to travel to Canada and Missouri to get my RECON G6 fix. That was over 5,000 miles round trip! Luckily, there are three consecutive RECON G6 events near me. The first one you probably read about in my previous blog, the Paranormal Scale Activities G6.

This one was called the Wild Turkey G6. I was extra excited to attend this one. It was in a new location, and I always love the spots Parker finds for his RECON G6 events. I loaded up the G Rides, grabbed SkeenoJr-etta, programmed my GPS, and headed towards Sugar Pine Reservoir to get our RECON G6 fix.


One the way, we passed Auburn Ravine; home of California’s tallest bridge, 730 feet.  You may remember this bridge from the movie XXX.


Skeeno Jr-etta and I had to stop and walk across. That’s a long ways down there. Too bad I forgot my B.A.S.E. jumping equipment.


We saw this sign just past Foresthill and knew we must be getting close. Parker Flat? That has to be an omen, right?


Yup, there’s the place we were looking for.  I wasn’t quite sure if this was the right spot.  Was it at the boat ramp?


We headed over to the boat ramp to see if we saw anyone familiar looking.


We didn’t really see anything over there, so we turned around and looked on the other side.


Skeeno Jr-etta spotted Red Rocket. It’s hard to miss with bright red paint and stickers galore.


We hopped out and had a look around. Red Rocket had some old school comp cones on her rail. I wonder what those are for?


The first people I spotted were Rivas Concepts and Mr. Pham discussing the new SCX10 Jeep Wranger G6 Edition. Pham was bragging about being one of the first to get one. You can follow his build here:


I walked down to the water to see if I could find Parker. He was nowhere to be found, which meant he was probably out hiding trail treasures. It still gave me a chance to scope out the lake. I wonder what those pink ribbons are for?


I saw these boys having a rock skipping contest. Who doesn’t like skipping rocks? And on a glassy surface; I bet I could get 10 skips. What’s your rock skipping record?


I saw some fishers down there. They would be in for a treat when the fun began.


Fishing looked pretty good.  This guy already had four Rainbow Trout on his line.


I cruised back up to the parking lot to check out the action. This guy was wisely doing some last minute checks to make sure he was trail ready.


I always like to see what new rigs and accessories are out there. I spotted this cool Jeep. It had tons of scale items.


I see a fishing pole, cooler, firewood, and a Rubik’s Cube. What did I miss?


Oh, that’s right. This Jeep had a SWEET Jack in the Box Jack Ball on its antenna. Coolest scale item I’ve seen lately.


This cool Jeep had a functioning hood and an all metal body. It also rocked rear steer.


Dan W was quick to whip out his latest project, the Mustang Wraith. He’s building this for the  RECON Terra Cross (RT-X) at next year’s Axialfest. You better start getting ready, yourself. It sneaks up on you.


I’m a sucker for Overland vehicles. I loved this 6×6 with the overhead camper. The awning and lawn chairs really made this thing.


I’m not sure, but I think those aliens are related to the one that drives Skeeno Jr-etta’s Wraith, Mr.Gee-Six.


Soon, it was time to gather for the driver’s meeting. There were lots of families in attendance.




That’s the great part of G6ing, everyone can do it.


Before the Nation Anthem, the winners of the Rivas Concepts Show and Shine were announced. Propane won with his RECON Ready Chevy S10. This thing was winched front and rear. No getting stuck for him.


But the thing that really won me over was his custom American flag seat cover. That’s a great touch.


Mr. Shane Krause of Big Yeti Fabrication won with his sweet 6×6. I really liked the alien/military theme with the nuclear bomb on the back.


Skeeno Jr-etta was eager to get started. She was prepared with a CamelBak of water and her Fast Eddy Bearings Score Card.


Finally, to Skeeno Jr-etta’s relief, the National Anthem was played and we all got ready to, Light our Lipos.


Boom! The G Train is off!



The first part of the trail was a smooth walking path. It kinda reminded me of the Canada G6, but with lots of pine needles. If you didn’t see the Canada G6 report, check it out here:


The trail opened up to the water. That’s where I saw what the pink ribbon was for.


Mandatory mud section. Don’t be shy, get in there.



Not bad, but I think you can do better.


That’s better. Get some, Pham!


Wow, easy buddy. You’re getting a little to much.


The Blue Bastard isn’t afraid to sling a little mud.


And Mr. BrokenNib isn’t afraid to wear the mud.


After the mud, the trail dried out a bit. Here’s a Jeep traction testing on some rocks.


Flipping over isn’t uncommon at a G6, but there’s no HOGing. (That’s Hand Of God) You can’t touch your kit to turn it over, gotta use a strap or winch.


Skeeno Jr-etta was ecstatic to be able to do some helping. She’s used to being helped.



These guys brought their parents to cheer them on.


Elio’s Home Depot Rental made quick work of most obstacles. Don’t worry, he told me he bought the optional insurance just in case he had any mishaps.


Dan W. had to stop to repair a steering link twice. The second time he put down his purse, so he could tighten it like a man.


Here’s the Home Depot Rental lending a hand up this slippery pine needle covered hill.


The Pride of Guam walking the log on TM34.


Don’t forget to stamp or hole punch your Fast Eddy Bearings score card if you see one.


Watch your head as you go under this fell tree.


This little man could drive. He was impressive behind the wheel.


Super Duty coming through.


Awww yeahhhh, Unimog! I loves me some Unimog.


Party train. Lots of G6ers drive in groups to help each other out. It also part of the social aspect of G6ing. Hanging with friends and making new friends.


This ground wanted to be muddy, but was more spongy. Weird feeling under your feet. I kept waiting to fall through and go knee deep.


You don’t have to worry about breaking through the mud when you only weigh 50 lbs.


Oh boy, Blue Bastard found some more mud.


Whoopsies. Looks like BrokenNib will be getting his feet wet.



Family time in the back forty.



That water looks a little red.


Yup, some fine red dirt to play in.


Skeeno Jr-etta was trucking along quite well when I ran into her.


I must have made her nervous, because she picked an odd line at the red water hole.


The Ridgecrest makes a great first timer/youngster G Ride. I can’t wait to see what the Deadbolt can do on a G6 trail. Here you can see red polish on her toes.



This JK led the way for the green Jeep. I think it was a Wrexo, but didn’t get a chance to look.



This Toyota Hilux had some sweet tube work, plus is was piloted by the beautiful Ms. Chelsea.


There’s Ms. Chelsea with the Roughneck Scalers Crew.


This guy was having so much fun he blew a bead. Good thing he had a spare.



The cool part of the G6 is it’s choose your own adventure style. You can make it as easy or hard or long or short as you want. The Jack Ball Jeep added extra drive time to his run by driving over everything that struck his fancy. He didn’t pick any easy lines.


The final ascent before finishing was a little taxing.




No worries though, everyone was smiling on the way up.


I watched this little man deftly pilot his Dingo in the Turkey Challenge area. Drivers with the fastest times won a turkey.


I just though the hood on this Honcho was interesting.


I guess Skeeno Jr-etta couldn’t get enough. She took out the Blog JK after she finished with her Wraith. I think she was practicing 1.9 in hopes of getting the sweet new RECON G6 Wrangler. She already told me she wants to paint it blue and add blue bead locks. Did you order yours yet?


After the drivers came in, Parker had some announcements.


These guys won the Turkey Challenge. Thanks to VP for bringing the turkeys.


Speaking of VP, I think they have the first custom part for the RECON G6 Wrangler, an aluminum 4 link mount.  Here’s the prototype.

Winners, winners, turkey dinners…..







The RECON Wild Turkey G6 was just enough to get me through to the next RECON G6 event coming in December. You better mark your calendars for December 7. That’s when the third annual RECON G6 Birthday Bash will be held at Wingfield Park in Reno, NV. Don’t miss it. It’s always a great one. Look for details here:

You can also read about the first RECON G6 Birthday Bash here:

and the RECON G6 Birthday Bash II here:

Full Option RTR Deadbolt


Axial offers several optional upgrade parts for the RTR Deadbolt. Here is a quick run down of what is installed and why you may want to use these items.

A couple photos of the fully option RTR Deadbolt. Axial also offers clear replacement Deadbolt bodies, part number AX04039, for those that want to customize the look of their trucks.

First option parts that can be seen here are the 2.2 Maxxis Trepador tires in our sticky R35 compound, part number AX12022. We also installed our VMS beadlock wheels, part number AX08061. We will cover more on the VMS wheels later on in this article.

Body off shot!

Next option part we installed is a 25t aluminum servo horn, part number AX30836. Axial’s HD aluminum servo horn provides more responsive steering with less chance of stripping the internal splines over the stock plastic servo horn. Clamping style head for secure mounting in high stress applications. Available in 23, 24 and 25 tooth spline counts.

Axial’s HD differential covers, part number AX30829. HD diff covers protect ring and pinion gears from being damaged by rocks, just like their 1:1 counterparts, all while adding a little bling to your ride.

Aluminum axle lockouts are another available option, part number AX30789. Axial’s aluminum axle lockouts are more rigid than the stock plastic lockouts, which will allow the vehicle to track better in all situations.

Another great upgrade is Axial’s aluminum shocks, part number AX30092. Aluminum shocks provide better dampening than the stock plastic shocks, especially when mated with our Delrin shock pistons. Aluminum shock bodies also dissipate heat better than the stock plastic bodies. Oversize 3.5mm shock shafts for rigidity. Great for high power applications and long run times. Axial also offer a complete line of various springs to fine tune your suspension as needed, see the complete parts list below for more info.

Another option part that is hiding behind the HD diff cover is Axial’s HD ring and pinion gears, part number AX30395. HD ring and pinion gears are more efficient than the stock aluminum ring and pinions. CNC machined for precision. Hardened steel for durability. Great for high power applications. Axial also offers hardened steel overdrive ring and pinion gear sets, part number AX30401, for a little extra wheel speed. We also offer an underdrive ring and pinion gear sets, part number AX30402, for a little more torque in binds.

Axial’s HD lower link mounts are another noteworthy upgrade, part number AX30830. Our HD lower link mounts allow users to fine tune ride height and wheelbase by providing more adjustment holes than the stock plastic units.

You can see a handful of options parts in this photo. First option is the aluminum knuckles, part number AX30760. Aluminum knuckles provide more responsive steering and help your vehicle track better at speeds and in the rocks. Another option shown is the Axial Aluminum C-hubs, part number AX30762. Aluminum C-hubs also help your vehicle track more consistently in all situations, especailly when used in conjunction with our aluminum knuckles. Also notice the AR60 universal axles, part number AX30780. Axial universal joint axles increase steering angle to 50 degrees, that’s 60% over the stock dogbone/drive cup setup. These universals provide smoother action for a higher performing, efficient drivetrain. The universal is oversized; typical for 1/8 scale vehicles and made of hardened steel so it’s capable of handling extreme power.

Our intention with this project was to build a solid axled basher that can handle a lot of power. Axial’s Vanguard Brushless System was the perfect fit to supply that power. The 2900KV brushless motor, part number AX24010, is more efficient that standard brushed motors and provides a lot more power for hill climbs and general monster truck style bashing over the stock set-up. Providing control for the brushless motor is our Vanguard ESC, part number AX24260. The Vanguard ESC has an array of features that can be programmed manually or with a Castle Link. Highlighted features include adjustable drag brake, lipo cutoff, traction control, motor timing, etc. Our Vanguard ESC is compatible with both brushed and brushless motors, so it can be run with either configuration. Standard Deans® Ultra Plug® battery connector included.

Another great upgrade is the Wraith Stage One link kit, part number AX30797. This kit is geared towards the Wraith, but also works great with the Deadbolt. Especially if you are going to compete at rock crawling competitions, as the wheelbase falls just under the 12 1/2″ max wheelbase limit. Our Stage One link Kit replaces all the stock plastic suspension links with high quality 7mm diameter aluminum links. Eliminates axle wrap and unwanted axle steer, especially in high power applications. Axial also offers machined heavy duty aluminum straight links, part number AX30790, to replace the stock plastic lower links as an alternative the the Stage One link kit.

Axial’s HD motor plate, part number AX30860. Our heavy duty motor plate is for any vehicle running our AX10 transmission. CNC machined from 4.5mm thick billet aluminum, with integrated heatsink fins to help motors run cooler on those all day expeditions. A must have for any R/C overland adventurist! Axial also offers 13t, 14t and 15t steel pinion gears and an 80t spur gear to give end users an array of gear ratios to choose from. Add more torque for low speed crawling to your Deadbolt by installing one of Axial’s optional brushed motors available in 27t and 55t configurations. Axial also offers a complete steel transmission gear set for even more durability, part number AX30708.

Once again for wheels we went with our VWS beadlocks, part number AX08061. VWS wheels allow users to tune foam set-ups and change tires at will for varying terrain and conditions. Another wheel option offered by Axial is our black 8 hole beadlock wheels, part number AX8097. These wheels offer a little wider overall stance which equals stability at high speeds. For low speed rock crawling you can increase your Deadbolt’s climbing abilities by adding Axial’s 2.2 Internal Weight Rings, part number AX30545. Add even more weight by utilizing Axial’s 2.2 Internal Wheel Weights for the Internal Wheel Weight Rings, part number AX30546.

You can see our R35 Ripsaw tires pictured here, part number AX12015. R35 Ripsaw tires offer both a realistic look for the image-conscious scale crawler and for those looking to up their performance game. This 2.2 Ripsaw offers an aggressive tread design, greater ground clearance, and is made from a R35 sticky compound. The VWS wheels include black aluminum rings, but I swapped those out for our Grey beadlock rings, part number AX08133, just to match the grey colored suspension links.

Complete Deadbolt option parts list:
AX8097 – 2.2 Black 8 Hole Beadlock Wheels (x2)
AX08061 – 2.2 VWS Beadlock Wheels (x2)
AX08133 – Grey VWS Beadlock Rings (x2)
AX08141 – 2.2 Trail Ready Beadlock Wheel – Black (x2)
AX08142 – 2.2 Trail Ready Beadlock Wheel – Black and Chrome (x2)
AX12015 – 2.2 R35 Ripsaw Tires (x2)
AX12022 – 2.2 Maxxis Trepador Tires (x2)
AX12021 – 2.2 BFGoodrich Krawler T/A Tires (x2)
AX30545 – 2.2 Internal Wheel Weight Rings (x2)
AX30546 – 2.2 Wheel Weight Inserts (x2)
AX30797 – Stage One Link Kit
AX30790 – Machined Heavy Duty Aluminum Straight Link 101mm (x2)
AX30469 – Machined Heavy Duty Aluminum High Clearance Upper Links (x2)
AX80057 – XR10 Linkage Set (x4 for all 8 links)
AX30395 – HD Ring and Pinion Gear Sets (stock gear ratio) (x2)
AX30401 – Overdrive HD Ring and Pinion Gear Sets (x2)
AX30402 – Underdrive HD Ring and Pinion Gear Sets (x2)
AX30571 – 13t Steel Pinion Gear
AX30569 – 14t Steel Pinion Gear
AX30573 – 15t Steel Pinion Gear
AX30665 – 80t Spur Gear
AX30708 – Steel Transmission Gear Set
AX30829 – HD Differential Covers (x2)
AX30860 – HD Motor Plate
AX30830 – HD Link Mounts (x2)
AX30834 – 23t HD Servo Horn
AX30835 – 24t HD Servo Horn
AX30836 – 25t HD Servo Horn
AX30762 – Aluminum Axle C-hub’s
AX30760 – Aluminum Knuckles
AX30789 – Aluminum Axle Lockouts
AX30092 – Aluminum Shocks (x2)
AX30780 – AR60 Universal Axle Set
AX24260 – AE-3 Vanguard ESC
AX24010 – Vanguard 2900KV Brushless Motor
AX24007 – 55 Turn Motor
AX24004 – 27 Turn Motor
AX04032 – Clear Ridgecrest Body
AX30223 – Black Springs 1.04 lbs/in (x2)
AX30224 – Purple Springs 1.43 lbs/in (x2)
AX30225 – Orange Springs 1.75 lbs/in (x2)
AX30218 – Red Springs 2.07 lbs/in (x2)
AX30219 – White Springs 2.47 lbs/in (x2)
AX30220 – Green Springs 2.85 lbs/in (x2)
AX30221 – Yellow Springs 3.27 lbs/in (x2)
AX30222 – Blue Springs 3.55 lbs/in (x2)

Axial Gets Salty


Words and Photos by Jamie Seymour, Axial’s R&D Industrial Designer

A few items on my personal bucket list:
1: Go to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and attend the SCTA Speed Week.
2: Fly on a private jet.

Recently we had the opportunity to do both.  Dave Storstad of Storstad Autosports invited us to Bonneville for the day.  Dave owns a 1933 Ford Coupe that a few years back held the speed record for a vintage coupe with a nitro burning flat head Ford.  Dave wants that record back so we were off to check out the competition.

We met at 8am at John Wayne airport in Orange County California and boarded Dave’s Learjet for a quick hour and a half flight into Utah.


As we approached the famous salt flats, we were treated to a low fly over the speedway.


We lopped around and then landed at Historic Wendover Airfield, a former US Air Force base where during WWII B-17s, B-24s and the 509th Composite Group of B-29s that included the Enola Gay trained in loading and dropping the first atomic bombs.


From the airfield it was a quick 2 mile drive on to the salt flats.  It’s an entire culture on the salt and it’s not just the cars that are racing, but the cars cruising around.


Just a Tucker.


You see those all the time….


And you know we cant go anywhere without finding at least one Jeep.


Early Fords, plenty.


And then there are the race cars.  1953 and 1954 Studebaker coupes are very popular for their way ahead of their time aerodynamic design.


Muscle car.




Mercedes Gull Wing on the salt!



Home built.


A streamliner with twin supercharged small block Chevy engines going through tech inspection.


Belly Tankers.  Originally made from WWII aircraft belly mounted fuel takes.  Sure put a motor in it, mount some axles on it and drive it at 150mph across the salt.



Early Ford race cars.






Motorcycles.  Lowbrow Customs dual engine 1955 Triumph, “Double Vision”.


And this, we really wanted to see this thing.  Called “Bombshell” a 1952 Buick Super Rivera built by metal artist Jeff Brock.  Running a straight 8 cylinder Buick engine, he holds at last count 5 Bonneville records.



At the end of the day we headed back to the town of Wendover for an early dinner and afterwards our pilot Ken had the jet ready, a quick flight and we were back home in Orange County before 8pm.  What a day!


Axial Tire Guide


There’s a reason why tires are the number one modification full-size off-road vehicle owners make. While the reason most people change tires is for a better look, tires have a profound impact on performance. In the world of RC, it’s no different. In fact, nothing delivers more bang for your buck performance improvement than new tires. Whether you want pure performance or scale replicas or tires that offer the best of both worlds, Axial Racing has you covered.

There are two primary tire sizes for rock crawlers and scale vehicles. These are 1.9 and 2.2. In both cases, the numerical value refers to the size of the wheel the tires are designed to fit. More specifically the 1.9 or 2.2 refers to the diameter of the wheel and, of course, the corresponding inner diameter of the tire. While the difference sounds small, 2.2 tires are generally larger in overall size than most 1.9 tires. Vehicles like the SCX10 platform come equipped with 1.9 tires, but can easily accommodate 2.2 with few alterations. Since the body posts on the SCX10 are adjustable, it’s like having a built-in body lift. The shocks are also adjustable, so fitting larger tires is pretty easy. You can go the opposite way with the Ridgecrest and Wraith vehicles that come with 2.2 tires, but more substantial modifications are needed to achieve a scale look. The tires will bolt right on, but will look out of proportion. In addition to the 1.9 and 2.2 tires described above, Axial offers a 2.2/3.0 sized tire designed to fit the EXO Terra Buggy. The 2.2/30 is the industry standard short course tire and wheel size. Since Axial is committed to scale, the officially licensed Hankook Dynapro MT tires come in a 34 mm wide front version and a wider 41 mm rear version.

The other aspect of size, other than the size classification it fits into that was described above, is its dimensions—height (diameter) and width. Just like real tires, the RC versions come in different sizes. While taller tires increase ground clearance and wider tires can increase the contact patch (part of the tire that actually touches/grips the ground), bigger isn’t always better. Big changes in tire size will require setup in suspension and body mounting. Big tires place more wear and tear on steering and drivetrain components. Your motor, battery and speed control have to work much harder to cope with bigger heavier tires. Changes in gearing may also be in order. Click here to see for a post on gearing for larger tires.

Axial offers fully licensed tires with treads just like the full-size tires they are meticulously modeled after and RC-only treads. The ideal tread for you is determined by the terrain you expect you’ll encounter the most. Treads with large voids between the lugs work best in mud and loose dirt. Conversely, tires with smaller voids between lugs handle better than other tires on pavement or other high speed applications. Directional tires work exceptionally well when combined vehicles with good wheel speed as the design of the tread allows the tire to sling mud and water out from the center of the tire. Directional tires want to pull a vehicle forward. Mounted backwards, the directional tire will want to dig down, so only mount them in the intended direction if unless you’re running only on solid rock.

The material the tire is molded in is called the compound. Some rubber compounds are firm and long last and some are soft and pliable. Axial offers its tires in two compounds. The softer and stickier compound is called R35 (white dot). While a softer compound will wear out faster, it will grip better on most terrain.

axial foam

Foam Inserts
Axial tires come with standard foam inserts that last a long time and provide consistent, predictable performance on a variety of terrain. If you run your Axial vehicle on dirt, rocks, sand, pavement, etc., standard foam may be the ideal choice. If you are running exclusively on rocks or are competing, you may want to consider memory foam inserts. Memory foam is heavier (denser too) and conforms to rocks. There are also companies offering hybrid inserts that use standard foam and memory foam.

interior ribbing

Additional Features
There are a lot of subtle traits found in Axial tires. Tires with interior ribbing along the sidewall (on the inside) offer more support without sacrificing the overall flexibility of the tire. Some tires such as the Ripsaw have different sized lugs for a more aggressive offroad tread. Many Axial Racing tires feature siping, thin slits in the tread, just like the real tires they are modeled after.

Axial Racing Tire Lineup

ripsaw 19

1.9 Ripsaw
While not a licensed scale replica, the Ripsaw tire is still a very realistic tire and suitable for use on any scale vehicle. It is slightly more aggressive than most scale tires, so it can provide an edge in competition. The Ripsaw is designed to offer many edges to cut into the ground for more traction.
4.3″ (109 mm) tall
R35 Compound
Part no. AX12016

maxxis 19

1.9 Maxxis Trepador
The Maxxis Trepador tires is fully licensed and an exact replica of the real tire. Like the real Maxxis Trepador, the 1.9 version is a direction tire. The Trepador also feature sidewall tread for added protection and traction.
4.6″ (117 mm) tall
R35 Compound
Part no. AX12019

ripsaw 22

2.2 Ripsaw
The 2.2 Ripsaw, like the 1.9 version, is not a licensed replica, but is still a realistic scale tire. This aggressive tread is excellent when a lot of traction needed. The Ripsaw is designed with a number of edges for increased traction and raised bars between lugs to help it self clean (fling out mud and snow).
5.5″ (140 mm) tall
R35 Compound
Part no. AX12015

maxxis 22

2.2 Maxxis Trepador
Like the 1.9 Trepador, the 2.2 version is fully licensed and very realistic. The directional tread works well on a variety of surfaces from dirt to sand to rocks and has been successfully used in competition.
5.5″ (140 mm) tall
R35 Compound
Part no. AX12022

bfg 22

2.2  BFGoodrich Krawler T/A
The BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX tires are extremely popular in the full-size offroad world and have won numerous rock-crawling championships. The Axial version is officially licensed and just as aggressive with large well spaced lugs.
5.5″ (140 mm) tall
R35 Compound
Part no. AX12021


2.2 Hankook Dynapro MT
Made for the Axial Racing EXO Terra Buggy, the 2.2 Hankook Dynapro MT tires are offered in a 34 mm wide front tires and a 41 mm wide rear tires are wide. These tires are reinforced with internal ribbing. These tires require the use of a 2.2/3.0 wheel that uses a larger interior wheel diameter.
4.1″ (104 mm) tall
R35 Compound
Part no. AX12017 (front), AX12018 (rear)

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