Axial Attends Formula E Competition at Art Center College of Design


What is Formula E?  Formula E (elastic) is an annual competition for design and engineering students to design a radio controlled car that is powered by 16 feet of rubber band.  Vehicles are designed by teams from several schools and all cars use the same rubber bands and are allowed only two servos.  Competitors have 13 weeks to design, build and test their vehicles.  The event is in it’s 8th year and is held at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California as part of the Graduate Industrial Design Program.  This year included teams from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena Community College, California State University Long Beach, the Beijing University of Technology and Tsinghua Universities in China.

The competition includes race events where teams compete in a handling contest, a hill climb, a drag race and a best of show award.  The best of show award was judged by a panel including Art Center faculty and designers from Honda, Tesla Motors, Toyota and Axial Racing. Judging was based on a variety of criteria including quality, craftsmanship, materials, style, engineering, branding, innovation, and, of course, performance.

As we viewed the vehicles, we noticed many student went with a three wheel design in hopes of reducing rolling resistance and vehicle weight.



Most vehicles were very minimalist in their design, again in an attempt to reduce weight.


The event on August 8, 2013 drew a large crowd of students, community leaders and race fans.  Competition began with preliminary runs in the hill climb, drag race and handling coarse.  Of the 15 team vehicles, only the 6 fastest vehicles would qualify for each final event.


The drag race was simple, go as fast as possible from point A to point B.  Rubber bands were wound and a servo activated a brake to hold the vehicle at the starting line.  Once released, it was like any drag race, put down as much power as you can without breaking traction.  And keeping the car straight down the track is always good.  In the end First Place went to Team Tensegrity (Art Center), Second to Final-E (Beijing University of Technology) and Third was a tie between H.E.R.O. (Hyper Elastic Racing Organization) (Cal State University Long Beach) and DT Lancers (Pasadena City College)

The Drag Race Winner Tensegrity.  4 wheels kept it stable and going straight.  Sticky tires and a little more weight than others helped put the power to the ground and win the drag race.


The hill climb sounded easy, but a curve was thrown in, literally.  Drivers had to accelerate up the first half of the hill, then make a 90 degree left turn and then continue up the second half of the hill climb.  This required acceleration, braking, cornering skill and hopefully enough left in the rubber band to finish the climb.  Not everyone did.  The final results: First – Final-E (Beijing University of Technology), Second – Telesia (Art Center) and Third – Tensegrity (Art Center)

The Hill Climb Winner Final-E.  Carbon Fiber, light weight and reduced rolling resistance got up the hill with the fastest time.


Probably the most challenging was the handling course.   A quick straight away, then a large figure 8 and then back around to the straight and then finish.  Acceleration, right and left turns and hopefully enough juice left to make it back to the finish.  Vehicle design was of coarse a big part, but a skilled driver could keep momentum and roll corners nicely to ensure plenty of rubber band power to blast the last straight to the finish.

Driving was done more like a G6 with drivers and spotters running behind their vehicles. First -Telesia (Art Center), Second – Tensegrity (Art Center) and Third – Zepher (Art Center)


Handling Course Winner Telesia.  4 wheels and a wide stance paid off for handling.


Finally, the panel of judges including Axial voted on the Best in Show Award.  Judging on quality, craftsmanship, materials, style, engineering, branding, innovation and also considering the performance in the races.  It was tough.  Some that looked great did not perform well and some the looked rather rough were good on the track.  The design winners were: First – DT Lancers (Pasadena City College), Second – Final-E (Beijing University of Technology) and Third – Energy+ (Beijing University of Technology)

Design Winner DT Lancers.  They got points for the design, but also they made almost every part besides the electronics.


The Formula E Best of Show award went to Final-E and the student who came all the way from Beijing University of Technology.  Their vehicle looked great in carbon fiber and machined aluminum but also placed second in the drag race and won the hill climb.


Overall it was a fun time and Axial hopes to attend again next year and there is even some talk of a professional class next year….

Full Option RTR SCX10 Jeep


Axial offers several optional upgrade parts for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon RTR and Kit. Here’s a quick run down of what is installed and why you may want to use these items.

A couple photos of the completed full option build. Axial offers complete body kits for the Jeep, part number AX04035, that includes the clear Lexan body and all the scale accessories. We also offer just the replacement clear Jeep bodies as well, part number AX04033.

First option we will cover is Axial’s simple LED kit, part number AX24257. The simple LED kit comes with 4 white and 2 red LED lights to keep you running long after the sun goes down. I used two small light buckets from Axial’s Light Bucket Set, part number AX80045, and attached them to the front bumper mount with long M3 screws. I used Axial’s LED lens set, part number AX80049, to cover the LEDs front and rear for a more realistic look. The lens kit includes both clear and yellow lens covers to give users a couple options. Need even more light? Add our NVS system, part number AX24251, for the ultimate scale light system.

A couple shots of the rear LEDs with the clear lens covers in place.

Next option added was our new fully licensed Icon shocks, part number AX30103. These come standard in the Jeep kit, but are an option part for the RTR. These shocks feature a new and improved CNC machined shock piston for smoother action through the range of travel. The new Icon shocks also feature clear coated polished aluminum bodies, complete with aluminum faux reservoirs. The main body of the shock is threaded for quick ride height adjustments and pre-load tuning ability. Like their full size counterparts these shocks are completely rebuildable, tunable and offer consistent handling all while adding some of that Icon bling to your SCX10™ chassis.

Axial’s aluminum link kit, part number AX30550, for the SCX10™ was the next upgrade we added. Upgrade your stock plastic links to high quality aluminum. Aluminum links have less flex than the stock plastic links which helps your vehicle track straighter in all conditions. This link kit includes aluminum suspension and steering links, as well as all hardware and rod ends required to complete the conversion.

A shot of the steering links. If you just want to upgrade your steering links only Axial offers a steering upgrade kit, part number AX30426, as well. Upgrading your steering links to aluminum with improve steering response in all conditions, especially in hard binds associated with rock crawling. Another option part that can be seen here is Axial’s HD 25t aluminum servo horn, part number AX30836. Axial’s HD aluminum servo horn provides more responsive steering with less chance of stripping the internal splines over the stock plastic servo horn. Clamping style head for secure mounting in high stress applications. Available in 23, 24 and 25 tooth spline counts.

In this photo you can see a handful of upgrades to improve steering performance and increase the strength of the front axle. Aluminum knuckles, part number AX30496, aluminum knuckles help your vehicle track more consistently in all situations. Combine our knuckles with our aluminum C-hubs, part number AX30495, for the ultimate steering precision. Another option part installed here is Axial’s CVD’s, part number AX30464, for the SCX10™ axles. The CVD’s provide more steering throw that the stock dog bone set-up which is great for tight, technical trail runs. CVD’s also have less slop than the stock set-up for increased efficiency.

Moving on to the rear axle we installed our aluminum axle lockouts, part number AX30494. Axial’s aluminum axle lockouts are more rigid than the stock plastic lockouts, which will allow the vehicle to track better in all situations.

Axial’s HD motor plate was our next upgrade, part number AX30860. Our heavy duty motor plate is for any vehicle running our AX10 transmission. CNC machined from 4.5mm thick billet aluminum, with integrated heatsink fins to help motors run cooler on those all day expeditions. A must have for any R/C overland adventurist! Axial also offers 13T, 14T and 15T steel pinion gears and an 80T spur gear to give end users an array of gear ratios to choose from. Add more torque for low speed crawling to your SCX10™ by installing Axial’s 55T motor. Or if more speed is your thing, add Axial’s 20T motor for higher top speeds. Another option part that we installed here is Axial’s dig system for the Wraith transmission, part number AX30793. This conversion also requires use of our Wraith Dig Transmission Case, part number AX80051. Axial’s dig system allows you to lock the rear wheels, while powering the front wheels only for a tighter turning radius. Shift servo sold separately.

Next option part installed is Axial’s black 1.9 beadlock wheels. Beadlock wheels allow users to tune foam set-ups and change tires at will for varying terrain and conditions. We also added our 1.9 internal weight rings, part number AX30547, for some added weight up front which will help us on steep vertical climbs. You can adjust how much weight is in the front wheels by using our 1.9 wheel weight inserts, part number AX30548.

For tires we went with our 1.9 Maxxis Trepador, part number AX12019. These tires are fully licensed by Maxxis and are molded in Axial’s sticky R35 compound for the ultimate traction in any conditions.

Complete SCX10™ option parts list:
AX8087 – 1.9 Black Eight Hole Beadlock Wheels (x3 to have spare tire)
AX8088 – 1.9 Chrome Eight Hole Beadlock Wheel (x3 to have spare tire)
AX08138 – 1.9 Black Walker Evans Wheels (x3 to have spare tire)
AX12019 – 1.9 Maxxis Trepador Tires R35 Compound (x3 to have spare tire)
AX12016 – 1.9 Ripsaw Tire R35 Compound (x3 to have spare tire)
AX30547 – 1.9 Internal Weight Rings (x2)
AX30548 – 1.9 Wheel Weight Inserts (x3)
AX30549 – SCX10™ Aluminum Link Set (11.4″ wheelbase – Dingo)
AX30550 – SCX10™ Aluminum Link Set (12.3″ wheelbase – Honcho and Jeep)
AX30426 – SCX10™ Aluminum Steering Kit
AX30464 – SCX10™ Universal Axle Set
AX30395 – HD Ring and Pinion Gear Sets (stock gear ratio) (x2)
AX30401 – Overdrive HD Ring and Pinion Gear Sets (x2)
AX30402 – Underdrive HD Ring and Pinion Gear Sets (x2)
AX30786 – Aluminum WB8 Driveshaft Retainer Rings (x2)
AX30571 – 13t Steel Pinion Gear
AX30569 – 14t Steel Pinion Gear
AX30573 – 15t Steel Pinion Gear
AX30665 – 80t Spur Gear
AX30860 – HD Motor Plate
AX30834 – 23t HD Servo Horn
AX30835 – 24t HD Servo Horn
AX30836 – 25t HD Servo Horn
AX30494 – Aluminum Axle Lockouts
AX30495 – Aluminum Axle C-hub’s
AX30496 – Aluminum Knuckles
AX30103 – Icon Aluminum Shocks (x2)
AX30132 – Machined Shock Piston 7mm – 1.5×3 (4pcs)
AX24260 – AE-3 Vanguard ESC
AX24010 – Vanguard 2900KV Brushless Motor
AX24007 – 55 Turn Motor
AX24003 – 20 Turn Motor
AX24256 – 5 LED Light String
AX24257 – Simple LED Kit
AX24251 – NVS Light System
AX80045 – Light Bucket Set (x2)
AX80049 – LED Lens Set – Yellow / Clear (4pcs)
AX30793 – Dig Component Set
AX80051 – Dig Transmission Case
AX04033 – Clear Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Body (Body only)
AX04035 – Complete Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Body Kit
AX30200 – Red Springs 3.6 lbs/in (short) (x2)
AX30201 – White Springs 4.32 lbs/in (short) (x2)
AX30202 – Green Springs 5.44 lbs/in (short) (x2)
AX30203 – Yellow Springs 6.53 lbs/in (short) (x2)
AX30204 – Blue Springs 7.95 lbs/in (short) (x2)
AX30205 – Red Springs 2.7 lbs/in (long) (x2)
AX30206 – White Springs 3.6 lbs/in (long) (x2)
AX30207 – Green Springs 4.08 lbs/in (long) (x2)
AX30208 – Yellow Springs 5.44 lbs/in (long) (x2)
AX30209 – Blue Springs 6.81 lbs/in (long) (x2)

RECON G6 – The Rock Beast Blues RECAP

RECON G6 – The Rock Beast Blues – Bloomsdale, Missouri – July 20, 2013

Presented by Pit Bull Tires and hosted by Custom Differentials
Words and Photos by Matt Soileau

Immediately after the Canadian RECON G6 was the Missouri RECON G6, aka the Rock Beast Blues. As in the following weekend!

Before we headed out for another looooong drive in the Red Rocket, we paid homage to the Canucks with a little authentic Canadian maple syrup on our pancakes. I’m not sure why that Smucker’s garbage is on the counter.

We also checked out of Niagara Falls before hitting the Queen Elizabeth Way back to the US. Thanks again, Average Joe’s R/C!

Somewhere on I69, Parker pulled over to save this guy from being run over in the middle of the interstate. He was going to be our new RECON G6 mascot until he tried to pee on me.

A pooped Parker finally succumbed to the Z-monster.  Somewhere between 2am and 3am, he had to take a little cat nap.

After several hours on the road, and by several I mean we arrived at our destination at 6 a.m., we made it from Canada to Imperial, Missouri.  Home of the best strawberry shortcake courtesy of Mama Parker.

Look at that smile on Anthony’s face.  This shortcake was pure heaven. After recovering for a day at Mama Parker’s palace, the RECON G-Crew was able to actually take a breath and do a little sight seeing.

Before we headed off, we had to get an oil change since we just drove over 3,000 miles in Red Rocket.  Since Mama Parker’s husband is a celebrity at the Hyundai dealer (he has a 2011 Sonata with 415,000 miles on it!), we headed over there. We showed the power of Axial to the Hyundai dealers while we were waiting.

Since we were close to St. Louis, we decided to take Red Rocket to see the Arch. When we pulled up, I thought I spotted a crocodile in the Mighty Mississippi.  It turned out to be a piece of driftwood.

Unfortunately, they didn’t let Red Rocket up in the arch, but the rest of the RECON G-Crew made it up.

Spectacular views!


Parker even took a few shots of his own.

Can you see Red Rocket down there?

There she is.


Parker dreamed of his mountain bike on the way back to Red Rocket.  We didn’t have time today, but we got the opportunity to ride Missouri later in the week.

On the way back to Mama Parker’s Palace, we spotted the Home of the Budweiser Clydedales. Yes, we took the tour.  No one in the RECON G-Crew are big beer drinkers, but yes, we tried the free beer. We all liked the Jolly Rancher flavored Crisp Apple Wheat Ale. We don’t care if that’s not manly, we play with toys car for heaven’s sake.

On the way home, we stopped off to workout our kits.  This is the RECON G-Crew at Mastodon State Park.  Anthony filmed for his next Rivas Concepts Video.  Check it out on YouTube:


The following day, we headed over to Custom Differentials to scope out the location and do a little planning for the upcoming weekend.

Custom Differentials is owned and operated by Jeremy Jaeger.  You may recognize him from the 2008 Top Truck Challenge where he finished first.

Jeremy had a sweet replica of his 2008 TTC winning rig in his shop.

Out back and all around was an axle graveyard.  See anything you need?  Give Jeremy a call.  He will set you up with whatever you need, new or used.

Jeremy gave us a quick tour of his property and told us to have at it.  So, have at it we did as this would be the location for the RECON G6 Rock Beast Blues.


We spent quite a while looking over all the different possible driving lines as well as performing some yard maintenance.

On the way home from Custom Differentials we decided to stop by Mark Twain Hobbies to see if they had any Axial products.

Yup, they had every Axial kit in stock out front and even more in back.  If you need any Axial stuff, this is your place.  I can’t tell you how awesome this hobby shop was.  I’ve never seen a hobby shop this large or well stocked ever in my life.  We spent over two hours just walking around and looking at everything.


Because the location at Custom Differentials was so awesome, Parker was relaxed and not worried about the RECON G6 Rock Beast Blues for a minute.  That meant we got to break out the mountain bikes again.  This time we hit Castlewood State Park. It was like a less muddy, more humid version of Canada.

Finally, it was time to get serious and get down to business.  Saturday was here and the Rock Beast Blues were ready to be played. RECON G-Central was ready and waiting for the RECON G6′ers on Saturday morning.  I wasn’t even worried about the mud in Missouri.  I knew these participants would have no problem with it.

It was a multi-state event! Over 50 participants from seven states lined up at the RECON G6 Rock Beast Blues!

The Minions were excited to get this RECON G6 going!

Jimi Hendrix made the trip from the grave to get his RECON G6 on. Maybe he will arise again one day to play the national anthem for us?!

Duallies seem to be more and more popular.  I spotted several of these in both Canada and Missouri.

Of course Parker had to explain the “NO HOG” NO HAND OF GOD rule and the Fast Eddy score cards.

The National Anthem kicks off every RECON G6.  G6ers, please remove your hats.



Finally, the participants were off on their first RECON G6 adventure!


This tractor tire wasn’t supposed to be difficult, but it backed up a bit.  Some drivers were here quite a while.

Snake Canyon was a mirror and door handle collector. Kits got packed in pretty tightly here but made for a cool photo opportunity!


A little teaser of the mud they’d be seeing along the trail.

Axial Wraith in the Waterfalls.

I gave a little mention of it earlier, but I really tried to block it out.  It was HOT and HUMID like I have never experienced in Nevada.  I’m sure it was at least 90* with Humidity of 80%.  I was dying, but these Midwesterners fought through it like it was normal.  I was dripping wet.



Everyone breaks eventually.  On trail incidentals gave RECON G6′ers an excuse to take a break from the heat and get some water while they worked.

I see muddy tires.  Must be some mud around here.

There it is.

These RECON G6′ers didn’t care.  Look at the smile on this guys face.

He lost a shoe in the Missouri Muck.  I thought he was going to have to half-shoe it for the rest of the day.

Tow straps were needed in this bog.

Parker likes to load your tires with mud and then have to do a little hill climbing.

Pit stop for batteries and water.

Don’t worry, all the mud is scale deep they were told. Hahahahahahahaha! I think you chose the wrong line drivers. Just because Parker makes an obstacle in the path of the trail markers does not mean that you have to go through it to get to the trail markers…

Up the sluice box.

Tube rider!

The Fast Eddy Wall of Doom!

One last bit of Missouri Muck before finishing.

Just kidding.


The Pull Pal Pit awaited G6ers back at G Central.

Nelly is St. Louis local.  He loved the mud pit.

Before finishing, drivers tried their luck at landing a balsa wood plane on the Mark Twain Hobbies banner.  They donated the planes for the airplane derby.


Of course the Batista Terror was on hand as well as two other sleds from some locals.  Chose your sled and get some!

Phew, finally you can exstinguish your lipos and rest. But don’t rest to long.  Stage two is coming at dusk.

Yup, night stage time. Did you remember your LEDs?

Since it was the Rock Beast Blues, drivers got to air play the blues before beginning.  Check out the guy jamming his air guitar at the end of the all-star band lineup! Now that guy knows how to rock!

I think the guy picking his nose is playing the air harmonica or the juice harp.

The first Missouri Night Stage!

Into the wet of darkness they go!

Uh oh, hope this is just a battery change.  Remember, finishing a RECONG G6 is like winning a RECON G6. PS: Like the Rouge Status shirt too!

Of course there was still mud. Did you think it went home at night?


Don’t forget to stop, breath and stamp your book.

Fight through it.  You’re almost home.


Even though finishing a RECON G6 is winning a RECON G6, we still had some awards for Drivers of the Day.

Did you find anything unusual on the trail?  If you picked it up, it helped your times with bonuses. Oh hey, there’s Ms. Missouri.

That’s not a double.  These guys were Team of the Day but they also earned their RECON G-Degree.


This guy is going home with his very own brand new RECON G6 shirt, not one of Parkers pre-worn shirts!

Somehow, the World Famous Harley of Harley Designs made Driver of the Day without having ankles. Amazing!

DSCF0606Another freshy shirt recipient.

Play that funky music Driver of the Day!

Kahleeb was the lucky ducky!  Hahahahahaha, Parker called him Kahleeb!  Not sure how Caleb look like Kahleeb, but whatever. Congratulations, Kahleeb.


Did you think we were done?  Not even close…

The RECON Terra Cross was the next day. It rained a bit, but nobody cared.

It was race time.  Mixed classes makes for some fun racing and scoring.



This concrete hill was harder to scale than it looked.


Snowboard kicker ramp jump obstacle…  an RECON RTX staple.

Air time!



Go Team Purple!

Winners, winners, chicken dinners!



If you ever get an Axial banner from Parker, you better hang it in your living room and post a pic of it on Facebook to show Parker who wears the pants in your family.

The Missouri Rock Beast Blues G6 was a TON of fun. The whole RECON G6 Summer Tour 2013 was fun.  I can’t believe I had fun driving over 5,000 miles in a truck with no A/C in the middle of Summer while getting three hours of sleep on the ground on the side of the road, but I guess completing a RECON Summer Tour is like winning a RECON Summer Tour.

If you missed this one, there will be another Mid West G Train stop at Super Lift in Hot Springs, Arkansas on Saturday, September 28.  Get your G Rides ready now and remember to bring some spares because Finishing a G6 is Winning a G6!

AND we’re still not done!

Jeremy invited the RECON G-Crew over to check out the Nitro Circus Midwest Headquarters.  This place was sweet; zip line, rope swing, slides, diving boards, catfish, bridges, and a jump!


Jeremy even trucked in his own sand!

Parker couldn’t resist.  He had to jump. But his first attempt was a little weak…  Jeremy told him to pedal as fast as he could.


Parker did with some flavor thrown in!

After a wild two days of RECON G6 and RECON RTX, we were rewarded with some HUGE RECON T-Bones. Thanks, Mr. Stan! Now we put Red Rocket in the wind home bound!

But a rest stop is needed:

After two weeks on the road with no A/C and some of the worst humidity I have ever felt, it was nice to sleep on the side of the road somewhere in the middle of Kansas. It was actually cool at night.

When I say middle of nowhere.  This is what I woke up to.  See anything around us?

DSCF0798Nothing in that direction…

WP_20130723_014And nothing in this direction…

I’d like to say we were done, but nope.  We still had to get back to Reno, Nevada.  The RECON G-Crew had a little stop at the Crawl Space in Colorado. Parker needed to get his driving fix in. Something about keeping his screen name refreshed…

Now we are home bound! Until next time!

Keep up with upcoming RECON events and happenings:

Axial Visits Rigid Industries LED Lighting


Rigid Industries is an aftermarket LED lighting company that has taken the automotive market by storm. Their advancements in optics and electronic efficiency have paved the way for many companies scrambling to play “Catch-up”. Like with all aftermarket products on the market, you get what you pay for, and the number one focus for Rigid Industries is Quality. Unlike most options you will find in this growing field of products, these products are all hand assembled right here in the good old US of A. Located in a massive building in Gilbert, Arizona, well over 100 employees work in harmony to offer you what is likely the most advanced auxiliary automotive, marine, and industrial lighting available today.

We at Axial have been fortunate to not only work with Rigid Industries on several of our R/C vehicle offerings, but to also get to know some of the talented people behind the brand. A recent trip to the Rigid Industries facility offered us a unique insight to just how these products are manufactured and tested before they hit the retail shelves. We managed to smuggle a camera into the operation so we could share with our readers, check it out!

First on the list was a must have meeting with the marketing mastermind himself, Taylor Anderson. Taylor is not one of those guys that sits around deciding where to put their marketing dollars, but instead is a very hands on individual. It is not uncommon to see him floating around the facility getting his hands dirty. On this particular day, we did catch him on the Tower Hobbies website ordering up some goodies for his SCX10….

It appears as though Taylor may have a bit of a habit…..

Enough of that for now, lets slip out of the office and into LED lighting heaven! We started the tour at the front of the manufacturing facility, in the lobby. When you first walk in you are hit with this awesome wall art (Which makes us feel as though we are in the right place for us). Check it out!

We cant help but take a few moments and check out some of the displays they have out front, imagining some of these gems bolted up to our full size rigs..

One of the displays had this crazy video playing of their products being torture tested, if you haven’t seen this yet, click play and prepare yourself. Never thought of shooting one of our products, nor dragging it behind a truck…

Ok, on with the tour. Once past security and into the offices, there are many workstations for all the differing departments

All of the raw materials arrive in a big fenced off warehouse. Most come in these huge Rigid Branded crates

Once the raw materials are ready to be used they are rolled in on huge carts to the proper work station. In this case we follow some E-Series, SR-Series lights and some of the wildly popular Dually lights. Here are some freshly anodized housings on the shelf getting ready for assembly

One of the first steps is to install the power wires, and seal them so they can be completely weather proof. This happens at a work station, then they are put on a rack to allow the sealant to dry (Taylor didn’t stick his finger in wet sealant while showing us this)

After the parts are dried, they head out to the floor to be mated with the rest of the part

The next operation involves the circuit boards. These come printed and ready to solder the goods!

Once the Dually housings are unwrapped, have the power wires installed and the circuit boards mounted, they are loaded into Jigs where they will stay until their completion.

We happened to catch the tail end of some soldering being done on their SR series run

The Optics are installed then the lenses and caps. Here is a freshly completed SR Bar ready for testing and packaging

This is the testing area. The lights on the shelves age going through a “pre-burn”. This is just to make sure there are no faults in the materials. The light will be brought up to full temperature several times to make sure the consumer gets exactly what he is expecting!

This piece of equipment is used to pressurize the lamp to make sure it is completely free of defects which would allow it to be water proof and all weatherproof for that matter.

This machine was really cool, it can take the temperatures from above ridiculously hot (more so than the ambient temperature in the greater Phoenix area), to well below zero in a very short period of time. Talk about some cool tech testing!

Speaking of controlling temperatures, almost all of the Rigid facility is cooled by huge coolers located throughout the workspace. If you had to work in Arizona, you would appreciate this very much, especially in the summer months!

Back to the tour, Once the parts have completed their testing phase, they are approved for shipping. The finished products are sent out to the packing and shipping area to be final packed for delivery. Each one of the lamps is grouped with the instructions, and necessary wiring just before entering its packaging

Once the materials are all ready, they hit this sation for packaging

Some of the products are shipping straight out to dealers and others are going into stock. They have a really cool system to let the label maker know whether or not a shipment is complete and ready to go. The simple green cap, means good to go, the red cap means waiting on more boxes to complete the order

It was very very difficult to not develop a very bad case of sticky fingers while touring the stock area. I am pretty sure Taylor was talking, but I was in my own world imagining where I could mount and use all of the different configurations of lighting I was seeing.

If you have a full size off-road rig, boat or work truck or anyhing that needs light, check out the Rigid Industries website. I am more than certain they have something that will do the job very well, today, and for years to come!

If you have an SCX10, Wraith or any other Axial vehicle, Rigid Industries also has you covered through a technical partnership with Vanquish products. They have all different size light bars for your Axial R/C, check them out here.

Casey Currie makes moves at Glen Helen Raceway

Congratulations to Casey Currie on a hard fought second place finish on Sunday! With results from rounds 9 and 10 at Glen Helen Raceway, Casey’s positioned himself as a serious contender for the top spot in the Pro Lite class. Casey’s now in the fourth slot with 370 points, with five rounds remaining.

Follow Casey as he continues on his path towards the championship:, @caseycurrie,